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  • And you’re kind of transcontinental, too. Could bicontinental be next?

  • I think it’s more like International Rescue!
    PS Ann, lovely to see the magnolias – we’ve got snow here…..

  • Freedom Squares! Excellent.

  • Comme vous etes chic!!
    My 9-year-old is intrigued by taking his one attempt at knitting (dormant now for several months) and log-cabinning it into a square. Maybe. Don’t hold your breath.
    But in the meantime, in homage to you and Ann, just had to let you know that I am presently blocking the ever-loving-Sassy out of March Square #2. (March Square #1 has already been blocked but I am afraid to take the pins and wires out until it is time to ship so that I can claim the Ritz Cracker Defense.) You are by now correctly concluding that I talk a good game, but after all, am still the kind of gal who puts the fine linens in the fridge until it is time to iron them. (NOT and NEVER sheets though. I do draw the line at handkerchiefs and napkins…)

  • Kay–I love this! And Especially that your excellent French is pointed out and my crummy mangulation is mercifully left unmentioned.
    And Evelyn, I need to get with the blocking wires. It’s my next great step in my blocking evolution. Can’t wait to see Fella’s log cabin square.

  • Okay, you guys are the coolest. I love that it says that Kay parle bien le francais! I minored in French in college and I have barely used it until I went to read that website! Perhaps I should start surfing the French knitting blogs….
    My squares (trapezoids) are on the way!

  • My favorite part is that we are ‘les filles de Mason-Dixon Knitting’. Meaning the girls, or even the chicks, of Mason-Dixon Knitting.
    Youthfully yours, Kay

  • kay, your french is so melodic and dreamy…. i’m transported….. way back in the mid 70’s, B.K. (before kids), i signed up for a tour and frivolously hopped a plane for paris for a week. although i had taken conversational french in high school, for some unknown reason, i could only order eggs! …ah… memories….carolyn