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  • You keep on singing, Kay, because it is your parental duty to totally embarrass your children in public. Our mothers did it to us, we’re doing it to them, and they’ll do it to their kids now matter how vehemently they swear they won’t. It’s inevitable.

  • Woo-hoo! In SEP 97 my husband and I moved to Cleveland for 15 months. It was amazing! One of the highlights of living there was attending the Indians’ games. Thanks for sharing your adventure and reminding me of good times. Hope the rest of your trip is/was just as remarkable.

  • Huzzah! Is Progressive (*cough* Jacobs) Field not fantastic? Made a baseball believer outta this Chi-town girl. So glad you were able to take in a few sights of our fair city.

  • Yay Cleveland! Stitch and Pitch there is a great time! I’ve lived in the Cleveland area my whole life, and going to a couple Indians games is always tops on my list for the summer!

  • Since you will be so close to Indianapolis, I recommend driving down I65 and attending an Indianapolis Indians game at Victory Field. It is a great way to watch a baseball game, and there are usually fireworks or even a concert afterward. Stay downtown, walk along the canal, go to Monument Circle and climb the stairs to the top (sure, it’s not the Empire State Building, you’re in Indianapolis!).
    Then, stop by the Mass Ave Knit Shop (which is actually on Virginia Avenue now) for a look-see at tons of yarn goodies. Just take a seat at the table and join in the knitting.
    All this, and I don’t even work for the Chamber of Commerce (or the Mass Ave Knit Shop).
    Happy travels!

  • I work about 2 blocks from Progressive Field. So close…..

  • We were there on Saturday night! Missed you by only one day. Makes me so proud to read your thumbs-up review of our local MLB experience!! Agreed, the fireworks and accompanying tribute to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees were beyond compare.

  • I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to Cleveland! The stadium sold out for years when it first opened, but it’s still a good time even though the games aren’t quite what they used to be. Really though, I just go to watch the hot dog race. Go onion! 🙂

  • Kay, this might be too much baseball for you, but before they tear down Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha at the end of this season, you might run your son by it to explain that many of the major league stars of yesterday and today played there in the College World Series before they went to “the show”. I heard on the radio today that you can enter a contest to lead the singing of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” during the seventh inning stretch at the very last Omaha Royals game, whenever that is.

  • Sorry, you were subjected to watching the Mariners play (they are awful this season). But when you hit Omaha, make sure to visit Rosenblat Stadium. It’s not a major league stadium, but it has been home of the College World Series of Baseball for decades (and it’s being torn down very soon). That place is where a lot of major league players made their first mark on baseball. And boys find it absolutely facinating (go figure).

  • This former Clevelander thanks you for the glimpse of the lakefront skyline just beyond the stadium. Do the names Herb Score, Rocky Calavito and Jim Piersall mean anything to you?

  • I love Joseph’s MLB ballfield visit goal. I certainly hope that his photo is being taken outside and inside each field to commemorate each occasion in a scrapbook.
    Ooh, when you come to Texas, you’re gonna love the Rangers Baseball Park in Arlington. Built in 1994 (I think), it’s beautiful! Took my breath away the first time I saw it. My son and daughter-in-law met while both worked for the Texas Rangers, and my son’s father-in-law is a retired MLB pitcher (Dodgers). My son began collecting old baseball cards of his father-in-law; my son is not stupid.
    And, while you’re in Arlington, you get to see the behemoth Cowboys Stadium (also known locally as Jerry’s World) next door to the Ballpark. I’m not a football lover, so I have no plans to ever visit Jerry’s World.
    Mary G. in Texas

  • So happy you enjoyed Cleveland, our adopted hometown! We were there for 26 years and thought it was a wonderful place to raise a family. It doesn’t deserve its reputation. (I can see M’s old office in your photo!)

  • Baby, we were born to run. Of course you should be doing this. Road trips, the best kind of family togetherness. BTW my cousin Gary had the same life plan as Joseph and I’m pretty sure achieved it by age 30, without ever driving a car. Impressive, no? I have the collection of postcards sent from major league stadiums to prove it.

  • I like the shawl, and have already downloaded it from Ravelry. It is one of those triangular shawls, however. Will the bottom point of the shawl hit me in my “assets” (I use the term loosely), and cause that syndrome that you once wrote about? (“Mother Duck” syndrome, or something…)
    Enjoy the rest of the road trip!

  • I thought you would enjoy this blog:
    Someone tries to transform one recycled dress per day for one year.

  • More about turning ugly clothes into nice ones:

  • You were in Cleveland and didn’t go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!?! Didn’t you know that they’re hosting a great Springsteen exhibit?
    I’m right down the road in Columbus and should probably put in a plug for our town’s new baseball stadium where the Clippers play. Yes, it’s a minor league stadium, but last year it was named “Ballpark of the Year” beating out the new Yankee stadium for the honor.

  • My favorite yarn store in Chicago is Loopy Yarns, right in the south Loop (convenient to downtown.) And the new wing of the Art Institute is pretty darn amazing. Enjoy your trip!

  • We were apparently on I-80 at the same time, although we got off in Des Moines. I also had kids (the three youngest) and dog in tow … it does add a certain something to the experience.
    Hope the weather in Omaha has been better than that in central Iowa …

  • What a wonderful thing to do with your children–your son in particular. You so gracefully carry on in the eyes of your readers. Bless you.

  • Well, now you’ll always have the Cleve.
    -Tabitha; Wooster, OH

  • As a lifelong Ohio resident, I’m delighted you had the opportunity to see a game at Progressive Field (still affectionately referred to as “The Jake” as it was called when it was originally named Jacobs Field — I get so annoyed by naming right situations). It’s a great ball park! Hope you come back soon and plan to visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. In addition to enjoying the rock archives, I’m sure you would appreciate the structure, which was designed by I.M. Pei, and the exhibites, which were recently redesigned by Edwin Schlossberg. Please visit Ohio anytime — we’d love to have you!

  • That sounds like fun! Say hello to the Big O for me! I’d love to get there at some point this summer, too — the drive from CHicago isn’t nearly so bad. Also, hope you guys enjoyed your stay here in Chicago!

  • Your posting makes me want to go to Cleveland! I grew up in Columbus, OH; now live in Dallas, TX. We have some fancy dancy new stadiums here but there’s nothing like the “ones from home” though my son now lives in Boston and he loves, loves, loves Fenway Park.
    You have a lot of traveling in your future. Think of all the yarn shops along the way. Fun times!

  • P.S. just by showing me the visuals for the singalong you have once again gotten music stuck in my head!?!?!!! I must be pretty freakin’ impressionable. Oy.

  • Oh Kay, you keep me smiling! I second the suggestion of taking Joseph to the Blatt. Last summer my family of six drove 8,000 miles (from Charlottesville, VA to California) over 24 days and Omaha was the favorite for at least two of us. My fav was a now-defunct yarn shop in Dubois, WY. I cast on for a Nina Shawl as we were crossing our first state line. Had an impressive schedule of how much I’d have to knit every day to finish by the time we got home — Ha!

  • Glad you got to see a Tribe game. Win or lose they are my team! Our official mascot is Slider! Hopefully you saw our big magenta cheerleader at some point during the game. Good luck getting to all the ballparks.

  • we are rolling along singing our song side by side
    have been to cleveland fenway the old braves
    dodgers giants and the yankees and lots of
    sring traning training here in florida
    come visit the pirates spring training camp

  • Another one of your Cleveland fans here. Next time stay a little longer. . . you gotta hit the West Side Market for some serious local food, and at least one of our many fabulous LYSes.
    You can see MLB, AA, A and Independent League baseball within 30 miles of Cleveland–between fiber arts and baseball, I’m never bored in summer.

  • Norma, at 12:01. Thanks for the heads-up for the ballpark in Columbus. It also beat out the new Mets stadium the same time it bested Yankee Stadium. It’s a real treat!
    But, Wrigley–ahhh….

  • At some point when you are in Seattle and go to Safeco field, you should try the garlic fries. They are expensive, but so good.

  • Showing my age, but I saw Willie Mays play at Candlestick Park in San Francisco for my very first baseball game. Turner Field (Braves) in Atlanta strikes me as a little overwhelming, like being in a video game. For a great baseball/minor league experience go to Savannah, GA to Grayson Stadium (Home of the Savannah Sand Gnats!) – I love it, very local and “human” in scale.

  • Good for you Kay, taking to the road with the kids. In your travels, keep an eye out for the new book: Simply Sublime Gifts by Jodi Kahn. There is a tea towel quilt (she calls it a dish towel quilt) that you need to see. Hope Olive has a good time on her vacation.

  • Grapes of Wrath, Grapes of Wrath. I see the whole lot of you ending up in Californeee.

  • Ok. I will accept that the babies will lose some babyness and some of that baby smell if we can start taking road trips. We took some doozies when I was a kid, and the most we stopped for were all those informative signs. Which I thought were totally totally boring at the time, but now I LOVE them. Looks like Cleveland has a great ballpark. My little baseball pitch is for Coney Island – risk your life on the Cyclone, then watch the Cyclones play ball! At the beach! With ridiculous minor league theme nights, like “Italian Heritage Night” when an entire inning is announced in Italian! We were recently at Jewish Heritage Night there, though they did not announce in Hebrew. Though they did post some Yiddish lessons on the scoreboard. Also? A hot dog race, Ketchup, Mustard, and Relish. Film on the scoreboard, then they race LIVE into the stadium. Better than the subway race at Yankee and they’re Nathan’s. Yeah, anyway… Sounds like a good late August jaunt.

  • Hey! You’re in MY stompin’ grounds at that there stadium! I LOVE seeing a good baseball game, and it’s perfect for dishcloth knitting. I can knit a ballband cloth and a half at an average baseball came. Sigh. Love that stadium. Don’t get to go nearly as often as I’d like to. One of these days, I’m gonna make it for a “stitch -n- pitch.” Have a great trip!

  • i’m so happy you had a fab time here in the C-L-E that i’m blushing.

  • I love that picture of Carrie and Joseph in what must be an “ahhh” moment (as opposed to an “oooh” moment) as they watched the fireworks display. Shining eyes and sweet smiles—lovely.
    I will say that you make the experience sound like total fun, and I can accept that. For me it would have been a mixed bag. Aiding beloved son in fulfilling a whimsical goal? Thumbs up. Rock and roll sing along? Thumbs WAY up. Baseball and noisy, sulphurous fireworks? Not so much.
    You’re a good mom.

  • We have that same goal in our family, to see all the ballparks. Problem is that they always seem to be tearing old ones down and replacing them, so it doesn’t seem attainable. Now I really want to see Progressive park, and, based on your reference, Yankee Stadium.
    Enjoy Chicago! If you like slushys, you’ll really like Mario’s Italian Lemonade on Taylor Street.

  • I think Joseph has a very admirable goal. It is at least as admirable that Mom and Sis are willing to go along. There is just ‘something’ about those baseball stadiums. Have you ever gone to a minor league game? That’s pretty fun, too.

  • I’d like to pitch the book “Summerland” by Michael Chabon, if you are a fan of baseball. I know it’s been in print for about 8 years, and I came to it late, but it’s a wonderful story for pre-teens, teens, and older folks, too.

  • Since you are being nice and schlepping to all the baseball games, you should stop at Stitches Midwest(in Schaumburg–near Chicago) and/or the Michigan Fiber Fest (in Allegan, Michigan). Both are happenin’ this weekend, so redo your AAA triptik (now I’ve dated myself), and feast in fiber! And drive safely….

  • Abby at 12:37….I was born across the street from Fenway, so it will always own a bit of my heart.
    My husband and I have been to the new Clippers Stadium here in Columbus several times now and really enjoy how well laid out it is. There doesn’t seem to be a bad seat in the house.

  • How, in all the baseball and yarn comments, did no one ask about Olive Has Cousins?
    In Chicago? I live in Chicago: so a few ideas: Garretts popcorn (half cheese, half caramel mix), Millenium Park (last concert of the year this weekend, renting bikes near Lincoln Park Zoo and riding along the lake. Have a great time.

  • “Fierce as a dog with tongue lapping for action…” Can’t wait to see your Chi-town post. Did you go to Comiskey (boo for corporate name changes) or Wrigley (doesn’t count–they’re a family and a gum, to boot)?

  • So happy you liked our fair town! The restaurant scene here is amazing~you need to spend more time!
    And note to Chloe: I was fortunate enough to know Herb Score and family very well. Wonderful man! And Rocky Colavito spoke so well at his funeral service about their old baseball/roommate days. It was lovely.

  • Yow-another boy who has a lifetime dream of visiting every baseball park. I have been hounded to go to Baltimore like you would not believe-and we live in California. Actually going to D.C. in September and, of course, have tickets to see the Nationals. Would be fun to have the boys compare notes-

  • How wonderful!
    DH also had a mission to visit all the major league ballparks back when he was working in baseball, and I think he did it. I think. I didn’t go with him to all of them.
    We’re losing our AAA team at the end of the season. The local PGE Park is being renovated…for soccer only. There goes history, drat. DH’s first baseball job was there, for the Portland Beavers. Sigh.

  • Hey Kay, when you get to St. Petersburg for a Rays game, plan on some time to visit Prism. We would love to show you around!

  • Hi! Glad you had such a time in my old home town. When I was a kid the stadium was much older and larger (it seated 84,000). Since no one ever gets crowds like that for baseball, the Indians had a program with one of the newspapers whereby any kid getting straight A’s on his/her June report card could collect 6 pairs of free tickets (2 per game, six different games). That contirbuted mightily to my being able to watch lots of baseball live and in person. I’ve been to the new field a few times, and it seems like a nice place. I do know that somewhere there is a pierogi stand…