Soon We Will Have Even More Wonderful Things in the Shop, But Right Now Here Are Some Wonderful Things

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  • Jealous!

    But um, what’s with the evil babies?

    • We weren’t the only trade show in the house. The other show was the Haunted Attraction Association. So many frightful costumes! Yet we all got along.

      • To be sure, they all thought we were equally terrifying–all those frightful costumes!

  • Wow! Dizzying! You guys look absolutely ecstatic!

  • So wonderful to meet you and Ann. Thank you for my fangirl moment and selfie!!!

  • That “cut service alpaca” sure looks like a poodle to me !

    • Um, yes, I have two just like him at home!

  • That long cardi is to die for!!

    • It’s by Varian Brandon, in Elemental Affects’ gorgeous Shetland yarns. The absolute star of the fashion show, modeled by the designer!

      • Look at her Facebook page. You’ll see pics of her knitting it.

        • I looovve Varian Brandon’s work!

  • It must be like heaven to walk in there! The yarn! The gadgets! Food and beverage and lovely people!
    So jealous!!!!!!

  • I have a new career goal: Hand Model! Looks like fun, and I’ve got the body for it. But oh, that group picture with the head cut off cracked me up! (Or is it just my laptop?)
    Rest up, fiber professionals. Exciting days ahead 🙂

  • Wow great pics, it looks like you had a lot of fun! Please, oh please, would you identify the long navy stranded cardigan? If someone had been wearing it I might have followed them home to get the details!

    • It’s by Varian Brandon in Elemental Affects yarn. Absolutely gorgeous, and surely the most photographed non-llama at the show.

  • A delight to see you and um, help with the gin and tonic levels. It’s all a lovely yarn blurrrrr. Xox

  • Your in-house fashion model, Olive, must be so jealous that she didn’t get to go, but that “service alpaca” did!

  • It WAS National Gin Day, after all.

  • So glad yow had a good time in my hometown!

  • Lovely pictures! I’d love to know more about the red and grey shawl/scarf/wrap. Looks very fun and versatile.

  • Alas, I am a mere consumer and so not eligible for TNNA. I was in Columbus on Sunday. I waved. Did I see yarn decorating the Ears of Corn?