Free U.S. Shipping on Yarns and Field Guides—Today Only!

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
December 2, 2019

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  • I am rubbing my hands together over the breadth of my choices. Provided I can get the order form to work for me. Previously it did not like my Zipcode even though I compared it with my driver’s license.

  • Order online version of Masterclass, charged my card but I can not access it.
    Today tried to order book instead of online version but it refused my order.

    Is there a Knitting store in NYC that might carry the field guide for Fassett’s Masterclass?

    • Check your email for that digital download and if it’s not there please write to us at [email protected].

      My beloved LYS in NYC, Knitty City, should have the print version. If it’s not near to you, give them a call before you go just to make sure it’s in stock.

  • Wow! Free shipping! I just placed my order. I think it’s the first time I ordered anything on a Cyber Monday. Thank you for the opportunity to save on shipping. I have been eyeing those Freia Fiber Minikins, and now set will be mine. Yay!

    • I was going to order #13, but the cart was charging me $5 for shipping. What?

      • You need to put the coupon code FIBERMONDAY in at checkout for the free shipping to happen.

  • YAY for FiberMonday!! Been waiting for this day. Does MDK still offer a Gift Certificate? I thought last years Wish List had that option; it’s the easiest way for my husband to get me what I truly desire;)