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  • Mike Mulligan,a kibbutz, knitting and existentialism all in one post?!? A thing of beauty.

  • Mike Mulligan,a kibbutz, knitting and existentialism all in one post?!? A thing of beauty.

  • We got 2 feet of snow yesterday. The forcast was for “a dusting with less than 1 inch total accumulation”. Somebody better tune up their Doppler. 🙂

  • I don’t know about this ice-in-toilet-making-it-snow deal, but last night I did my own version of a rain dance. And it worked–you blogged!
    [Picture me dancing around in ecstatic delirium if that’s not redundant and I would argue that it’s not.)

  • My recommendations for a delightfully dreary double feature: The Village and Notes on a Scandal. Quirky, smart funny combo: The Brothers Grimm and Stardust are both excellent.
    Color me so so jealous of your snow!

  • I love both those movies. How about Broke Back Mountain and Cold Mountain? Aside from the symmetry in the titles they’re both epic and sad. And Nicole Kidman to boot!

  • Oh, the elusive perfect DVD double feature! Putting movies together in a double feature is one of my favorite conversation topics, and it makes a great ice-breaker: What is your favorite movie, and what other movie would make it the perfect double-feature? One of my favorites combines the music store setting with undertones of growing up: High Fidelity and Empire Records.

  • We’re not even getting snow here in Maine! Well, at least not here on the southern tippy-tip right on the coast. At work an hour up the coast, I walked out the door last night and got to hear that familiar scrunch-scrunch under my feet for the first time this season. It made me smile.
    Here at the homestead, though, it’s all rain.

  • I am on a Woody Allen kick right now. I suggest Manhattan, sort of a downer, followed by Manhattan Murder Mystery, funny! And both with the fabulous Diane Keaton.

  • LOL! Just last week I was thinking about renting “The Hours” again, and then thought, “Better wait til after the holidays.” I think I’ll wait til after some other, even more faraway holidays for “Lost in Translation.”
    SO glad to see you back, with or without Margaret 🙂

  • This is what we watched over Thanksgiving:
    1. Sense and Sensibility, the BBC version. Sister’s choice.
    2. Curse of the Golden Flower, in Mandarin Chinese, but with subtitles. My choice
    3. Hero, also in Mandarin Chinese, but with subtitles. Brothers’ choice
    4. Either Pitch Black or Chronicles of Riddick, not sure which. Sister’s choice.
    If we had time, I’m sure some Harry Potter would make it in there. As is was, that’s what I listened to on CD on the drive back to Atlanta from DC. Highly recommended.

  • I watched The Name of the Rose and then Shawshank Redemption while finishing a pair of fingerless gloves for a present!
    I forgot all about Andy Dufresne’s “get busy living or get busy dying” conclusion at the end!
    Get busy knitting Christmas gifts! (I told myself!)

  • Suburban kibbutz with mall shopping. Hilarious!
    I wish it would snow here, but we did get hail!

  • I love both of those movies, but yeah…if I watched them both back-to-back, I think I would need some Ativan.
    For some funny existentialism, my favourite is Stranger than Fiction. Hands down. Pair it perhaps with Little Miss Sunshine, and you can laugh and cry and question the meaning of life for hours!

  • My favorite movie double feature is two semi-oldies. Watch Led Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains the Same” followed closely by “This is Spinal Tap”. You’ll see that they are the same movie with the names changed. Very funny…

  • I don’t know about a double feature but I love the movie “and then there was none.” or it might be under “10 little Indians.” One is the book title and the other is the movie title. Great old murder mystery!

  • The King of Masks (Bian Lian is the Chinese title) is amazingly good, but I don’t know too many who’ve seen it. It’s very sad, with a few happy parts. If I were to pair it with something totally unrelated, I would watch Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Spanish title: Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios). I think this one is finally available in DVD format. Women on the Verge is goofy from beginning to end.

  • Seriously, you are too darn cheerful. I could never watch both of these movies together!

  • I can’t believe you just referenced Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne. I love that book!
    For downer movies, you can’t beat Deepa Mehta’s Elements trilogy: Fire, Earth, and Water. Particularly Water.

  • Interesting take on the making it snow thing…my daughter put a wooden spoon under her bed and went to sleep with her PJs on inside out. It snowed 3 inches that night–November 21, Coatesville PA…she is convinced she is all powerful now. I am betting she will add the toilet routine to her bag of tricks.
    As for movies, Jim Jarmusch makes some great ones: try Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai, Night on Earth, or Down by Law…something for everyone!
    I think I yelled at Julianne Moore not to make the cake as well….

  • Oh for NEAT! OK – want some rich authentic history coupled with a pretty decent bag o’ dismal? (I love both of these but haven’t risked them “marathon”: Stealing Heaven and Black Robe. The first is brilliant, beautiful and tragic: the 11th century story of Heloise & Abelard, so it’s based on some true. The second is the story of a Jesuit who comes to New France to replace some priests who ran afoul of the Iroquois. Grim, authentic, moving – and also based on true. WARNING: this is NOT “Dances with Wolves.” And now, thank you, I’m going to get “Hours”; I’ve meant to for months.

  • You definitely need an uplifting movie! I highly recommend “August Rush”.

  • After “The Hours” (which I accidentally watched *twice*) and “Lost in Translation” (which is best watched close up), you are ready for Ingmar Bergman. Git yer readin glasses out!

  • One of my favorite movie duos–Elf and The Grinch–watch them with my grown up kids every year about now. (Will Ferrell is even taller than Nicole Kidman. And Jim Carey wears great facial prosthetics, too!)

  • We watched “Lost in Translation” after a trip to Tokyo. It’s what we watch when we want to remember what around the world feels like. Laying there awake, wondering if the rest of the world is insane or if it’s just you. That’s Japan for you. A beautiful country, but so different. I remember feeling like crying when the woman at immigration said, “Welcome Home.” Unfortunately I didn’t knit then, or I could have made a whole sweater in the week and a half we were there. I think I slept 10 hours total.

  • Tell your boys “Thanks for the snow!” It was wonderful and I hope they flush ice often this winter.
    We watched “Yours, Mine and Ours” last night with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. Great movie.

  • Here’s a recession-buster for ya: the Basic Cable Double Feature that Hubby put together this past weekend. A full day of The Godfather Marathon on AMC followed by a full day and evening of The James Bond Marathon on TBS. Or was it the other way around? Anyhoo, buckets of blood!

  • Movies to Rent: Mongol and Run Fat Boy Run

  • I hope you had some knitting water at your side for those movies. And I do wonder if Clif now will try some other “tricks”

  • One night I watched The Doors and Sid and Nancy back to back. Yikes, I thought rock n roll sucks, but I did a chaser of Strictly Ballroom and it was better.

  • One night I watched The Doors and Sid and Nancy back to back. Yikes, I thought rock n roll sucks, but I did a chaser of Strictly Ballroom and it was better.

  • It’s about time to pull out Love Actually and then pair it with When Harry Met Sally. That would be ideal with a jar of Nutella and a latte.

  • Little Women and Our Town. For those with 19th century nostalgia.

  • Delightfully grim pretty much sums up my taste in everything.
    Once on a beach trip with some fellow teachers, I recommended we rent “The Opposite of Sex” with Christina Ricci and LYLE LOVETT which I think is hilarious. When it was over they all looked at me with a sort of “well, that explains a lot” expression. I guess I misjudged my audience?

  • Is that John C. Reilly as Julianne Moore’s husband? I went to grad school with him. (He graduated. I didn’t.)
    Here in Massachusetts we have 40 degree temps and rain. My lilies are sprouting, and I stand there yelling at them to go back! It’s not time yet!!

  • How about 3:10 to Yuma and The Magnificent Seven. Westerns are nice and slow and good knitting fare.

  • Off to flush ice down the toilet… (If it works here in SoCal, it’ll work anywhere.)

  • I thought “Lost in Translation” was such a sad movie. The loneliness is so palpable! I know people who think it was a comedy, and I have to wonder if we saw the same movie.
    For a counter-dose of cheer, how about this double-header? “Emma” and “Pride and Prejudice”.
    If you insist on pursuing doom and gloom though, you could always go with “Munich” and “Schindler’s List”. I’ve watched both at Christmas-time. Aren’t I fun! But not both in the same year.

  • Here’s a double feature for you: “Iron Giant” and “Iron Man.” Really kind of a head trip to watch them both on the same day, but not in a bad way.

  • How about Bedknobs and Broomsticks followed by The Treasure of the Sierra Madre? I’m not kidding. I wish I were. Memorable lines: “Filigree, Apogee,Pedigree, Perigee!” and “We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”

  • We watched approximately 734 movies this weekend. Of that total, only one remains in my semi-decrepit brain: Holy Smoke. In that one Harvey Keitel is a de-programmer and Kate Winslett the deprogamee. It’s gut-wrenching at times BUT, and this is the important part, we all feel good at the end. Harvey does, Kate does, you do, I do. What more could you ask?

  • Never mind all those gloom and doom things. It’s December 1st and time to start “The Christmas Story” marathon!

  • Nicole Kidman is pouting because she has yet to achieve her dream of being a Rowan model!

  • the big lebowsky and tropic thunder–pee in your pants funny—very filthy, must have captions on!!!

  • the big lebowsky and tropic thunder–pee in your pants funny—very filthy, must have captions on!!!

  • the big lebowsky and tropic thunder–pee in your pants funny—very filthy, must have captions on!!!

  • you have to check out Julianne Moore in “Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio”, think I got that right.

  • A good double feature is The 400 Blows and Small Change. You must watch the 400 Blows first. Then Small Change will cheer you up. Truffaut was great. But, knitting is difficult while trying to read subtitles.
    This weekend, my husband, father and brothers watched Jason Bourne–Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum. I watched that very cute Matt Damon. 🙂

  • “Fantasia” and “Blade Runner”. Actually, “Blade Runner” twice would work for me.
    What does he whisper at the end of “Translation?”

  • It snowed today in Georgia, too!! Crazy bizarre weather..I’m getting ready to break out the Christmas movies: The Holiday, Little Women, While You Were Sleeping, etc..

  • Romeo & Juliet + Moulin Rouge (although you may feel like you need to take a Ritalin afterwards). Just don’t do what my friend and I did one night and watch Pulp Fiction and Fight Club back to back…

  • Well, I’ve seen and forgotten too many gloomy movies to list them, but the antidote is Bing Crosby and Bob Hope in Road to Morocco. Seriously. Have you seen this? It’s freaking incredible. I used to always wonder as a kid, why he was “Comedian” Bob Hope, but he is hilarious, the music is hysterical, including Bing and Bob and Dorothy Lange lip-synching each other, Bob playing the ghost of his great aunt with a goldilocks wig on…
    I think we initially double-featured that one year during the holiday season, but honestly, whatever you double it with will be totally overshadowed. Other holiday great doubles in our house:
    Night in Casablanca (Marx Brothers)
    The Long Goodbye (Altman) with Eliot Gould as Detective Philip Marlowe
    The Big Sleep with Bogart as Dectective Philip Marlowe
    Ok, and a dreary one: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, with Bogart as a down-and-out-er turned gold prospector turned crazy man. Weird-o-rama.
    And existential: The Sheltering Sky – people go nuts in Africa. Great novel, great film.

  • all of boston legal
    lord of the rings
    depp and the pirates
    and all of fred and ginger
    lord of the rings
    or the grapes of wrath

  • I suggest “Room with a View” and “Enchanted April” as a double feature (tho’ that might be too much costume drama at once).
    I also recommend a fave of mine, “The Wedding Banquet”, tho’ I’m not sure what I’d pair it with, maybe “Monsoon Wedding?” (If you pair them, watch “Monsoon Wedding” first.)
    “Little Miss Sunshine” is great, but again, I’m not sure what to pair it with….

  • i just read your book in three bus rides and one lolling-about-while-hubby-made-dinner. granted, it’s got a lot of patterns and a lot of pictures, but stll, it was that good. i may have to become a reader of this blog.

  • How about American Beauty and The Philadelphia Story. From the riduculous to the sublime.

  • For a true existential crisis-inducing pair, try The Matrix followed by The Truman Show.
    Bring plain knitting. Garter stitch squares.

  • Someone who enjoys “Lost in Translation” bedsides me?? I’ve got some people around this house who need to be corrected.

  • I just watched “A Very Long Engagement” by Jeunet last night, and haven’t recovered enough to think of how you could possible see it with anything else.

  • It looks like the last commenter is in a similar state of mind to me. I was thinking you could transition from existential gloom to existential whimsy. I think I nice, comfortable leap from Lost in Translation would be to “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” which is silly but still heart-tugging, and from there to “Amelie” where you’ve got silly, just a hint of self-reflection, and lots of happy. I thought “A Very Long Engagement” was interesting (same director, and lead actress) but less reliable on the “Yay!” front. You just can’t be gloomy after you watch Amelie, though I do think you can eat Nutella while watching it — someone had that idea earlier which is also awesome.

  • Movie suggestions?
    Triple feature……”Strictly Ballroom” (early Baz Luhrman and Paso Doble), “Take the Lead” (Antonio Banderas and tango, need I say more?) and “Shall We Dance?” (the American version – I actually liked J-Lo in this film..and MORE tango!)
    For a Bollywood-lite double feature…..”Bend it Like Beckham” and “Bride and Prejudice.”
    And for just plain fun….”The Princess Bride” (my name is Inigo Montoya, you keeled my father, prepare to die!)

  • Ice flushed down two toilets simultaneously at 8:02pm…got it. As Ruth mentioned above, no snow here in Massachusetts – at least in the greater Boston area…western MA has had it already. My daughter and I will try the ice thingy tomorrow…we are both dying for snow. After all, Thanksgiving vaca is over…time for a school Snow Day!!!!!

  • haha-my girls came home from school saying that if you go to bed with your jammies on inside out, it will snow and you will have a snow day, at which i scoffed. so when i woke up the next morning to snow and a 2 hour delay, then followed the next day by a snow day, i was befuddled. it was before thanksgiving for crying out loud! my kids may never wear their jammies regularly again…

  • haha-my girls came home from school saying that if you go to bed with your jammies on inside out, it will snow and you will have a snow day, at which i scoffed. so when i woke up the next morning to snow and a 2 hour delay, then followed the next day by a snow day, i was befuddled. it was before thanksgiving for crying out loud! my kids may never wear their jammies regularly again…

  • I would love to pair up movies, and just what do you pair up with Biker Hookers in Zombietown?

  • Those are two excellent flicks!

  • Oooo! I thought of another great double-header:
    “To Catch A Thief” and “North By Northwest”. Cary Grant (hubba-hubba) *AND* Alfred Hitchcock – the *PERFECT* pairing!

  • If your kids would like some snow I could probably send them some from the snowbelt here in Northeast Ohio. Just as I was reading your posting about snow in Nashville I heard thunder, which was a bit odd since it is currently snowing! Ah, what crazy weather (was this caused by the local kids with their jammies on backwards? or because some think they need to be turned inside out?) Movie choices … Mary Poppins/Madagascar (love those penguins!) or Butch Cassidy/Barefoot in the Park (Robert and Paul, what’s not to like?)

  • Two movies that come to mind (although, I’m not sure about seeing them together) are: 1) ‘The Whale Rider’ (really very powerful–good thing you made the sleeves, you’ll need them to dry the tears), and 2) ‘Into the West’ (fun, genuine, yet fantasy).
    How about a third?–‘Bend it Like Beckham’ (ethnic laughter a la ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’–which could be a fourth movie).
    For really an old movie kind of great (besides the Cary Grants entered by Toni–to which I might add ‘Charade’), how about ‘Witness for the Prosecution’ with Marlene Dietrich and Tyrone Power (would go well with ‘Dial M for Murder’…)
    Ann, I can’t stop at just two…….

  • I heard that it’ll snow if you wear your PJs inside out. I haven’t tested it yet to see if it actually works.
    I was teaching a first grade class when it started snowing up in Sumner County, and I realized that it was happening when 5 or 6 kids started hyperventilating with excitement. We have 13 built in snow-days. As much as I enjoy my job, I’d love to get one tomorrow. 🙂

  • No suggestions — I just feel the need to say that although I did think The Hours was horribly depressing, Lost in Translation is my favorite movie. To me, it’s a little sad, but not depressing. It caused me to really look at Bill Murray as a real actor, not just a funny guy (although he’s still that, too!)
    Glad you’re posting again!

  • Okay. This is my last posting, I mean it. How about “Dolores Claiborn” and “Misery”?
    This is just too fun. I’ve got to stop!

  • Is no one going to comment on the fact that Ann is threatening to go all shapeless on us??!! I will only say that it is completely acceptable to dress in a sack, as long as your shoes are exquisite, as Kidman/Woolf demonstrates. You might find your picture on the SartoriaList with such fabby shoes!
    “Welcome back, your sleeves were your ticket out…welcome back, to that same old blog that you laughed about…well the names haven’t changed since you’ve been around, tho the (classic elite) dreams have remained, but they’ve come around.. well, who’d have thought we’d need ya– back here, well we need ya! Welcome back welcome back welcome baaack…”
    Oh jeez, nobody has inspired a rendition of that song from me.. well, ever. Yay Ann! Yay unfinished sleeves and movie-thons! Oh, and they ran “Cranford” here in Oregon on T-day– the best!

  • Please promise you’re read the the book (The Hours) if you haven’t already.
    How about Persepolis and Amelie? Can’t really put my finger on why they go together…

  • My movie suggestions: “Life Is Beautiful” (my all-time favorite movie–in Italian, with English subtitles), “Schindler’s List”, “Remains Of The Day”, “Scent Of A Woman”, “Shadowlands”, “Immortal Beloved”; and for humor: “The Jerk”, “History Of The World Part 1”, “Blazing Saddles”, or any other Mel Brooks film.

  • History of the World Part 1! Yeah!!

  • For a full evening of Clive Owen goodness, try “Children of Men” (deeply grim) followed by “Shoot ‘Em Up” (completely ludicrous, yet echoing many of the themes of the first movie). And if you still haven’t had enough Clive Owen, watch “King Arthur.” So pretty.

  • Have you seen “White Oleander?” Oh, truly tragic. Maybe follow it up with some “The Color Purple.” At least the ending of that one is pretty good.

  • Maybe its becauseI watch all my movies with my husband and his friends but I have to pick 300 and Gladiator if you want to see smokin hot guys kick ass against unbelievable odds. Or Beowulf and 13th Warrior. Awesomely riveting movies, the former is closer to the book, the latter I think is just inspired by Beowulf…with hot guys (CGI and real life)
    Oh but then there’s Stranger Than Fiction with a superduper sweet Will FerrelL That with a Beautiful Mind would be a thought provoking evening!
    No Country for Old Men was great, Arsenic and Old Lace is a funny black and white and then there’s SuperBad…. I guess I do watch a lot of movies!

  • Is there anything you can flush or wear to make it STOP snowing? Here in Minne~snow~ta we could use an ‘off’ switch in the snow department once in awhile.

  • re: those sleeves — I feel your pain. I’m double-kntting with Kidsilk Haze. It’s gorgeous, but it’s sapping me of the will to live. Maybe the Coen Brothers will help:
    “Raising Arizona” and “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”
    or perhaps “The Big Lebowski” and “Gross Point Blank”; wierd, funny, brilliant.
    or “The Inlaws” (the ORIGINAL not the remake). Alan Arkin is BRILLIANT. Our family quotes this movie all the time …
    with …
    “Tapeheads” — young John Cusack and Tim Robbins gleefully skewering early MTV, back when MTV actually showed music videos. Dated, but with some truly hilarious scenes, especially if you’ve ever been involved with the music industry.
    Or just watch the 1950s original version of “The Importance of Being Earnest” twice.
    Where’s the remote?

  • i am printing these comments out for my own holiday filmwatching pleasure. I would suggest a Cameron Crowe-fest:: have just watched the trailer for Elizabethtown & think i would pair it with almost famous… or a Jason Lee film festival? oh, the possibilities.

  • tell David and Cliff to cut that out. Sumner County schools were closed this am due to ice and it was scary coming down to the city to work this am. I am not ready for a winter of snow. The UPS guy who delivers here on Church Street swears that the almanac says we are in for a winter like about five years ago, you all in Nashville remember, where we all went to work and then about 9 am it broke loose like crazy, the nuns from St. Cecelia’s had a snow fight on the interstate, people built snowmen on the interstate dividers, and it took us 7 hours to make a 25 minute drive home. This year I am ready. I am keeping at least 7 hours of good knitting in the car for any sudden snow showers that may cause a long drive home. (And snacks of course because we ran out of food in the car that day too). But tell those boys wait til January, so I have hopes of having a Margaret sweater or a Liberty throw to wrap up in to keep that cold air away.

  • Have you seen “The Lives of Others”? It’s a German movie (think Elavil and Xanax) about the Staasi in E. Germany and neighbors who are forced to spy on each other. Despite the depressing topics, it’s a great movie.

  • I forgot to mention my pairing for “The Opposite of Sex” with Christina Ricci and Lyle Lovett (and some others but who cares, right?) Which would be for me “Short Cuts” b/c I’m a real Robert Altman fan. Except when I’m not. If you’ve seen “Prairie Home Companion” I think you know what I’m talkin’ about.

  • Our family has gone through the fourth season of Dr. Who this past week. I think you have to have a sense of British humor to enjoy it, though, and enough guys around to enjoy the science fiction and aliens involved.
    There is a little bit of romance, too.

  • Two of my faves this year are The Band’s Visit & The Visitor. Sort of a theme there….

  • While this is not good knitting material – at least for me as I can’t knit and read subtitles at the same time. But I love Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Three Colors Trilogy – Blue, White, Red.
    And if you can still stand more subtitles and you haven’t seen this – you MUST see Elling (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0279064/). It’s a fantastic movie – I saw it years ago when it was in the theaters and it’s stayed with me.

  • Right now the film on my mind is Wong Kar-Wai’s Chungking Express. It is both sad and romantic, and very Hong Kong.
    You could pair it with Mr Wong’s later film In the Mood for Love.
    Then I think you too would join the lead actor Tony Leung Chiu-Wai fan club! Ah those eyes …

  • So does it have to be at 8:02 pm? I gotta try that…

  • how about “Georgy Girl” and “Eagle vs. Shark”? Two Wes Anderson movies back to back or “Before Sunrise” & “Before Sunset”?

  • For Angophiles – “Room With a View” and “Howards’
    End” – great acting and some lovely scenery.

  • For Angophiles – “Room With a View” and “Howards’
    End” – great acting and some lovely scenery.

  • Love Actually/Lovely and Amazing
    Dave/The American President
    Hoosiers/Breaking Away
    Sleepless in Seattle/You’ve Got Mail
    October Sky/Apollo 13
    A League of Their Own/Bull Durham
    Princess Bride/Galaxy Quest
    Grew up in Indiana, live with guys, never watch a depressing movie more than once, winter is long in WI. Nuff said.
    It will snow if you plan to leave at 6:00 a.m. on a car trip out-of-town through the county with the worst record of snow removal. Count on it. Reliable as lighting a cigarette at a bus stop or a telemarketer calling at supper time.
    Happy and safe holidays!

  • R and I both, separately, came to the same conclusion the other day, that it had barely snowed so far because WE had not yet made paper snowflakes. Within 15 minutes of the first one being taped to the window the flakes were falling.
    Only they didn’t continue for long. Ice flushing is at the top of the list for tomorrow.
    Years ago, we went to the theater to see “Kids” with our roommates and afterward we all trudged home and flopped into couches and chairs in a sort of stunned, dazed, melancholy, state of depression.
    Eventually I could stand it no longer and ran off to the movie rental store for the only cure I could think of: “Strictly Ballroom”! Instant cure.
    I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you, too, choose to watch these as a double feature, just be prepared for some serious emotional rollercoasting!
    (I originally saw SB in the theater as a double feature with Orlando. Another odd combo.)

  • I recently watched a double feature of Harold and Kumar! I love those guys.
    Also, Can’t beat Clooney in the Oceans 11 (12 & 13) movies. I can watch those over and over.
    Shaun of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead..or the old and new version of Dawn of the Dead.
    Love Actually is one of my favorites, but I’d pair it with The Family Stone.
    Maybe a double feature of Babs…The Way We Were and The Main Event..or Yentle.

  • I’m terribly late to this post, but I have to suggest watching the Godfather and Elizabeth right after each other. They’re very similiar if you watch them together. The scene at the end with music and the dead horse in the Godfather is recreated almostly exactly in Elizabeth. Of course, you’ve probably already seen both.

  • Thanks everyone for the great suggestions- my Netflix Queue has now grown substantially! We watched the 3 DVD’s of Anne of Green Gables after Thanksgiving- sweet and sappy with awesome handknits to boot!

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