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  • JUST KIDDING! April Fool!

  • Ohmigod, you got me. Its April Fool day. YOU GOT ME! My first thought: “She’s actually worse than me!”

  • I didn’t buy it. So, how much was left, huh smarty?

  • Holy cow! I totally bought it and you made me gasp. 🙂 I’m glad it was my first april fools of the day and not real!

  • You soooooooo got me. And to think I nearly had a frogging induced heart attack on your behalf. Just don’t cry wolf again, missy. No one will believe you!

  • I almost had to go home and lie down. Good thing I checked the comments first, huh?

  • Oh no! I had a terrible sick feeling in my stomach for you!! Ugh. Ok – so know that you’ve scared us all, let’s see the finished shawl. We’ve been counting the minutes all week.

  • Oh WOW!! I totally fell for it! I’m SOOOOO glad it was just an April Fool’s joke. Can’t wait to hear how much yarn was REALLY left …. and as you got close to the end, did you start knitting faster and faster, so you’d be finished with the shawl before the yarn ran out???

  • Hehe, I was just going to comment to say “please say this is an april fool’s joke”. 😉

  • I TOTALLY bougth it. It does not seem such an impossible thing. But THANK GOODNESS it’s not true. Whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  • Evil woman. Evil, bad woman.

  • Heh. Very funny, missy – I was completely taken in, even though the perspective in the photo makes the ball of yarn look like it’s as tall as Godzilla. April fool, indeed!

  • best April’s fool yet!
    where is shawl?

  • You got me. Score!
    That’s gonna be a lovely kiri, can’t wait to see the FO!
    Still laughing about it!

  • Oh, man. That *is* the right yarn, though, isn’t it? The colour seems a bit garish compared to other pics.
    My kids puts wads of paper in their dad’s shoes for April Fools, and keep saying things like, “Mom, there’s a bird in my bedroom!” ha ha, all of you….

  • Ouch, I bruised my chin dropping it on the floor, and then bit my tongue when you totally got me.
    How much was left?

  • I second the evil, evil, evil woman comment.
    Funny but evil.

  • april fools?…. oh brother….and we just met with our financial planner this a.m.! this could be interesting…..BTW, how much yarn was left? i was feeling so sad and sorry for you, too…..naughty girl….

  • you ARE NOT funny! but you got me, anyway. good one!
    -gale (she shoots sheep shots)

  • Oh! Thank GOODNESS! I check into your site irregularly and was totally taken in by the unravelling tale, having forgotten you were making Kiri… then scrolling back to see the shawl photo grew so sad that you took it all out! And sad that the poll was now void! THEN I came to look at the comments. Sigh. Thank goodness, again!

  • Ok I’m a little slow on the uptake. Red Heron? I take it back, you ARE funny!

  • OK gang, I must say, I fell for this 100%. This is despite the fact that Ann told me, as I was heading off to work, that she was going to try to come up with a good April Fool’s post. So I called her, worried about how she must be feeling, to console her about her knitting disaster, and she said, “Umm, have you checked the comments?” AAAAARGH!

  • You just march right out into the yard with that chartreuse yarn and wrap it around a maple tree to keep it from exploding.
    (Did anyone else hear that?)

  • Oh-My-God! You totally got me!

  • Your husband calls you to console you about knitting disasters?? Wow…

  • Wow! I couldn’t believe it…then I checked the comments…and I am thinking you have the sweetest husband ever! 1- that he reads your blog, 2-that he calls to console you, and 3-that he left a comment about it!! You are a lucky lady!!