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  • You need some toy ships glued to the wig to make it a real Marie Antoinette “do”

  • So cute!!

  • Olive looks FANTASTIC!!!!!

  • The wig is AWESOME! Love it.
    You and Lady Doga rock.

  • Olive looks stunning as usual.
    What yarn is your New Log Cabin made from? I love the colors.

  • The wait is over, and Olive is absolutely awwww-dorable! But…not content with mere creativity, adorableness, and actual knitting, I dare to ask: Is there video of Olive answering the door with tail a-waggin’, greeting adorable trick-or-treaters?

  • Ditto on the adorable-ness of Olive decked out for Halloween. (Although I am, forgive me, a cat person, really.) Also ditto on the wonderfulness of the yarn in the non-log-cabin knitting and hoping that you’ll post what yarn you are using.

  • Oooooooh! It’s a Log Cabin Cliff-Hanger! 🙂

  • “Hold me closer Tiny Diva.”
    Yep, I’m Elton Johnning up the comments.

  • I’m thinkin’ that the use of crackly plastic bags in the wig made for a double-whammy: combination wearable dog toy and Halloween costume. That must have made Olive delirious! Love. It. Now that will be hard to top… (hah! top….)

  • Hmmm, the yarn reminds me of Noro like in the Paintbox Log Cabin pattern. But you appear to be knitting all around the outside of that square – and there seem to be a lot of live stitches on a needle on the piece in the background – not too mention a mitre. But despite all those observations, I still can’t come to a conclusion about what it’s going to be.

  • I want to eat/fall into the new blanket. And not just because I’m exhausted.
    Thanks for finally satisfying the curiousity about Olive on “Christmas-Treat” as Benedict called it this year. He wanted to be a pirate or a ghostie and get lots of candy. He did.

  • olive is very well behaved in her new bonnet!
    one never tires of your log cabin-ing, kay. a gift that keeps on giving……

  • What an amazing costume! Well done! It’s getting chilly here and I need to start a blanket!

  • Quelle wig! She is the beautiful girl!

  • Oh, my! The wig becomes her. Although didn’t she try to chase the crinkly plastic bags? I’m sure she could hear them moving about above her head….

  • what the heck is on Olive’s tongue???
    your “new” blanket looks like a mash-up of all your previous blankies: log cabin, noro, natural, modern log cabin and mitered edging,like, I’m sooo surprised!!!

  • Lady Doga! Why did you not go the whole hog and make her a dress out of meat? I’m sure it might have lasted long enough for one photo. Love it. She is such a sweetie.
    So what’s the beef with the knitting then? You’re log cabin-ing, then picking up all the way round and (one presumes) working mitres outwards, and then what? Casting squares off together? Is this another no-sew? Do you have enough circs to carry this off? Can Olive sleep in comfort on your knitting with all those circs around? Or are you carrying her round in the Pooch Pouch made by a square-in-progress once it gets to a certain size?
    Enquiring minds want to know. x x x

  • Olive is fabulous. That is all.

  • Love the knitting (the colors! the texture!), but oh, man, Olive is ROCKIN’ that headdress. What fun!

  • I started a similar blanket however-many years ago with five shades of Bartlett yarn. It has been languishing in the closet, but I dug it out last week and found out I only needed about 2.5 squares to finish it off. (!) How are you joining your squares? The thought of *sewing* all of them together has me slapping my forehead and repeatedly muttering “WHAT WAS I THINKING?” I know I got the recipe for the squares from your blog—I think the fall weather is making knitters think about burrowing into warm wooly blankets.

  • Olive is Teh Awesome (as usual). I have those exact colors of Cascade 220, and during a recent stash dive for something else they came together in my mind’s eye. Probably going to be a double-stranded extra-warm shawl to drape ’round my shoulders when it is -20˚ outside in a couple months. Great minds think alike 🙂

  • Bacon sweater? We’re all watching for it, you know…

  • Olive kinda reminds me of Max from the Grinch when he had that antler tied to his head. 😉
    Garter lurve–ain’t it great? I’m working on a Moderne myself and just loving it–so purty and squishy and warm. It may be the best pattern ever.

  • Pardon moi for being soooooo late to the party and for being very guilty of skimming in my attempts to try to catch up, so if I’ve missed the point, fuggedaboudit: But in a slightly different shade of blue, Olive could have been Marge Simpson. (I can’t believe you got her to wear that thing!) XO

  • OMG I love it!!! hahahahaa I especially love the forlorn look in the second picture. Oh Olive, you are TOO cute!

  • I’ve noticed that I seem to only comment on the Olive posts… I think it’s a coincidence, I love the knitting too.

  • You’re awesome.

  • At first I was all what?!?! Marie Antoinette?!!! Then I was all like oh yeah – that is at least 2 centuries ago – of course Lady ga-ga…Kudo’s to Olive for keeping the wig on! Happy belated Halloween!!!

  • I think I get it re: the afghan. Can’t wait to see if I’m right! And it’ll be just one more to add to my “M-D To Do List’!

  • Can’t wait to see more of your blankie.

  • Our B never liked hats and would never have stood for that wig, but Olive looks fabulous.
    As for the knitting, is it a bed for Olive? Whatever it is, it looks beautiful too.

  • She looks adorably distraught.

  • Garter Stitch Log Cabin Love!!!! Mine is beside the beg, aching to be completed (one strip of four done).
    I am so glad you posted Olive’s photo (adorable) and your newest knitting. Did you happen to catch the Today Show this morning, specifically the Jane Pauley segment? She was wearing the most beautiful garter stitch cowl-neck sweater!! I could not focus on what she was saying, I was too busy trying to figure out the pattern and yarn! I immediately thought of you and our shared love of the humble garter stitch.

  • those crackly plastic bags – can serve double “duty” – headgear stuffing and useful for conscientous dog walking…

  • olive is lovely and you are knitting
    a slipcover for the the museum of modern art

  • Oh.My.Gawd! That is hysterical!

  • I love the log cabin – the colors are gorgeous. Olive’s very cute in her Gaga suit. I hope her trick or treat bag was filled with lots of doggie goodies.

  • Ohhhh! The colors in the new logcabin thing — they’re beautiful!

  • I think you are being visited by the Ghost of Log Cabins past. Or maybe just a Look-a-Like. Lady Dogga was a really cute idea.

  • Cute pics of Olive! She’s a trooper! Really love the Log Cabin blanket—please tell us about it!

  • Lookin’ Goood, your knitting which is “like the log cabins of the past, but it’s not”.
    Is it the Parchesi Afghan?

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  • OMG Olive is so precious, i wish i can do that with my doggy, she hates to be in any kind of clothing,,,love the cabin, very nice job 🙂

  • Oh I can’t wait to see more of the not-from-the-past log cabin blanket…

  • I am anxious to see more of this “New Log Cabin”. Love the colors and fascinated by the picture!!! Is this the method in “The Log Cabin Afghan Revisited”?