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  • This is a BEAUTIFUL afghan– it doesn’t remind me at all of 70’s appliances!

  • Great choice for the border!!! It looks fab! I think it looks much more sophisticated with the thicker green outer border!

  • Hang in there Ann! It is so beautiful in all of it’s tweedyness it will be well worth all the hallucinations!

  • The old Wonka with Gene Wilder or the new one with Johnny Depp? It doesn’t really matter ’cause they’re both trippy.

  • That is not a Wonka blanket… much to earthy for that more like…. woodland scenes. Very serene. I love how you have done the border and am especially interested in those corners… Is that a pleat?

  • Great choices, I love the multi-oranges and greens. You are a genius, and yes, bacon can be the whole breakfast, in a pinch.

  • Have you considered that it may not be the garter stitch causing the hallucinatory state? Could it be the tweed that’s making you high? I’ve got a whole mitten in a blue green rowanspun if you need it for side 4.

  • There’s no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going, there’s no knowing where we’re rowing…
    The blanket looks terrific! And don’t let my kids find out you’re serving All-Bacon Breakfasts, or they’ll be on your doorstep as soon as they figure out how to get to Nashville. 🙂

  • This border looks so perfect with this blanket that I am beginning to suspect that this design was your intent all along and asking for our opinions was just your way of making us feel wanted. 😉
    It looks great!

  • The Scottish tweed – Sunset yes? – is THE most beautiful yarn in my collection. Which is really saying something. The little flecks! The pink depths! Oh yarn of my heart…..

  • Absolutely gorgeous!

  • My eight year old boy loves bacon too! He loves just about any meat. I call him my little carnivore. Must be a need for protein so that he can grow an inch every night. Also, I love the green border. Just the right amount of orange.

  • I really like it, and I’m not especially fond of orange and green. The border makes the rest of it pop out.

  • I am liking it! I ‘voted’ for this border, and I’m so happy to see it looking just like I envisioned! If the green barrel is being scraped, maybe side 4 could be ‘melange’ — alternating one or two rows or ridges of all the other greens that you have bits and pieces of — it’ll scan like a slightly different green overall instead of stripes. Especially if you use three colors, one row at a time: I’m sure you know, but for those who may not, knit color A one row, drop it and add in B for a row, drop it and knit with C for a row, then color A is waiting for you there on the end of that row, and repeat ad infinitum. Blends the colors nicely.

  • What is this, a freak out?

  • It does remind me of 70’s appliances, BUT in a GOOD way. That reminiscing, thinking about the old days kind of good way.

  • The taupe squares turned purple at one point last night, and the border (thanks to whoever’s comment that this blanket reminds them of 1969) got me thinking about harvest gold kitchen appliances. And my mom’s avocado green cookware. And . . . whoooooops . . . . . . . . aaaaaaaahhhhhh . . . . . . . . . . .
    Sorry, that would be me — and like Holly, meant it in the nicest possible sense. I guess I was just trippin’ out on your blanket. Actually, it evokes my childhood best friend’s home, which was built about 1968, and did feature rather a lot of avocado — and happy memories.

  • I think it looks just beautiful! If it were all matchy-matchy, you may be hallucinating in a very bad way by now!

  • Ahhhh, yes… bringing back wonderful memories of my mom’s avacado green kitchen appliances, along with the burnt orange kitchen curtains and varigated orange shag rug in the adjoining family room… mmmmmmmm…
    But I digress.
    Your blanket reminds me nothing of that.
    Your blanket is absolutely lovely. While some of the colors harken back to those good ol’ days, the earthiness keeps it current, the neutrals keep it soft and elegant, and the orange makes it all “pop”. Kind of a “Moderne-Vintage-Earthy-Elegant” feeling to it….
    Simply beautiful.

  • It sounds like you have reached the “knitter’s high”.

  • Been offline a few days (thank you, E****L**k,) but YES! That double border looks great.

  • I had my doubts about the green and orange, but now I’m a believer (just like the Monkees)! The close-up shot shows the different texture in the garter stitch, and in the miter, too. It is peerless blanket.

  • It is beautiful, and orange and green are not my colors at all. My son’s favorite color is orange and yours i could maybe make a blanket from. Mitered squares, so addicting. But then that’s why we knit isn’t it.

  • Ann, the blanket is turning out beautiful. The border you decided on is perfect. It does have that retro look – Avacado (mom’s kitchen)and harvest gold (my kitchen) were the colors of the day. (I still have my H. gold blender!) I’m anxious to hear the finishing hour count. What’s next on the needles for you?

  • Perfect border, just exactly right. I am envious of the miters, oh so couture.

  • I just finished knitting a garter stitch border round my Lizard ridge afghan when I saw your borders. Now I know that my border sucks big time. Yours is just perfect – the orange frames the squares, and the green gives it a background where the whole design ‘floats’ on. Sorry for my limited English – I love it. (and feel miserable about my afghan). I used Rowan DK tweed in charcoal, because I wanted a ‘manly’ border. Now it’s just depressing, it needs some ‘zing’!

  • I love how the colours change depending upon what they are next to. Hours of fun will be had with that when sitting under this blankie.

  • Yep, there’s definitely some appliance colors going on in there… You know what? Those appliances got a bad rap! Way to vindicate retro kitchenware!!

  • Perfect border!

  • can i have this blanket when you’re finished?

  • I just LOVE that blanket! And as for bacon, well that rule applies when the diner is 6, 8, or 48…

  • I absolutely love it!
    BTW, you mentioned color theory. I really would like tto learn about it — I know nothing. I was never even taught about primary colors, something most 4 year olds seem to know. Do you have any suggestions on how I might learn? Like a book maybe? Maybe one that has exercises in it because otherwise I find my eeyes glaze over and my brain has absolutely no comprehension (which is what happened to me with the knitty article I vaguely recall trying to read a long time ago.)
    charlizeen on yahooooooooooooo
    (of course advice from anyone and everyone is welcome)

  • It’s absolutely lovely.

  • Use the Force, Ann, and Side four will be green…….

  • I think you made the absolutely perfect choice for the border. I love the skinny orange stripe and the wide green border. This is the most beautiful blanket. I’m in awe.

  • WHO said your borders must be wide orange? WHO? — This is a frame within a frame and perfectly gorgeous!

  • The blanket looks lovely! I think the green and orange border is an excellent choice.

  • The differences in the orange tweeds and the green tweeds only add to the utter charm of the afghan. It is magnificent.

  • Ugh gross it totally sucks! How could you chose those colors!
    Just kidding, thought I’d offer the dissenting opinion to show illustrate how silly it would be to argue with such a nice choice. Well done, you may give Kay a run for her money on the afghan front!

  • i don’t know if anyone has mentioned it yet, but there’s a book called mindful knitting, where you intentionally concentrate on each stitch, to get to a meditative state. in fact, my therapist recommended it as a relaxation technique. and you didn’t have to pay $125/hour to learn that!

  • Wonderfull blanket!!!!!!!!!!!!!! debi

  • How do I sign up for the raffle on the gorgeous, beautitious, fabuloso tweed-lover’s blankets of all blankets…you are giving it away, right?

  • Love how the blanket is coming along!
    In my experience the bacon rule applies to the 11 year old diner as well (and sometime to the 21-year-old…) in case you are wondering…

  • Speaking of Willy Wonka, has anyone seen this video. It cracks me up every time I watch it.
    Love the tweed yarns. It’s a beautiful blanket.

  • A labor of love – and it looks fabulous!

  • Kind of reminds me of the mushroom wallpaper in my grandma’s kitchen when I was a kid.
    And to this day, some of it is still up there.
    I really like that wallpaper. The whole seventies of it all.

  • I absolutely love the choice you’ve made for the border. It really captures the feel of the whole blanket.

  • do we have a contest
    hold up cards 1-10
    whose blanket do we like best
    ann or kays

  • Regardless of the color choices or the size of the border, this is destine to be the blanket of choice come winter evenings. It will smell of buttered popcorn, and have the most wonderful of memories all wrapped up in its tweedy self. The kids will fight over it, and you will beam with pride and never really remember the insanity of its making…..I am having blanket envy.

  • Well, of course it’s perfect! Just like I suggested! Okay, not at all like I suggested, but seeing it all together, well, it’s just right and I can’t imagine it any other way. You go girl!
    (Bacon breakfast? Does it get any better?)

  • Great color decision on the border! The colors are so not 70’s kitchen colors, they are awesome.

  • So glad you stayed with the narrow orange stripe. The different greens and oranges are indeed obvious and also a very nice touch.

  • Ann, it’s sooooo perfect.
    I wish I had time to get an autographed MDK for my aunt Barb by her birthday, but I don’t think it can happen, can it???