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  • 1) Taliesin West, of course!
    2) Melting
    3) oh, dear.

  • 1. The only Scottsdale place I know of is Camelback Mountain. Am I right? 🙂
    2. Really darn hot, I’d bet.
    3. Ew.

  • Taliesen Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest.
    My folks used to live down the hill – and we loved to throw-up in their trashbins from the 117 degree heat…in the shade!
    Did they tell you the part where FLW called the president to “move the power lines” because they were “destroying his view?” and the president said “uh, NO” so he changed the whole orientation of the house on the LOT!
    A man after my DH heart.
    Plus he went bankrupt at 70 and couldn’t care less!

  • I’m not familiar with Arizona landmarks, so I’m completely out on that one. The desert has always been my home, untill last March. The temp. would be about 100. Less than 20% humidity, which should be a major problem for your family coming from your home town in the south. The largest Shayne is the one I would bet got sick. Least resistance to the change in humidity. One of them is smart and has an umbrella. Good idea.
    I’m glad everyone made it back safely. I hope it was a great experience for your family. The canyon is marvelous. According to my daughter, it’s a big hole in the ground. She doesn’t knit either. What a disappointment.

  • I was in Phoenix (and, briefly, Scottsdale, visiting Knitting in Scottsdale) a couple weeks ago, and it was 104 with NO humidity. My sinuses, not to mention my hair, missed the humidity — I’ll never complain about it again!

  • 1. Taleisin West
    2. Too. (hot)
    3. The one who had cheese fries.
    What an erudite bunch o’ readers you have.
    I was only there once as part of a college choir tour (we mostly went where there were sufficient alumnae to house us). I think really artistic and creative people see few, if any limits. For Frank to call up the utility people makes perfect sense.
    Just like knitting large afghans or writing books about your knitting.

  • Gross. Now go pick a winner!

  • i’m looking at a photo of Taliesen West and thinking– it’s too early in the morning to have my mind blown like that! a quiet wow. can you visit the interior? (pls. excuse my near-complete ignorance of all landmarks Arizonian…) glad to have you back!

  • a. Taliesin West (named after a medieval Welsh Bard, whose poetry I’ve translated. Taliesin referred to Saxon interlopers as “feces-collectors” in his poems sometimes. Good times. Gooooood tiiiimes.)
    2. 98 degrees, easy, but dry.
    III. I’m going to blame Shayne B, because the umbrella looks like a paliative brolly to me.

  • 1. Definitely Tallesin West. I was there, just two weeks ago!
    2. Hot enough to make a Shayne .. well .. ahem (110F?).
    3. Neither Shayne A, B, or C .. but perhaps the one lagging behind .. and you know .. taking the photo?

  • 1. Taliesin West,
    2. I’m going with 104
    3. B – the umbrella’s my clue/guess but I can’t see what C has in his hand…

  • 1. Taleisen West
    2. 115 (miss the dry heat) (in New England now, lived in Tucson)
    3. C
    Welcome home!

  • 1. The only landmarks we saw on our trip to AZ were: inside of a hockey rink, pizza joint with a huge Disney-theme-park-esque pipe organ, Western BBQ joint w/a longhorn bull (complete with ring in nose- I kid you not) in a pen out front and a distinct eu d’bovine inside, and more cacti than you can shake a stick at. (Bonus- a roadrunner…running) (But no coyote)
    2. um…very?
    3. whoever didn’t drink enough water

  • 1.) Taliesin West, home of the FLW foundation 🙂
    2.) The Eggs frying on the sidewalk didn’t make it into the picture…
    3.) At least they hit the trashcan and not the carpet!!

  • 1.) Taliesin West
    2) 112
    3) B under the umbrella —

  • 1. Taliesin West.
    2. 130*F.
    3. Daddy Shayne
    Kids throw up everywhere. Especially on places that have to be cleaned immediately or else you all suffer in stinky silence.

  • Everyone has a different guess than mine of Camelback Mountain (why they call it a ‘mountain’ I have no idea). The temps must have been 110 as it’s been very hot here, too.

  • I know who Mr. Relaxation is!!!!
    I am Peggy.I live in Illinios.
    My cousin is Jim. Jim lives in Kansas. I ask Jim to go to the book signing and get me a autograthed copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting.
    I read your blog after the Kansas stop, see the pictures of the man giving back rubs.( No, that is not Cousin Jim.)
    My book arrives from Jim/Kansas.
    I thank Jim several times for going out of his way to obtain this signed book for me.
    Cousin Jim finally tells me he was busy that evening and instead his friend Larry goes to the yarn shop. I tell Jim to look at the blog relating to the yarn store visit in Kansas. Jim is surprised!!!Yes, that is my cousin’s friend Larry giving the shoulder rubs and purchasing the book for me.

  • LOL– peggyann, so glad to have that matter solved!!