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  • If I were a little closer to Cincinnati, I’d be there with needles and yarn for you. I hope the rest of your day is better and all the storms stay out of your way.

  • So sorry you’re stuck w/out enough knitting! Sounds like you’re more like the Tom Hanks airport movie guy. (too many likes, but I’m sick, so cut me some slack). Have fun in Madison!

  • Can’t you buy something w/ chopsticks, then unravel something, so you can knit?

  • Delurking to say I’ve often thought there should be knitting stores in airports, with a cheerful person to help you fix the mess you made on your prior flight.

  • If you arrive in Madison after the knitting stores have closed for the day, and you are in need of more yarn, I have a basement stash, located only a few short miles from Madison, that I would be happy to introduce you to. I would never want another knitter to be stranded in a hotel with nothing to knit.
    We can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!!

  • Being a Buckeye from the great state of Ohio (who now lives in AZ), I would tell you that you are lucky to be stuck in the Cincinnati airport (which, by the way, is actually in KY). Go have some Skyline Chili, and thank me later. Get the 3-way.

  • I don’t know how many times I’ve been traveling for work and wished there was a handy dandy yarn shop in the airport, so I could get something new and exciting to knitā€¦ (Even though I ALWAYS travel with knitting, but inevitably, the project that I brought is NOT what I want to be knitting at that particular point in time!)

  • If knitting were as popular as eating, I would definitely open a shop on the other side of the security line. Now the real question is would I be allows to sell addis and other needles, or would the PTB find them dangerous?

  • If only you had a bit more time …. CVG is only a short taxi ride away from two yarn shops.

  • That would be “On Wisconsin.” Just sayin’.

  • The knitters in Madison, will I am sure help you out . They are quite a few yarn stores in the area. I hope you are in time for the Friday night special, a Fish fry , big thing on Friday nights in Wisconsin, Of course with your choice of beverage. Kris

  • OMG I am home sick today yet having to “work from home,” and this post made me laugh out loud! WITH you, of course. Not at.

  • When you get to Madison, if there’s time, make them take you to The Sow’s Ear yarn shop in Verona (near Madison). My favorite in that area.

  • Oh Ann, I feel for you. But I have been to the Cincinnati Airport and if you’re not a chili person (isn’t that un-American?) see if you can locate some Wolfgang Puck sandwiches. To my mind (er, tastebuds), they even manage to surmount that chilled-in-the-fridge-for-several-hours vibe. Good luck!

  • I feel for you — I really do. I’m a travel agent and I’ve been talkin’ to folks stuck all over tarnation this afternoon. They should put something like a Mini-Michaels or a Baby-Ben in every airport. And if they’ve got W.H.Smith in the US airports, I don’t see why they can’t have Liberty as well. Hope your ride home is completely on time and extremely uneventful!

  • I am sure hoping you passed easily through Minneapolis, but if your flight got stuck there and you have nowhere to alight tonight, let me know and I’ll come pick you up and put you up in the guest room that ALSO HOUSES MY STASH.

  • have a safe one

  • What the heck is wrong with airports…….No YARN SHOPS! Sheesh.
    Ya know, that’s not a bad idea……

  • Poor Ann!
    Madison will be worth it – two words: Lakeside Fibers.

  • I can totally relate. Currently on the tarmac at Baltimore because our flight was diverted away from Newark. And, since I left from Panama, no knitting allowed!!!!!
    I’m totally up for the travel knitting shop at the airport maybe plastic needles would be okay overseas.

  • Thank you so much for speaking at the Knit In! I can’t believe that I wasn’t clued into you two a long time ago. I love knitting cotton, linen and hemp, and y’all (That’s for Ann. I apologize for whomever gave you a hard time about “y’all” at the KI. How rude!), as I was saying, you all champion it. So, you’ve got a new follower, and I’ve gotta to go buy a couple of books at my LYS. Thanks, again!

  • I hope you took Betsy’s advice and got the 3-way at Skyline Chili. It would almost make up for not having a yarn shop at the Cincinnati airport.

  • Yes, with all the flight delays nowadays I make sure I have lots and lots of yarn to last me — I bet a yarn store in a major airport like Houston or Chicago could make a killing.

  • I am sorry you didn’t call me when in Cincy (although we have never met and you don’t have my number). There are two wonderful yarn shops within 15 minutes of the airport – Knitwits and Knit Happens. Hope you can stay longer next time.

  • I wish I had known you were at CVG. I would have happily brought you some yarn from my stash. I’m only a few minutes away from the airport.
    Next time you are stuck in an airport, send out the alert and you will have women swarming on you with yarn.

  • Thank you so much for supporting me at the Sow’s Ear when I took scissors to my Dale of Norway sweater. I still haven’t finished it, but it’s on my to-do list for this weekend. I couldn’t have done it without you–an admiring audience steadies the hand and firms the resolve! Thanks for coming to Madison for our Knit-In!

  • can I just say? Love YellowMan. Snippetously,

  • Just want to correct you on something. It’s ON WISCONSIN not O WISCONSIN.