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  • Thanks for the pics of all the ‘angels’, especially the middle one. Wow, look at that halo glowing!

  • OMGs, teh cute….it buuurns.
    Excellent job my dear. Lovely sweater.

  • I read the latest issue of “Twist Collective” this morning! Love it. Was thinking of giving the same sweater a try. Wish me luck.

  • Is it selfish if I want to knit that sweater for myself?????

  • Let us know if it works! Because I’ve got two girls who could use a little seraphizing 😉

  • Adorable in every possible way. And the sweater rocks, too!

  • You’re knitting it out of Rowan Denim? I am so shocked!!!

  • When I grow up can I be 1/10 as creative as Cristina? Like everything else I’ve seen that she’s made, this sweater is fantastic. (And the model is even better!!!)

  • Angelbaby. That’s all I have to say.
    Except that Franklin kills me. Love his piece!

  • Speaking of Assumption, maybe the BVM is floating above the cherubs, knitting in the round.
    Angelboy and I thank you.
    PS Can you believe that’s the baby for whom you, Ann and Cheryl knit the Blankie by Three Friends (Cf. MDK One)?

  • Thanks for “answering” my question in the Problem Ladies column! I’m honored to be the contributor of “The Weirdest Thing We’ve Ever Heard.” I’ve sent links to family and friends, knitters and non-knitters because, well, they aren’t surprised by that at all …
    And you’re right — Franklin totally rocks! I love his contribution to this issue.

  • You may see Picasso, but I see Al Hirschfeld…all those numbers written into the drawings remind me of “Nina”.

  • fun reading

  • Right as usual about the Denim.

  • So if I knit one in Den-M-Knit creme and overdye it pink for my 8yo it will turn her into a cherub? It’s only the first week of summer vacation and I’m already getting desperate (stop teasing your brother, stop arguing with your sister, I don’t want to hear the word “bored” again til August! I don’t care if it is a Hannah Montana marathon- the TV needs to go off NOW!!!). Luckily the 14yo has decided to start his summer reading before the last day of vacation and is diving into Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the 17yo manages to occupy herself, the 19yo has 2 summer classes to finish his AA before transferring tothe University in the fall and we’ll have plenty of work for everyone once this latest round of daily thunderboomers moves on when we tear out the gopher killed weedy front and back yards and put in grass, flowers and (hopefully) a nice raised bed veg garden. Otherwise I forsee a lot of Mr. Boy knitting! (Tho I’m liking the idea of the pink denim…)

  • This issue is just full of things I must knit — and I don’t even have a little boy!

  • It IS a beautiful issue. And I think Franklin should offer “Thirteen ways” as a limited-edition print. It was so beautiful!

  • I’m a little scared. First, there was talk of “wuv” and kitten posters in The Knitter. Now there’s a kitten poster on the blog. This phase can’t last long…

  • twist is a good place to immerse myself when i’m looking for inspiration. Agree that Franklin’s piece is a distilled gem. and Cristina e Elio e Bruno?! one day i will bake some biscotti to take to Cristina, and drink tea in her kitchen. Bacci à tutti!

  • Thanks for sharing the pattern link and the Twist link which I’ve never visited before.

  • Way to work the lol cats Kay! You are just bolstering my theory that the interwebs exsists to disseminate lol cats and porn. The knitting content is a perk for those of us who are not so into porn.
    I wonder if this is what Al Gore had in mind when he invented the online? There’s a headscratcher for us all.
    Knit on!

  • Franklin makes me LOL and thank you Problem Ladies for taking the sometimes unpopular but correct position that relish NEVER belongs in deviled eggs.

  • That’s true, Pat. I like my relish on hot dogs, where it belongs. (I see we’re gearing up for another 4th of July filled with deviled egg recipes and F-U-N-N…!)
    And I just cannot believe that the perfect, perfect caption for those angels has materialized in my lifetime!

  • Blimey – I am so weak! I get to work early to get stuff done, think I’ll just check out MDK first and then go and spend thirty quid at the twist collective. What am I doing?
    Must. Get. On. With. Work.

  • Dear, dear Kay–you know how a laugh can knit up that ravelled sleeve of care. Your posts always catch me on about 6 different levels. Loving the title of the last one (yes, a college English major was I). My sleeves have been a bit ravelled lately, and I recently discovered the cheeseburger cats and truly laughed out loud, which I seldom actually do. Then today my adult daughter and I were sharing the NYT crossword and ended up with “cod” as a “bit of autumn decoration,” which convulsed us with images of the cod on the table centerpiece, and perhaps men wearing codpieces for the celebration…and well, I just know you’d have been laughing with us. Now, instead of starting dinner, I’m going to go read 13 ways. Thank you.

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