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  • Every year I think it will be easier, and it isn’t. Every newspaper, WNYC report, all brings back memories that still have the power to make me cry. Our city cried, and ten years later, we are still crying every September.

  • Listening to Harry this crisp, beautiful morning has made my day..

    Or I am going to lay some Eva Cassidy Fields of Gold on your ass, Missy! Then we’ll see who’s blubbering mid-morning.
    Seriously, even the descant couldn’t ruin that. I love how he doesn’t even care what the guitar is doing. He’s singing the dang song, and he’s singing the hell out of it. I’m calling it the Weeper of the Week. Strong work, Ann. Thank you.

  • I put this on, then switched tabs to read Lisa Belkin’s post on Motherlode today … a letter written by a girl my oldest son’s age to her father, who died in the north tower on 9/11.
    Good thing I had Kleenex on my desk.

  • There’s no one like Belafonte, I grew up listening to his double live Carnegie Hall album…lying on the brick red shag carpet in the sunken living room.

  • Step away from the Eva Cassidy is all I’m saying…

  • Best retrospective I’ve seen so far – if we can remember that kind of September…we all win. I nominate this post for winner of the Mister Rogers award.

  • What Mr. Belafonte said. Exactly.

  • All that’s needed.

  • Thank you.

  • harry.b. is just great
    this is a hard 10 years bush was so close by
    i live manatee county fl i wanted to be able
    to at least be able to see airforce land
    the hardest part is knowing that they were
    here trainig takeing lessons and were all around plotting planning i was born in elizabeth nj lived in ma familer places and they had been
    around my birth place and in ma and the house
    in sarsota
    my heart goes out to all lost loved ones

  • I have always really liked to hear him sing but his political comments, especially as regards
    Chavez in Venezuela who wants to bury America, make me unwilling to support him or promote him financially.

  • Damn good pointless surfing.

  • Remarkable video. Thank you.

  • Whoa — Harry Belafonte singing that song like nobody else — absolutely beautiful. Thinking of all who lost loved ones ten years ago.

  • It has taken me until now to listen to this clip. I don’t care about his recent politics – this is an amazing rendition of a beautiful song. Thank you for finding and linking it.