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  • I’m off to check it out! Looked earlier and nothing was up yet.

  • And how bout the ‘Be Sweet’ bag on p 47 – you made that, right??

  • The site displays with overlapping text boxes on my screen…I’ll have to check back later when I have time to mess around with the font settings (again).

  • I LOVE IT! You just may end up syndicated some day.

  • Wow, fantastic issue! Thanks for the heads up.

  • It is really not fair that I don’t knit with the speed of a 1000 hungry lions chasing down their prey, because there just aren’t enough hours in the day for all of their gorgeous projects. There were about 8 items in the first one that I really wanted to make and I haven’t gotten to any of them. This issue isn’t any better! So many wonderful projects!

  • Those naive slobs….
    (The idealistic people who sent the questions, that is.)

  • They’re asking for a username and password at the Twist Collective and I can’t even get to a screen to create them. Do you know who I can contact about this? Thanks. I’m dying to see if you answered my question. (But of course I don’t remember what the question was…, so sad.)

  • Ann and Kay, I just wanted to say my copy of your newest book arrived in the mail the other day and I have been having a ball reading it. My husband keeps asking me what’s so funny. My daughter has already sticky-noted all of the projects she wants me to make for her. (There are a lot of sticky notes in the book, BTW)

  • I’m hoping that stretchy bind-off you recommend will work for the tops of fingerless mitts. I just did Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bind-off on my last one and it was sheer torture. (No one with a kitten in the house should be doing a sewn bind-off–it gets the kitten’s attention in a way knitting alone does not.)

  • Thank you! I can’t wait to read your column!

  • Wow. I never heard of The Twist Collective before, but I LOVE the sweaters. Especially the Sweet Pea Coat and also Heroine.

  • Okay, now I’m getting frustrated because everyone else can enjoy this yarny and knitty and problem-solving goodness, and I can’t see all the text on the twist page no matter how tiny I make the font or how much I insist that the page display with its own chosen settings instead of my own πŸ™
    I don’t want to turn this into a tech thread, but if just one other person has had – and solved – this problem (I’m using firefox on a MacBook Pro), I would be grateful for a clue!
    Otherwise, I’ll try again on Tuesday from my office computer, even though that would be, of course, very very wrong.

  • Of course, I turned directly to the Problem Ladies, where I was smitten by the photo of those vintage knitting mags. “Elephant in Loop Stitch” – “Gay Bells for Packages! They’re Yours Free” — where is my time machine? Too fabulous.

  • great magazine. love the problem ladies.

  • lovely collection of needle work

  • its monday morning
    kay and anns pardon me i did not knit
    song arrived in my i knit london
    news letter with links and all
    talk about cross overs
    did you know they are trying
    to knit the worlds largest tea cozy
    in london england and your new book
    is on its way from powells

  • The twist collective is a dynamite addition to the bottomless well of online knitting to which I am addicted. And you, dear ladies, are a wonderful addition to the twist collective. Happy Knitting! πŸ™‚

  • The twist collective is a dynamite addition to the bottomless well of online knitting to which I am addicted. And you, dear ladies, are a wonderful addition to the twist collective. Happy Knitting! πŸ™‚

  • whoops – sorry! Clicked the button too many times!

  • Kay and Ann – LOVE the new book. My cats bought it for me for Christmas, and foolishly left it in the box with the gift books that need to be mailed. And then it just happened to open and flip through the pages like the books in Harry Potter. Stash diving for green yarn has commenced; check out the “tribute trees” one Raveler included in her forest. Some people just have too much time on their hands.
    Debbie in C’ville (home of The Needle Lady!)

  • Just want to say I just bought your new book and Love It. It’s as pretty as a coffee table book and way more useful.

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