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  • Ann, I have that SAME caterpillar (well, its cousin) on MY bronze fennel, and this ain’t the first year either. Whoa. Can you get Peter the Knitting Naturalist to weigh in? Ah, but they may have different ones Down Under.
    Birch looks delish, m’dear!

  • ok, ann, now you have done it. NOW I WANT TO KNIT BIRCH!!! it looks great…and fluffy. fluffy is great for an accessory. and i need fluffly, as well as cuddly things right now.
    so, once of finish elfin and the other projects i have outstanding (including the pink sweater kay, including the pink sweater) i am going to make birch. unless, of course, the ksh ruffles in elfin do me in.
    love the little caterpillar too…i feel a sweater coming on.

  • Maggi–After extensive research (I typed “caterpillar bronze fennel” into Google), I found out that our colorful guys are BLACK SWALLOWTAIL CATERPILLARS. Bronze fennel is their Dairy Queen Heath Bar Blizzard with extra Heath Bars.
    Here’s a photo almost identical to mine, along with the After shot, showing its swallowtail glory. We’ve had dozens of these in the garden this year, and I find myself standing outside, watching them feast on the buddleia. I’m as blissed out as they are.

  • I think I have your caterpillar pegged – it looks like an Anise Swallowtail: http://pooh.unl.edu/~scotth/samantha/index.html?page=black-swallowtail – this site has pix and it does say that they like their fennel! I see these guys all over here in New England, but haven’t seen a caterpillar in a long time!

  • Here’s a fun fact: ‘Chenille’ means caterpillar in French. And ‘Caterpillar’ is the name of a really cool Kaffe sweater in Rowan 33. And, what’s more, ‘caterwauler’ and ‘concatenation’ are 2 of my favorite extra-credit vocabulary words.
    That’s just my little way of thinking of something, anything, to say on a topic I know absolutely nothing about.
    The last caterpillars we had at the weekend digs turned out to be gypsy moths and ate up all the trees. No kidding, they really did. We heard them munching away by the millions (the sound was like an army of thousands marching down the road), turning leaves into lace. The non-tree botanical items were really happy that year as they got a lot more sun.
    Really, any time you need garden tips or have questions about unusual flora or fauna, I’m your go-to gal. (Not.) xoxo Kay

  • Birch looks fab ,and growing so fast.
    I vote that Lis knit her’s in Candy Girl KSH.
    I predict that you knit the Provence cardi/jacket in ‘Knitting’ … I feel another knitalong looming.
    O.K.,what do you say,assuming you like it,that we knit it after Christmas ? Can you wait that long ? And Kay,this is a candidate for Calmer.You can match the tension & approximate the colours.I’m bent on getting everyone knitting something in Calmer Armour[or however they spell it],including myself.It’s a beautiful claret,beetroot,blood red !

  • Oooooooh! Birch is looking so… pretty! And fluffy! Would it make me insane to induct myself into Rowan by way of Birch?? Maybe it would. I’ll try not to let that stop me, though. 😉

  • Deenz–Thanks for the assist on the swallowtails. I love that site you found.
    Went out this afternoon to check on the little army, and I do believe there’s a bunch of new teeny ones. A whole mess of ’em.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  • You have a monarch caterpillar~they also love parsley! Check out the link below for identifying caterpillars in North America

  • Birch is looking stunning!
    funky looking caterpillar too.

  • Thanks to all you caterpillar reasearchers! I forgot to check on it when I was battening down last eve for whatever Isabel brings our way, but it seems to have many gripping feet . . .

  • MONARCH butterfly catterpiller. I had ten of these on my milkweed this spring.

  • I’m staying out of the Monarch v. Swallowtail controversy.

  • I think we need the Crocodile Hunter in here.

  • Did anybody notice that we failed to say ‘crikey!’ in connection with this beastie? Ann, I must remind you that this is in the MDK stylebook under: things to always say in connection with animals and/or Australians.

  • KAY–CRIKEY? I thought Emma said that was a filthy thing to say in England. I’ve got to watch it with her or she’s going to get us kicked off the Knitting Bloggers Ring of Love.

  • I have been to see the Dalai Lama in Boston and missed several entries while I was gone. I don’tunderstand a word about your knitting but followed the catepillar episode with no trouble. The Dalai was at M.I.T. The program featured a whold lot of Nobel type Western Scientists trying to understand the Buddhists’ mind. They had done a lot of EEG and MRI with the monks in various stages of meditation.Fascinating program. Dad

  • Dear Dad, Did you run into our friend Betty Ruth while you were there? Wasn’t she at the same confab? Are you really Dad or are you Ann’s Brother-in-law pretending to be Dad? Next time, Dad, pretend you’re Kaffe Fassett. It’s always really convincing when someone does that. ‘Cause he totally reads MDK like, all the time.