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  • Joseph rocked the modeling gig. You rocked the photo gig. But I suspect you didn’t make him keep going for the requisite extra just one more, Ok how about over here, I promise just 5 more minutes…now, did you?
    Gorgeous sweater and even gorgeouser kid. Sign him up for the next book.

  • OMG…not sure which is more beautiful, Joseph or the Sweater. For real.

  • Love the sweater, especially those g-r-e-a-t sleeves!
    gale said it all: “gorgeous sweater, and even gorgeouser kid…”
    Such handsome creations!
    God bless.

  • Here we see…….BeaUTIFUL boy! Wow – what a wonderful, precious, fantastic boy you have there Kay!

  • I sure love you all, thanks for the blog, the 10 year old boy — which I have in common — and the very vivid image of a kid who might not have been warm all cuddled up in the best red sweater ever. This is why I love this hobby.

  • oh it’s lovely and Joseph looks so grown up.
    A lot of the old rowan sweaters were very generously sized. The cynics thinks it’s to sell more wool but the pragmatic side of me realises that it’s because Rowan is giving a wee bit more time to finish things (before they get our grown)

  • He’s got that great ‘look straight into the camera and do not smile’ model look in the first photo. Wonder if big sis has been giving him any tips?
    Ahhh, Magpie Aran. The new Pure Wool Aran is not a patch on it, I think. The very first Rowan thing I ever knitted was in Magpie, an Annabel Fox cardigan with crocodiles on it for Neil. Sounds grim, written like that, but it wasn’t, honest! Marilyn the Free Range hamster chewed holes in it. Have no idea what happened to it (sent to a charity shop in a big clear out one day, I suspect), so if anyone has found it and wondered about the small patches covering the holes, it was a small blonde hamster! B x x

  • Lovely! Cool kid, superb sweater. Have you seen the Kite runner movie? I can well imagine this sweater blazing through the streets of Kabul, keeping a happy kite runner warm.

  • some small afghan boy will be very happy. Joseph and the sweater look great.

  • Your sweater is spectacular. I also used a Rowan pattern and came out with a sweater large enough to fit an adult. I followed the pattern for sizes 8-9 and it looks large enough to fit a teen, at least. And I did check my gauge. Since this experience (and I don’t have a child at hand) I have downloaded the child’s size chart with measurements from the Afghans site for future reference. I did post my pic on my ravelry account (tepee), but sadly I didn’t get registered in the olympics race, missed it by a few hours (procrastination). I did finish before the closing ceremonies. The sweater I did was called Jack, by Kim Hargreaves in Rowan #30.

  • Such generosity of time, cabling, and Magpie (no wool like it since, except maybe the even harder to find Annabel Fox Aran) – all for a stranger. You help make the world a better place.

  • beautiful, beautiful! (the knitting, the sweater, and the Joseph.) xo

  • I wouldn’t look at it as being late…it isn’t winter yet in Afganistan anyway!
    BTW, I wonder how many injuries were reported in 1995 due to the Rowan sweaters worn by 3 & 4 year olds? I can imagine a kid hanging from a tree branch by his sweater 100 ft. in the air & needing the Fire Department to rescue him.

  • Joseph looks like a proper British chap in his Rowan yarn & pattern – so posh! so cozy!

  • That last picture makes me smile.
    What nice cozy sweater.

  • Adorable model…and the sweater is gorgeous!

  • It’s perfect, it’s beautiful, and so is your boy! I knit a scarf of green Magpie once, for C’s Irish godfather . . . XXO

  • What a beautiful sweater! Someone will be very warm this winter. Your son is a good looking young man and he is to be commended for volunteering in your hour of need. I just have one question, Why would you join a book club when you don’t/won’t read the books they are reading? I don’t get it.

  • I think yarn is a lot like lipstick. As soon as you find the Perfect Color, they always seem to discontinue it.
    I wonder if Lancome and Rowan are in cahoots.

  • handsome child thee has
    the garmet will be proudly worn

  • oh my gosh. Tremendously gorgeous sweater.
    Bravo to your very handsome and aloof Sweater Model. The boy looks like he’s having a “Model Moment” in this amazing garment. I just want to rush over and feel the Squooshy-ness of all those lovely cables.
    Very amusing this was sized by Rowan to fit a 3 to 4 year old. The designer must have Very Large babies.

  • Hey can’t blame blurry on the model – it is totally the photographer and camera that do that 😉
    Great sweater and handsome model

  • Joseph has the preadolescent version of the “look” on his face, that I recognize from my own 4 sons. There is the undercurrent of “mom is SO embarrassing” with the struggle to be patient until the mom annoyance is over…
    ALSO he is going to be a lady killer
    Remember… you were warned

  • Hey, forget the vintage Rowan shade cards — you got yourself an Authentic Rowan-professional-caliber model! Gorgeous cably sweater, appropriately soulful/playful wearer. Great job!

  • breathtaking!!!

  • Your son looks like a Rowan child model! (With the exception of the Crocs, of course.) How did you get him to wear a wool sweater in the August heat?? Beautiful sweater and good-looking kid.
    I once asked my favorite Rowan seller in the UK why the Rowan patterns were so huge. Her response was that in the UK their homes are not as well-heated (due to the cost) as in the US; therefore, everyone layers their clothing with the over-sized sweaters on top to ward off the chill in the home. Makes sense to me.

  • Absolutely gorgeous sweater and kid!

  • Congrats on finishing- I love everything about it!

  • kristy, that yarn/lipstick comparison killed me. And, I agree.

  • Such insouciance! (I had to copy and paste that word.)

  • I just got back from my Friday Library Knitting group (so named because we meet at the Library on Friday). One of the knitters has an advance copy of your new book — her daughter is in the Publishing Business.
    It took every ounce of good will I had not to just walk off with it. However, she probably would have missed it — she already had a few patterns post-noted.
    It is great. I wait patiently.

  • Ah the over sized clothing of the early and mid 90s. My friends and I marvel at tween/teen/early 20s fashion because when we were that age we were layering everything. Socks, shirts, and raise your hand if you remember pegging your jeans. 😉
    You have a Ralph Lauren model on your hands there…

  • Oh, Kay,
    I just love Joseph more every time. He is such a beautiful child. The sweater is pretty sweet too.
    And you, for knitting it and giving it away, are wonderful.

  • Excellent work, knitter and model!
    Throw in a pair of wellies, a distant gaze, and maybe a pony, and you’ve got yourself the makings of your very own Rowan catalog 🙂

  • It just shouts “I will keep you warm”. And it looks great, too.

  • I’m not sure my own child has ever had such a beautiful sweater,and it warms my heart that you would knit one for a child that you’ll never know. Beautiful sweater; beautiful Joseph, beautiful you.

  • And Joseph makes the perfect Rowan model! Nice work Mother and Child!

  • What a handsome sweater and son you made. Great work mama. An Afghan child will be definitely wrapped in love with that beautiful sweater.

  • Gleaming bronze to Kay, because Bronze is better than Gold:
    Can’t wait to pack your sweater for Afghanistan. An Afghan youngster is going to be much more comfortable and beautiful this winter, no doubt about it. Glad your son could let it go.
    My estimate is that we’re at about 25% of our 80 carton goal for mid-October. We’re getting kind of nervous about the timing, but have to just forge ahead. We can’t get enough youth sweaters (7-14 years) — for those who might cast on this weekend … thank you! And please tell your fiber friends.

  • What a cutie pie! Although you don’t need to tell him I said so — “cutie pie” is probably not what a reluctant 10-year-old want to be called….

  • Thank you for knitting that. Thank you, Joseph, too.

  • Your son shows the sweater to perfection. And thank you for easing my mind. I started to knit my granddaughter a sweater from a pattern (before this I kinda made them up) and realized that if I went ahead and knit up the “4-6 years” size (she is five years old and tall for her age)-the sweater would fit the-thirteen-year-old girl next door. I’m now knitting up the “1-2 years” pattern which will fit her nicely when I lengthen the arms and torso a smidge. When I read your comments this morning about sizing I said to myself “It’s not just Rowan!”