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  • Yep, these daily 15 min posts are great. Just what we need mid-winter!
    Gotta go get that Beck sheet music. It might not be knitting but I have to see if there’s any “Soy un Perdedor” type lyrics.

  • Is it for guitar? Piano? Please excuse my ignorance but the musical talent skipped a generation! However, I know some kids who might want to play this stuff (is it acceptable to call a 29 yr old man “kid”?) Anyway, something I CAN do is knit ~ love your Thorn!

  • I am LOVING these lightning rounds.

  • Heard the cut from the new Bowie? I listened to it once yesterday and it is still playing in my head.

  • LOVE your lightning round posts! Just goes to show you’re both Funny AND Fast.

  • LOVING the sheet music!

  • Ann,
    I want to see that shawl on ALL the chairs in your house before you’re done.
    Thanks muchly,

  • I thought that said “penises” for a second.
    So. Yeah.
    But the knitting is nice, too.

  • This time-crunch blogging thing is pretty fun. Thanks for a quick peek at your knitting today, Ann!

  • I’m liking this 15 minute thang. XOX

  • LOVE the lightening rounds – it’s like a break of sunshine in a gray gray day. Thanks for the vitamin D!

  • Really like the swift posts.

  • Does this 15 minute blogging mean 15 minutes “after a fashion”? I mean, I myself cannot type that much in less than–oh–40-60 minutes….
    I am intrigued by the shape of your Thorn Wrap. How will it be worn? (Like who’s shaped like a giant Kandy Korn, or fan, etc.?) I know it will be awesome and can’t wait to see the finished product.

  • I’m so thrilled you guys are back!

  • Enjoying the time wasters.
    But I do like hanging on every stitch and finding out how it worked.
    I guess I want the best of both worlds.

  • When my husband and I first lived together, I was in charge of the clock radio. When the alarm went off one morning, there was Beck crooning about a “termite choking on a splinter” or something like that (it’s Beck: it’s kinda hard to tell). My husband, whose tastes ran more toward country and classic rock, was completely baffled. I still crack up everytime I hear that song because it reminds me of his reaction that morning (and the resulting mockery of my musical tastes that I had to endure from him for a long time afterward).
    Thorn is looking good, Ann!

  • I sat next to Beck in a local restaurant before a show, and he asked me if the chicken pot pie was any good. I told him not to order it, because while it is tasty, the gravy is molten lava, and it might burn his tongue.

  • If you’ve not watched The Maria Bamford Show all the way through on YouTube — please do so immediately. It’s hilarious and dark, and makes wonderful knitting “tv.”

  • I love Beck! Now I have Beck in my head.