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  • Yay! Looking forward to finally meeting you ladies in Portland – I missed you the last time. Safe Travels!

  • Sure do wish ya’ll were coming to Columbus, OH!

  • Oh, I absolutely love that top photo of your two sweaters holding each other in a gentle, loving embrace.
    I can hardly wait to meet you ladies in Seattle!!!

  • What is this? I DO NOT SEE GERMANY on that list! I move far, far away from America (Ok, I was already living far away from America- but, that’s not the point… the point is: I’m not in America) and I can’t go to any of this!
    And darn it.. I was looking forward to someone signing a ‘note for my principal’ … please excuse: Ms. ________ from a day of teaching. She had urgent knitting needs.
    I guess.. I’ll wait until WONDEFUL AMAZON, who mails to me no matter where I live, sends me my copy of the new book.

  • umm…Maryland???

  • Do you plan to breathe on that schedule? Across the country in five days seems like you better make a schedule now for when you get to eat. Wish I lived closer to one of those lucky spots.

  • Umm, herro, Massachusetts???
    It’s okay, I understand you ladies need to, you know, sleep, eat, etc etc.
    But I and most of Smith would looooove a Northampton visit someday 🙂

  • You’ve won an ‘I Love Your Blog’ award! Details on my blog…

  • Wow, hope you are all on one airline so at least you’ll get a good frequent flier trip!!!

  • any chance you’ll get to the Northeast at all? I’m in VT but have been know to travel great distances to meet/greet knitters extradinaire such as yourselves…..I know that Lois from White River Yarns would be tickled to have you…

  • Still no Boston dates? Sadness. 🙁

  • Loved the “mothership: reference about Powell’s!

  • **Sigh**
    No Kay, No Ann visting in California?
    No Obama visiting either….should we take this to mean “You know the California vote will go with MasonDixon?”
    You would be correct but it would be SOOOO fun to meet you in the “Real Life”!

  • uh-oh. Have I missed the deadline for mailing in the hats?

  • hey, when are y’all coming to the tampa bay area? I highly reccomend it in january or february!

  • Before you do the signing at the U-bookstore, make your media escort (you DO get a media escort, right? Do you need a media escort? I’m available…) Go to my favorite Thai restaurant in the U-district “Little Thai Restaurant.” It’s only a couple blocks north of the U-bookstore. It has the best Thai food EVER! Do NOT eat Indian food in the U-district…..BOR-ING!
    I’ll see you next Wednesday. I’ll be the gal knitting socks and looking satisfied after having a wonderful Thai dinner!

  • I’m glad the two sweaters are together–luuuv the picture.
    As you embark on ‘Ann and Kay’s Excellent Adventure’, I wish you safety, fun, and some chances to rest a bit along the way. Hope Hubby stays well.
    I’ll bet both famblies will miss you all, but The World awaits…
    PS–which branch of the Brooklyn Library (like could there be parking??)

  • I was just coordinating driving with my friend for this on Sunday in St. Paul! The biggest dilemna of course, is what to bring with to knit.
    We almost didn’t get the tickets, though. Living about 1 1/2 hours away from the Yarnery, we had a hard time trying to pick up the tickets. Another ravler volunteered to pick them up and mail them. Knitters are the best people!
    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

  • I won’t be anywhere near any of the places you’ll be – BUT I used to live in St. Paul, and the Yarnery is the best LYS I’ve ever been in, bar none. I still have sweaters I knit almost 30 years ago from yarn from there. You can be sure I’ll stop in next time I’m in Minnesota, and see if any copies of your book are left for me to buy.

  • i’m with kristen:: i’d drag the whole fam damily to Vermont for a chance to faire la bise with my 2 favourite knitters/bloggers — crossing my fingers and my Denise needles & sending you best wishes for the tour!

  • Oh! We are heading to Univ KY to see my daughter tomorrow. I will try and get her to swing by and pick up an autographed book – (sigh!) we won’t be able to make it unti around 8p.
    Have a great race!

  • Oh! We are heading to Univ KY to see my daughter tomorrow. I will try and get her to swing by and pick up an autographed book – (sigh!) we won’t be able to make it unti around 8p.
    Have a great race!

  • florida is a battle ground state
    wait just wait for awhile
    enjoy the leaves all that
    its mudville down here

  • Can’t wait to meet you in St Paul! I’ll be there with two other Ravelry folks from Southern MN.

  • I’m not on our tour anywhere, but let me tell you, Powell’s is the greatest bookstore EVER. I used to live in Portland, and spent many days there.. sometimes I think I forgot to go home, and just stayed over in the fiction section till morning, but I digress. I got your new book yesterday, and I’m looking foward to trying my hand at the Daily Sweater. Also I think you may be the ones who FINALLY get me over my Fear of Fair Isle. Enjoy your trip. Enjoy Portland.

  • I know! There’s going to be a last-minute announcement that you’ll be at Stitches! tap. tap. tap. waiting….

  • whoo hooo I’ll see you in Portland, I can’t wait this has been on my calendar for a while I think I’ll have to hit up a few yarn shops on the way up (I live an hour south). Thanks for coming to Oregon!