By Kay Gardiner
February 2, 2017
Fun Stuff to Watch + Fun Stuff to Knit = Fun Weekend

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  • OMG that looks so great! I would sign up in a heartbeat but 1200 miles is kinda far to go for an exercise class.

  • Not sure why these posts are coming up on my feed, dated today (2/9), but obviously were written before 2/1. Anyway, Transparent is GREAT! (Though it has come in for criticism in the trans community because the actor who plays the trans woman is a straight man, and they are saying they should have cast a trans woman in the role.) As the parent of adult children, I found myself impatient with the three adult children, who keep on making terrible decision after terrible decision. But the woman rabbi is WONDERFUL!!! I learned a lot about the Jewish faith watching this, and also some of the subtler issues around trans identity — like, would a trans woman be welcome at a women’s music festival. (Not very…)

    • (But she *should* be welcome in any woman-only space! Trans women *are* women! That episode is referencing a specific & controversial festival, & also, sadly, a real-world prejudice.)

  • OMG after the season finale of each season, I have wanted to convert to Judaism!

  • Now that’s an exercise video I could watch over and over again (perhaps even exercise to)! Oh, the fantasy of strolling through an empty Metropolitan Museum. Well done, Kay!