Field Guide No. 12: Big Joy is full of knits that will make everyone happy, especially the knitter.

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  • Ok, so I am getting suckered in. I may be casting on one of my own soon. One question first. Since the skeins are relatively short and we will be joining lots of ends, what method of joining are folks using? I would hate to have the joy of speeding my way through an entire sweater be ruined by the torturous idea of having to weave in a bazillion ends and possibly ruining my beautiful fabric. What’s the plan?

    • The skeins go a long way. There are no color changes so I think we’re only talking about 30-40 ends. I’m weaving mine in.

      Russian join would work with this yarn but I don’t find it less fiddly than weaving in.

    • I’m totally going to experiment with spitfelting–this merino is fluffy and nonsuperwash, so I’m hoping it will eliminate most of my ends. Stay tuned . . .

      • I would do anything to avoid weaving in the ends. So happy when I discovered spit splicing!

    • I always go with spit splicing. Can’t beat for joining wool;)

  • I am inching closer to purchasing Field Guide 12 (other things are currently intervening). It has caught my imagination like no other and my one previous run-in with Big Wool (a hat) was a smashing success. And of course I would look exactly that cute in whatever I decide to knit from it also. Chloe

  • Field Guide NO. 12. Dang. It doesn’t have the same ring to it without the “No.”. Chloe

  • Your writing is hilarious as always. Well done, world’s fastest knitter!

  • It looks really great! Did you swatch or are you playing it fast and loose? I think I need to swatch first.

  • I HATE big needles and big yarn, but I watched Jen’s videos and then sighed and ordered the book. I think I have to have that sweater.

  • Video is super helpful – thank you for sharing! I didn’t see this referenced in the pattern – it would be nice to have a link to it in the digital version. Maybe I just have not found it in there yet. Fun knit!

  • SO fast Kay!! Can’t wait for my Lopi to arrive so I can swatch & get going. However I have finished a mini version of Brambleberry Cowl. The bobbles are so fun;)!!

  • I on the other hand am the world’s slowest knitter. . it literally took me a year to finish my last sweater. that being said, I love the look of this and may have to try it. currently I’m knitting a seed stitch Afghan for my daughter in law for Christmas… wish me luck.

  • Clear the dance floor! Kay will be doing the Exciting Sleeve Attachment Procedure! (Management is not responsible for any injuries.)

  • Hey Kay – sounds like a good Bang-Out-A-Sweater candidate. Is the stitch pattern too busy for a multicolor/gradient?

    • Bang out a sweater! Why didn’t I think of that right away? Ann and Kay – you totally must be debating that… because this seems perfect for banging!

    • I love it, but wouldn’t it be a heavy sweater.

  • This sweater is gorgeous. I have never knit anything this size and am anxious to do so. I just finished my pair of socks from your last book. They are wonderful and it is so nice to have the little book to carry around with so many ideas in it. Thanks for all your positive comments that get me knitting.

  • The title of this post cracks me up – it’s fun being fast, huh?

  • Wow! That’s impressive! I look forward to photos of the finished sweater. And…I am always looking for an easier way to get the look I want, and I will definitely add Sand Stitch to my knitting toolkit. Thank you! (Speaking of easier textural stitch patterns: I also do the less-switching-of-yarns-front-to-back Half Linen Stitch instead of Linen Stitch. Most of the look for a fraction of the effort.) Re: mistaking WS for RS with Sand Stitch. Thanks for the warning about that, too! I will definitely keep a Right Side stitch marker in place while I do this, as I think I will be more likely to absent-mindedly knit a row, rather than K1, P1.

  • You make it very hard to resist

  • I couldn’t get the gauge on a 13 so am switching to an 11. Should I do the ribbing on a 9 like I usually do?

  • Haven’t gotten my Field Guide yet. Is there a recommended ease for The Main Squeeze?

  • The video has stitches cast off for the sleeve on the body, but the stitches on the sleeve are put on waste yarn. Shouldn’t it be the saame process on both? No way to kitchner the sleeve stitches to a bound off section.

  • I’ve had a couple of people at our LYS advise me that Big Wool pills a lot. Does Anybody else wish to weigh in on this, as I’m considering whether to use it for this cardio,or swap it out for another (not as pilly) yarn.

    • Argh, autocorrect…I meant cardi

  • How to style your cardigan. Matching bra? Over a jeans jacket? I am sure yours will look great however you wear it!!

  • I loved this sweater as soon as I set eyes on it! I have always been a fan of chunky warm cardigans, so much so my girls threaten to purge my closet to “bring me up to date in fashion”. This one is a keeper!

  • If anybody noticed a scuffed floor, they need to get over it! The sweater is way cool, I intend to knit it, and the sweater is all I saw when I looked at the picture. I would much rather knit than worry about a floor (and even after being told the floor was scuffed, I couldn’t see it. Looked normal to me). Therefore, I am advocating for a law that requires people to do the things they enjoy before completing any housework.