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  • I hope your Handknit model-friend wins his vote – I did my part. He is pleasant on the eyes though I am not a daytime TV fan.

  • Someone was being mean? So very uncalled for. And really no different from being nasty at someone’s garden party. Except maybe for the lack of furniture. And deviled eggs.
    Someday I’ll have to visit MV (not the least because them’s also my initials), though we do have scenery rather like that right here in Maine. And I can smell the ocean right this very moment. And Daryl Hall is my neighbor. So I’m not in a huge rush.

  • I agree with you Ann, If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Loved your calligraphy, I think you have another talent. I still can’t knit, (nonknitters anonymous)but I support all you knitters out there.

  • Oh no, not that again! Anyhow, sure wish I could be TN and NY next week 🙁 If Ryan doesn’t win, it’s fixed I tell ya! I was hijacking PCs at work (but only foe a few minutes) ha!

  • thank you for the post card i can smell the
    air lovely place to be on vacation hope the waves
    were crashing round the rocks and jettys
    tis hot in florida and the water is 90
    love the blankets posting and postcards
    you and kay could make up greeting cards
    i hope i win a prize on normas red scarf
    donate and get in line for prizes

  • Snarkiness? Where? Here?? (!!) Who would do that? Egads, is no place sacred?
    I was just happy because you didn’t get the “Am I first?” comments. Then someone had to go and be snarky. Well, you must have deleted it (as well you should) because I haven’t read any and I’ve been a pretty assiduous student of your comments as of late. Your readers are so funny. Clearly that mean one must have stumbled over here from http://www.meandrunk.com Good riddance.

  • I’m sorry you had to deal with mean people in the comments. That sucks!

  • Now, now, let’s not be unkind. Perhaps the snarky commenter got confused and thought s/he was at a knitting web site where such behavior is encouraged.
    Wait, I’m not first?

  • This will be the one and only time for me to knit at the library before school begins. I am thrilled. Unfortunately I am working on something so mind-numbingly easy that the cool library people will mock me and roll their eyes behind their hands. I will try to convince them that usually I am working on Victorian lace on 00 needles but that I am waiting on some new laceweight qiviut to be sent from Siberia.
    Hmm. Thanks for taking care of snarkiness. Not in this sandbox! We are all sweet and kind here.
    And yes, I voted for Ryan. Many times.

  • S.ensless

  • so … as an experiment, I pressed the vote button TEN times – I was thanked each time – did I do something wrong, or did I score the major glitch in the system? ;-D

  • Ah, the lighthouse . . . it’ll always be “Gay Head” to me . . . no matter what they decide to rename it!

  • I hope we can all distinguish comments that are mean, nasty, or intolerant, from those that hold an opposing view, are constructive criticism, or perhaps merely a poor attempt at humor.
    I do NOT hold with the saying “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” I think that sort of attitude limits a free discussion of ideas. Not everyone likes the same thing (thank goodness) and discussing why can be really interesting.

  • I wish I lived closer to you two. I’d love to meet you and knit in your company. :O) I might even bring my endless fish affie bits to work on! By the way, that slog is just toooooo sloggy! I have been avoiding it and knitting all kinds of other things. :O) Wish I could be there. samm

  • Isn’t MV the best? Just lookie how “rugged” that is! Someone was mean on Mason-Dixon?? WTH?! What’s WRONG with the world???

  • We will miss you at the get together on Wed. I think it will be fun — hopefully it won’t be a gazillion degrees. I’m bringing Tate’s sugar cookies and maybe even some chocolate chip if it can entice you to come 😀

  • sorry to hear that someone brought their bad attitude to your blog, ladies. Brava for not tolerating it.
    Enjoyed the summer vacation pics, and the lovely knitting!

  • Hey, I’m in graduate school, and I study deep things like philosophy. My hero John Rawls says you are allowed to be intolerant of the intolerant. He wrote a whole chapter on the subject.
    P.S. I voted for Ryan. Haven’t watched a soap in years, but “glad to” do my part for y’all, of course.

  • The girls and I will be at the library too (see you there Robin!). I never get any knitting done, but it’s fun to go!… Ann, ya won’t believe how big the baby’s getting! Practically sitting up on her own already! 🙂

  • Margaret: It let me vote many more times than 5 as well. Maybe they only actually count the first 5? But it’d be really poor web design to let you vote more than the limit. I kept clicking it thinking “Maybe this time it will say I’ve hit the limit?… Nope! OK, voting again!” Very odd.

  • I’ve never knit an afghan or even a baby blanket, but your project is compelling. I can almost hear it calling my name.

  • Oops, yes I did scroll too far before hitting the link to comment. Sorry about that.