Time to Set a Goal?

By Ann Shayne
September 4, 2018

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  • Yesterday I began updating my yarn stash in Ravelry with a similar goal – not perfection, no finish date in mind – just to start and keep going. My cat decided lap cuddles were in order and so snuggle time snuck in but several new entries were made with photos too.

  • I love the ideas of process goals, rather than product goals. The first will lead to the second but with a lot less angst!

    • I agree about process over product. Process can be predicted and achieved. And just starting more often then not leads to finishing.

  • I love this whole concept of process goals and the idea of committing to two hours a day of writing. I’ve had a writing project I’ve wanted to start working on, aside from blog writing, and you’ve just given me a plan. Loved Bowling Avenue!

    • You go! Sit down and start scribbling. Can’t wait to read it. Have you ever considered doing NaNoWriMo? It’s a challenge to write a 50,000 word manuscript in 30 days. I’ve used it to get a story on paper and am working on rewrite #6 of my favorite. Maybe the last rewrite? Probably not but it got the story on paper and keeps me working on it when life doesn’t intrude quite as much as it has for the last couple years. The “official” NaNoWriMo month is November but you can do it any 30 days you choose. I have. Look it up: nanowrimo.org

  • I guess since kindergarten this time of year has always felt like it was ripe for new beginnings. Even now, I’m always finding some reason to buy a new spiral notebook when September rolls around. This year I made a list of all the Christmas gifts that I want to make for friends. The list is far longer than I thought it would be. Seeing it concretely on paper was a very good idea because now I’m also thinking of gifts I can buy for those people and reduce the number of knitted gifts I’m actually going to want to make.
    Ah Ann, but you mentioned brioche. I have been working on brioche for months and months going to one class a month and trying to knit on the project in between. Brioche is giving me a huge kick in the pants, but I don’t want to give up. I’m up to two color brioche, which other members of my class told me would make the whole process a lot easier due to the contrast in colors. Not true for me! It is highly possible that the only Christmas gift I will complete will be for me: a two color brioche cowl which is already embellished (ha!) with mistakes.

    • Isn’t that the way?! That’s what makes us knitters: not giving up! And we don’t give up because this knitting thing has captivated us and we are fascinated. We have the hunger to succeed at that stitch or that method, and we will patiently keep learning from each attempt.
      Your cowl will be a badge of honor and personal achievement every time you wear it.

  • Great post, Ann! My goal is to knit a log cabin throw for our family room, in all of my most favorite colors! No end date, just glorious knitting until it is finished. The planning has started, but I still need to purchase the yarn. xo

  • Your post reminds me of how much I love your novel and wish you would set another writing goal!

    • Yes. My thoughts exactly! But, you know, only if you want to!

  • I love hearing how other people make themselves write. I’ve been working on a book for almost 2 years (i don’t have your willpower). I had fizzled out, losing interest, thinking it was a stupid idea. Then my knitting group asked if I could read them parts of it. Now, I have mini goals! The knitting group waits on pins and needles for each new chapter. Their eagerness and the mini deadlines of each knit night have pushed me along. You can always depend on the knitters, can’t you?

    • Yay for not giving up! I’m on Year 9, Rewrite #6 but I’m not giving up. You can always depend on the knitters.

      • Thx! That encourages me!

  • Yes, Yes, Yes!! FYI your book is in my goodreads list 🙂

  • Dear Ann,
    I read and enjoyed Bowling Avenue SO MUCH. It was shortly after I signed up to receive the wonderful MDK daily blog that I heard about it. It touched me in so many ways. I recently lost a sister and the thoughts and feelings surrounding that in your book were so familiar to me. It was so comforting to hear a kindred spirit talk about a loss like that.
    I loved everything about your book. I too would love to read another one if the spirit should move you.
    Knitting through this has saved me and your blog is a delight, because you and Kay really feel like my people!!

  • Please write another novel! I loved the first one.

  • I needed a boot in the behind, and you’ve convinced me. I’m a retired person with no deadlines, and my fiber work tends to be impulsive and scattershot – buy some new gadget here, begin a large spinning project over there, see an ad for an indie-dyed yarn that I have an immediate design idea for, all while ignoring my UFOs. In addition, at least four of my finished designs have unfinished patterns. Ten minutes ago I stacked up the finished designs with their unfinished patterns, and I will begin each day with pattern writing. I promise. Having posted my intention in public, I will feel obliged to actually do it!

  • I loved Bowling Avenue! Perhaps it’s time to reread it if I can’t convince you to write a sequel.

  • Thanks for this post! I fritter away a lot of time each day. Setting a goal of knitting every day will help me focus! I wonder if I could knit two hours every day for a week. I wonder what the result would be. Time to start!

  • I’m with you re the day after Labor Day – I also love what promises to come over the rest of the Fall. Thank you for the inspiration & reminders.

  • I loved your book! And you reading it to me while I knitted!
    Impressive accomplishment!

  • Thanks for the motivational speech! I think I will read it as “finish,” though, because I have so many starts and not as many finishes under my belt. Right now I am pulling out a bunch of languishing patterns (the projects were finished, but didn’t get written up, or finalized anyway) and in many cases am finding I have to work v2.0 of those items since I can’t recall exactly what I did! So the not finishing leads to more work, however enjoyable… Also, it is AMAZING that you have a finished novel to your name! So inspirational!

  • I loved your book…….and am awaiting another! Please set another goal to write another wonderful book!

  • I so enjoy Bowling Avenue: I’ve read it in “real book” one time and listened to it twice as an audio! So glad you DID begin!