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  • Fabulous. I am still torn between the Margaret and Yank sweaters. I can not take on both. I think if you had a passel of knitters block squares, you could get it all on one flat surface.

  • My question is, did it take long to knit a sweater that Mother Earth could wear?

  • Congratulations on finishing the knitting of your Margaret sweater!! Isn’t it amazing how that yarn changes by face and attitude with a little water and some TLC? I wore my Margaret sweater yesterday (one of many, many times since it returned to me), and I just fall more in love with it with each wear.
    Have fun getting your Margaret sweater together! You are finishing it in perfect time for a chilly Nashville late Fall/early Winter!

  • Wow, that’s a load of beautiful knitting! I tried on your sample when you came through Portland (is Tara your sample knitter?) and it was sooo wonderful. Lookin’ good!

  • –I got a zoning variance for it. I discovered a family of four having a picnic right there on the bodice.– LOL! a bette-midler-as-knitter moment.

  • This is some subpar, bohemian-ass blocking, coming from you. You’re letting yourself go, woman. Looks like my “steam and visualize straight edges” method.

  • I love the open book “traffic cones”!!!

  • Love your sweater. Looks like you were hanging from the light fixture to get that shot. I just got your book and the patterns are wonderful.

  • Looking at this “satellite” shot of your blocking sweater – I just realized something. DH routinely gets an earful for leaving his clothes on the floor – yet doesn’t seem to notice or care about the hypocrisy in what could be perceived as me leaving clothes on the floor – smelly wet wool clothes no less. With dangerous pins strewn about. I shall make a concerted effort to be kinder (who am I kidding? I will divert his attention from my obvious disregard of our household’s zero tolerance “Hanger, Hamper or Wear It” policy.

  • You crack me up! Great work.

  • Were you channeling Sarah Palin in your next-to-last sentence? (This is a joke.)

  • “Lucy, I think you are zagerating….”
    It looks like it’s going to be be-yoo-ti-ful! Kudos to you!

  • Looks beautiful, can’t wait to see you model it!

  • and i love that a section of your knitting appears to be reading books as it dries. Marvellous that you’ve knit such an intelligent creation.

  • With the open books it looks as if “margaret” is deciding what wise words should be written on her back…

  • Wow.
    It’s good that you are letting us know what to expect if anyone is contemplating knitting this sweater.

  • I wonder how long it would take to knit an actual wool carpet, and whether or not I have enough yarn in my stash to do so. (My cat would love it, but probably not in a good way).

  • I can’t wait to see the words you put on this sweater! I’m collecting quotes now. It’s like trying to decide what kind of tattoo to put on one’s body. It takes serious consideration!

  • I am lovin’ that Margaret Sweater. The color, wow! The skirtage should look fabulous on.
    I do believe Ms. Margaret may be the first sweater I make for myself in a very long time. Inspired by yours!

  • Wow. Between that and Kay’s lovely scarves, you guys have me “stoked” to continue on with my Christmas knitting. Hats off to you both and Ann, it’s good to have you back. Happy Holidays!

  • Dear Ann,
    I’ve onl (personally) blocked one thing seriousely. Last year. A lace type shawl, knit of Jade Saphire Mongolian cashmere. Boy, was that some job pinning it out, and all. Your Margaret sweater looks far more professionaly blocked and tidy than my poor little shawl did (yet, the recipient was thrilled…)
    Your sweater is going to be some masterpiece! Can’t wait to see what cool message(s) will go on it.
    Ditto,’Jane in NC’.

  • and what pretty lady
    shall you wear with your
    beautiful garment
    tea is being served in the
    front room over looking the gardens
    do come along

  • The color is gorgeous. I hope the ruffly Romantic blouse the model wore with Margaret in the book was on loan from your store of Monteagle period costumes.

  • Whoa, Ann, that is a serious accomplishment! Are you up on scaffolding?

  • I love the color. Your blog is awesome and I love your book Outside the Lines and I have The Curious Knitters Guide on my wish list.

  • Yeah, I get pretty lightheaded with 3 needle bind off too. So simple, seams perfectly matching and easily done. Love it. *swoon*

  • I love the books used as a mini blockade, beware knock this over and you read it!!