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  • I was waiting for the elevator today, while knitting, and a woman asked me if I was going to be done in time for Christmas. Ack! no. Christmas knitting is too stressful.

  • I have just knit 3 Puff Daddies for the little girls on my list. They are about all the Christmas knitting I can handle this year. Take seriously the caution about making the puffball too big! I did that with the first one, with Plymouth baby alpaca chunky. Afterward, I weighed the giant puffball, and it weighed more than the finished Puff Daddy with the proper-sized puffball. 🙁 I could have gotten another Puff Daddy out of that skein! What to do with an $8 supersoft alpaca puffball?

  • Yikes, I completely forgot about Puff Daddy! I’ve been working on an endless design slog (ok, not endless; I finished today) for a yarn that didn’t want to be what I intended. Should have gone with the PD! Very cool.

  • I love the ladies, but I can’t see my father in one. However, this gives me new inspiration for my good girl bud who has recently become a global trekker for her job. (She could Puff all over the globe.)

  • What to do with an $8 supersoft alpaca puffball?
    Put in on your Xmas tree or wreath!

  • Even though each has a different style, every lady looks very good in her Puff Daddy! Thanks for the picture.
    Re $8 puffball: Ditto ‘Mary de B’. OR you can use it for a decoration on a large gift box. OR you can make a Puff Daddy for a very tall friend. OORRR, you can make a scarf, and put it on the end of that (but then you’d have to make a second giant puffball…right?) :):)

  • Lovin’ the Puffs! Everybody looks so fabulous in their luxe Puffs.

  • It is only hats and cowls this year. Maybe they will get done.

  • Great photo!
    As a matter of fact, I’ve just finished my first Puff Daddy, which will be a gift. What fun! I want one!

  • Oh for cute! I’m thinking, forget those little beggars, I need a Puff Daddy!

  • I so won’t be finished, but those puffs look great. Giant alpaca puff would be a great cat toy (or pillow).

  • They all look so young.

  • So how did I miss the original reveal of the puff daddy?
    I was thinking, could you sub the “puff” for an artistic-like I-cord knot?

  • looking good

  • confession: we tried to pop corn with only 2 phones last night, we obviously have nothing better to do with our time when the kids are in bed… le chum didn’t believe, but also cautiously said that if it did work, he was selling the phone pronto.

  • Thanks for this pattern I have just knitted up 4 of these and will do a few more, just what I was looking for, a quick but funky knit!!

  • WEEEEIRD – Those girls are from MY OFFICE! I better get back to work ASAP.