Knitting for Babies is the Absolute Best

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  • Oh,to make matching cardigans for father and son.

  • I’ve made the Kate Oates Gramps cardigan twice already, and I’m getting ready to make it again for my daughter for her school sweater for the year. It is absolutely adorable — and did you know she has a grown-up version?

  • My first grandchild is due in January. A little boy! Perfect candidate for a grandad cardi.

  • Invest in the paid version of Baby Sophisticate! I’ve made 3 so far. Love that pattern!

  • I’ve made the Kate Oates Gramps and Antler multiple times. I’m thankful so many friends have had baby boys, and they let me dress them like old men.

  • To those who’d love to knit a baby cardi, but have no little recipient in mind, may I put in a plug for the Hats and More For War-Torn Syria group on Ravelry? We knit for Syrian refugees, to provide warmth, comfort, and a reminder that someone cares about their plight.

    The organization we support, SCM, helps the refugees in many ways including making up baby boxes to give to mothers of newborns in the refugee camps. Modeled on the Finnish Baby Box program, these boxes provide a safe sleeping spot and contain warm clothing for the vulnerable first year of a baby’s life.

    We knit sweaters, hats, blankets, socks, etc. to go in these boxes. We are always in need of more sweaters! Tiny wool grandpa cardigans in 6-12 month size range would be enthusiastically welcomed! Come visit our group for details, or PM me. I’m SapphireStitch on Ravelry.

    • Thanks so much for sharing this information! I don’t have any babies in my life right now and would love to knit some wee precious things!

    • Glad to be reminded of SCM and know they are still shipping. A4A just finished up for this year so good to have another place for obsessive tiny knitting.

  • Another favorite pattern for the wee grandpas: Trellis ( Cables, shawl collar, and adorable when tiny!

    • So cute! Plus a great way to try cables without committing to an epic cable project.

    • Me too on Trellis. It is amazing how fast it works up.

      • Ditto on Trellis. Made for first grandson and it’s been passed down to younger ones since. Will last forever I think.

        • Oh squeeeeeeee how did I miss this one?

  • Wee grandpas they are and totally adorable. Makes one want to knit these even if there are no wee lads to receive.

  • I knit a Gramps cardigan for a friend’s baby boy, and we joked that we should include a tiny pipe, newspaper, and slippers along with it!

  • Leaves or Not by Oomieknits adds a little whimsy to the grandpa – and has some cute girl options

    I’ve knit this for a great-nephew.

  • New babies are coming into my life, needing knits, and they are all boys! Thanks for the inspiration, but how do I choose?? Autumn and winters in southern Ontario definitely demand such sweaters. Still trying to decide on one of my own.

  • Now don’t you wish there was a baby grandma version of the Big Floral Damask Slipcover for a Plymouth thing??? Oh, wait…does any one even make laceweight chenille?? WHY??

  • Kay, your words, “stress from working on a new project”, caught my eye. I wonder why that feeling occurs when knitting is supposed to be fun and relaxing? I experience it when I am doing a sweater and only halfway through the first piece. It’s like “Oh no, will this ever be finished? I still have so many more I want to knit.” It’s like I lose the original interest that got me going. Is that universal??
    I love the pics though. Good thing I have no grandkids or I’d now be wanting to make one!

    • I believe the You might have what the Yarn Harlot blogger calls “startitis”. — I recognize the symptoms — I have it bad

      • Yes! More fun to start than to finish!

  • OMG I have 4 grandsons –ages 2 to 8 — and now I have to knit them all grand dad sweaters!!! For some reason I fell in love with love with your number 1 here– think it is the shawl collar. Thank you for doing these pattern round ups — so helpful!

    • Aurora,

      Not that this is ANY of my business but HOLIDAY CARD!!!! Think of the HOLIDAY CARD with 4 granddad sweaters!

      • I may place too much importance on holiday cards…..

  • Ha! Does every woman over 40 carry Lara bars in her purse? Need to clean mine out now (how old is this Lara bar?) so I’ll have room to carry a mini granddad sweater project for our expected soon grandson. Now to stash dive and decide which one….

  • I’ve made the TinCan Gramps, a fun knit and darling FO. Love all the other choices here too. I’d like a version of Storytime Scholar and Oscar in my own closet. Quite cool here lately…wearing a gramps type cardi as we speak.

  • I have knit three Baby Sophisticates in the last week — that pattern makes for a wonderfully bite-sized project!

  • I loved knitting Gramps for my grandson. Now to pick a sweater for my new great-nephew. Thanks for the list!!

  • I’ve made 3 baby & child sophisticates in gray yarns with pink buttons….& sewed embroidered roses on the back….for the grand girls. Sweetie pies !

  • I’ve made at least three, maybe four Baby Sophisticates – very easy knit and it is oh so cute – always a showstopper when the package is opened!

  • Latte was very well received when I made it for a little boy – but may not qualify for Grandpa status as it is a hoodie. (my SIL wanted an adult version!)