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  • Donny & Marie=(Love 1000)
    Paper Roses!
    I happen to have a nice little cake of the Handmaiden Lace Silk in the perfect chartreusy gray mixture, that turned out to be too fine for the feather & fan treatment. (Even I have my limits in terms of stitch count per row.)
    You can try it and see. Popping it in the mail, on the theory that I’m not getting any younger; perhaps I’m too old for such immense scarves. (No pressure!)
    I was also thinking that just a plain cream linen would look smashing together with the Habu.
    I’m leaving it all up to YOU.
    Gratefully yours,

  • For that homey feel and cause it’s Kay I would do the lace weight version of Peaches and Cream – crochet thread from Wal-Mart! Silk is nice, it’s lovely! Of course Kay merits silk, but the fun of crochet cotton is its so very Kay-ish.

  • I was thinking denim yarn. Like the very dark blue color? Although something in a tealy-gray might be nice too.

  • Oo oo ooh! Ann! I have some laceweight denim on cones! Just say the word!

  • I think I have some teal Sundara Silk Lace if you want that too. Not really my colour, but it is Kay’s and I think it would look nice with the linen.

  • My two cents…It should be the color of sand. Just look at the picture up there.
    Happy Birthday, Kay.

  • I’ve always thought that Donny and Marie singing love songs and making googly eyes at each other was just a little bit creepy!

  • I second the sand color or a subtle blue/grey/green. Happy Birthday Kay (a day late but better than never).

  • The ivory silk or the smoke silk colorway…just what I was thinking.

  • Norma, I thought EXACTLY the same thing. ‘Ugh, creepy’. Now, who said denim? I agree there, too.

  • I was surprised to see that something called Belinda was not originally made in denim! Is it named after, you know, Belinda of the comments? The paler denim would be a lovely accompaniment to this, I think. No, dark. Wait, no pale. Dark.

  • Oh, haha, Sandra Tsing Loh was my commencement speaker when I graduated college! And she was absolutely disarmingly charming, and hilarious, which was a refreshing change for a graduation ceremony. I was in Nashville last weekend, wish I was still there now!
    As for the scarf, I’m loving the idea of a subtle blue/green. Maybe it’s because your pictures have all been at the beach, but something ocean-y would be gorgeous, I think.

  • Four words: Madeline Tosh Silk Lace
    Can’t beat the colors and the silk is divine. One skein is 1,000 yards of lusciousness. 🙂

  • I thought that the Handmaiden silk lace in Forest or Forest Pathways are lovely greens which I know that Kay likes but I see that Kay has already sent you the yarn she wants.

  • I pale green, on the blue/green side, would look great, or you could go for classic ivory–Kay seems like a classic girl, but either would be very Merchant/Ivory when it’s done.

  • Happy belated Birthday Kay! I’m about to make a Sam’s run to see if they have any fresh salmon as that is what my own b-day girl (she’s 24 today) has requested for dinner (along with fresh asparagus to throw on the grill w/the salmon- in the snow!- and any kind of noodles w/pesto. And champagne! Sheesh- she used to be happy with chicken nuggets and tater tots with her cake. Oh crap- gotta bake a cake! Or cupcakes- faster and they can have a frost your own party. Must dig out sprinkles.)
    Ann- the scarf is bee-u-tiful! I agree with all of the suggestions for the second half yarn. Good thing you have so much Habu left! (One of each? Habu and denim, Habu and silk, Habu and linen, Habu and shrimp…)

  • what ever lola wants lola gets
    it is her present you know
    wisdom of the elderly
    if you do not get into a fatal
    accident you just might get to be elderly

  • “Silk Linen XS-27 2×6/100” This is a lace weight Habu yarn called “natural gray” but it looks like off white to me…..

  • Guess it’s just me, but my first thought was vermillion. Or crimson. Some brilliant shade of red.
    Happy birthday, and many more of em!

  • Wouldn’t some of the Handmaiden Sea Silk be thematically just right? (and I’m in with the votes for Donny & Marie creepiness.eeeuw!)

  • I know worse has been done, but really: her hair is that way ON PURPOSE? The relaxed beehive? The I’m-with-the-hippies-and-the-straights-with-a-Semi-Pouf? Weirder even than a four-bar nonsense song being top of the pops (aren’t they always top of the pops?)

  • You think the singing is creepy? My sister used to have a Donny doll, complete with sparkly purple socks. Try falling asleep at night with that staring at you from the toy shelf.

  • I love Sandra Tsing Loh- I dream that I could be cool enough to invite her over for margaritas and our kids could play in the basement while we talked about life. I think the chartreusey-gray handmaiden silk would be perfect.