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  • I voted for Nelsie. She seems energetic, funny, practical, and pet-friendly. Has she achieved penta-fecta status? (i.e., is she a knitter?)
    Oh, and secrecy alert: I didn’t tell the folks at Oprah’s show that I am neither a parent nor a regular Oprah viewer. But Oprah probably just knows that already…

  • I just voted! Subject change…just received my starting issues of The Quilt Life the new magazine from AQS Alex Anderson & Ricky Tims…guess who is featured in the first issue why it’s YOU missy! Great interview,lovely pictures all about your knitting/quilty life…. I’m impressed…too bad about the TWO girls Joseph doesn’t mind does he?….and where was Miss Olive?

  • Kay and everyone – thanks for voting! I’m not a knitter but my mother was. She could darn socks in the dark while at the movies with one of the beaux. does that take you back, or what? We’re talking WWII. Anyway, vote and vote often and if I get my own show I’ll do my best to address all those parenting issues that intersect with knitting. Let’s face it, those burning issues have been sadly ignored.

  • I voted! Now where’s my sticker?

  • That’s awesome! I voted.

  • She is a funny lady! She got my vote.

  • I voted! Now please go vote for our person, Karynne Boese! They’re not in the same category so it’s not a conflict of interest. Karynne’s awesome. Really.

  • I voted for Nelsie – I think her idea for a show is a great one & should appeal to Oprah’s fans. Although it may be more humorous than they are used to. (It seems to me Oprah lost whatever humor she had when she got into the whole spirituality thing.)

  • wasn’t expecting to like it – DID – quite funny and I yes, have been enjoying Marriage Ref – seems like a good idea – not a parent, but have worked with them; seems like a way to bring things into a new perspective – best of luck!

  • Voted for nelsie, check. Reorganized my yarn stash for the umpteenth time, check. Started yet another knitting project (procrastination technique?), check. Time for a nap… (PS–Good luck, Nelsie. You’d be fun to watch.)

  • Voted! Cool! (as my daughter says)

  • Done!