Two Sweaters at Once?

By Ann Shayne
April 22, 2019

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  • You mad woman, you.

  • Thanks for this! My favorite color is green too, and I love that Spinach Mohonk Light – might just have to order some. And the tip about outlining the duplicate stitch chart is so welcome; the Papa sweater is on my list too. Are you really making it to the huge pattern size?

  • I am in the throes of knitting two sweaters at the same time too. I had to knit the second one as a pallet cleanser for the first (husband sweaters are like knitting umteen baby blankets). You go girl!

  • It looks great! I love how yours looks like leaves! The tension on my repeats is different too, no explaining that. But I plan on some fiddly blocking to even things up. And knitting is supposed to be fun, and we got to do it twice! Win, win.

  • Wonderful and detailed recommendations for duplicate stitch! Thank you so much, Ann.

  • Fair warning from a fellow two sweater knitter, try to stagger your arrival times to sleeve island. Four sleeves almost did me in.

    PS. Yeah for green!

    • Such a good point! I reached sleeve island on two cardigans at the same time. Almost worse than sleeve island for me, however, is picking up stitches for the button bands. The thought of picking up for two button bands in quick succession made me cringe! I also love green.

    • Thank you for the warning! I clearly need to get a few more projects started so I can survive sleeve island…

  • I’m a very non-monogamous knitter for this reason! Got a huge, never-ending project on the go? Knit a hat. Too much fiddly lace on that shawl? Switch to the faded one with miles of garter! Want to feel like a bada**? Knit a fingering weight sweater on size 3’s! Both of your WIPs are enviable. ❤️ Thank you for letting us all knit vicariously.

  • bottom line is in my projects to do list now and I have yarn to do it with.

  • I completely overlooked “Papa” during March Mayhem but, after reading this and your previous email regarding this pattern and it’s inherent challenges, I’m very intrigued. I may need to visit Ravelry and purchase this for my ever expanding library. Wndering if a stash of patterns is as guilt provoking as a stash of yarn?

    • A stash of patterns gives promise to the stash of yarn!

    • I’ve discovered, it is!!

  • It’s kind of fun when a modification takes on a life of it’s own 🙂

    • I have happily knit while listening to the Patrick O’Brian novels too! Because it’s baseball season now, I’m knitting to Red Sox games on the radio, an unhappy experience until very recently.

  • I love your sweaters and am in awe of anyone who can knit anything in fingering weight on a size 3, let alone an entire sweater!! I’ve got 3 wips right now; my first time being a non-monogamous knitter;) 2 are from March Mayhem bracket! CardiZen, in super bulky garter stitch; Iqaluit Shawl, in DK (fun watching the pattern emerge); and Dangling Conversation scarf, in Euro flax linen mini skeins (this yarn is not user friendly!)

    • KC, try whacking the yarn around really hard (like, against your countertop) while it’s still skeined. I made a Dangling Conversation (which I love) and I really brutalized the yarn before working with it. It helped a lot, and I promise it will get softer with each washing/drying.

      • Thanks for the ‘brutal’ tip! I think that will double as stress relief!
        I haven’t started my dangling conversation yet – trying to stay committed to my Bottom Line and wips I had when it came in and demanded to be cast on NOW.

      • Thanks much for the tip Judy!! I’ll whack the crap outta it; show it who’s boss!! I’m also gonna need to buy sharper, pointier needles. Having a difficult time with pfkb and p2togtbl. Fiddly maneuvers

      • Thanks for the great tip, not heard of that one.

  • You go, girl! I am also in the middle of doing two sweaters at the same time. I am test knitting (and helping promote) a couple of designs by Kristen Jancuk (Mediaperuana Designs) Both fingering weight, one colorwork, one held with some yummy mohair/silk. I am enjoying the difference in concentration required between the two. Glad to know there are others in this world as crazy as I feel about taking these both on at once.

  • I usually have two garments (or more) on the go at the same time to alleviate that endless stockinette on fine gauge items. One is usually a heavier quicker knit which rests the hands, and the finer knit is for the car, hospital visits etc. I find that way gives me a fingering weight garment that I prefer to wear without the boredom.

  • Your enthusiasm (and beautiful sweaters) are such an inspiration.

  • What a fun rabbit hole this is turning out to be, Ann. Can’t wait to see how your Papa turns out!

  • I did Papa and did it as colorwork, was my absolute favorite sweater this winter! I did the sweater in a a faded mustard, and the doodles in a rust…pair it with a navy button down underneath, a pair of jeans….my favorite “wear to the Mexican cantina for dinner” outfit! Have fun with it!

  • Your duplicate stitch looks a lot better than mine— mine is pretty much all from the initials on many a Harry Potter Weasley sweater, as in, “Gah, why does my husband’s name have to start with an M?”

  • Okay, I’ve printed 4 copies of the Papa chart on legal paper. I am so intrigued with duplicate stitch! I love color work but after half a row in, Papa went into the WIP gulag. You are giving me life!!!