Thea Colman's designs are fast and fun, featured in Field Guide No. 8: Merry Making

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  • It’s posts like this that I am sad I don’t live in the USA but the UK …..then saw prices feeling better out of my league!!

  • The beauty of the knitter’s tote is its portability. It’s a knitting basket with handles. I love mine.

  • Initially I too cringed at the price but finally gave in to my better shopping angels and bought one at the end of the first offer. Let me say that I haven’t looked back–it was totally worth it!

  • I have both the Knitter’s Tote and the Revolution Tote. I live in a very small house with my husband and two pups. I keep both totes next to my chair. The Knitter’s Tote holds all my needle sets and notions, while the Revolution Tote holds my current project. One of my dogs is a Cairn terrier who loves to play ball ALL THE TIME! Her new trick is to drop the ball into my totes so I have to fish it out for her and play catch. It is so cute because her legs are so short and she really has to reach to drop it over the top of the bag. I would have to say that both Ruby and I love our totes!

  • I received my Knitter’s Tote for Christmas and LOVE it. It really does hold a ton of items and goes with every outfit.

  • I’m like the original “bag lady” and have found the best knitting totes are the ones I make – zippers, pockets large and small, handles just the right length, … Plus I get to reduce my fabric stash.

  • Any plans to restock the navy version of “My Other Bag..”? (Since that sold out I’m guessing that I’m not the only one who feels challenged about keeping that natural color bag spotless.)

  • Julia Hilbrandt’s felt tote is just my cup of tea, and I think that every time I see a picture of one. Someday I will order one, and when it arrives I will photograph it with teacups because who does not enjoy a visual pun, I ask you?

  • Well, two out of three ain’t bad! My knitting bag stash is getting almost as bad as my yarn stash but I’m super glad I went for revolution. I love it and can see it being used for much more than knitting. One day I’ll probably spring for the knitters tote,I love it, but the lack of need plus the price have kept me from pulling the trigger. I did enjoy petting them in TN though!

  • I’ll take the dog, the cat and that splendid rug!

  • I saved up and splurged on the knitters tote and have been delighted with it. Perfect shape and size for my needles, notions, YARN and 1-2 projects. I’ve also transported snacks for my knitters group. It was worth every penny!

  • My New Year’s resolution is no new purchases until my credit card for Christmas gifts is paid off. But, these bags are so tempting. I think I will reinstate a coin jar to save for one or both. I have tons of bags but most don’t stand well. And, I knit in several places so I need a project by each chair.