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  • OH.MY.GOD, I love you. This is the best!!! I WAS in a funk earlier, but now I am most definitely NOT in a funk. XOXO

  • I voted for Ryan 🙂

  • Voting complete. Go Ryan!

  • OK, you sold me. I voted for Ryan.

  • Wow! Beautiful blanket, gorgeous guy! I’m votin’ early and often. . . .

  • Hey, I SAW Ryan. On As the World Turns! Yesterday. I will vote for him, though I don’t usually participate in this silly summer thing.
    Kay, I’m going to the Walters in Baltimore tomorrow to see the Gee’s Bend exhibit. I expect to be transformed. I hope to put pictures on my blog by Friday! (Assuming I get pictures)

  • teehee! you know, he looks a bit like the young man who played Gilbert Blythe in the Anne series… so he can have a vote from me! 🙂

  • Anyone under the age of 3 who can hug a hand knit blanket like that deserves all 5 of my votes!!!!

  • Well my votes have been cast. Isn’t he just adorable.
    Your afghan and the i-cord surrounding it are beautiful. I wish you two would give all these ideas a rest as you are exhausting me with all this inspiration!
    I most definitely want to write pretty like Ann some day. It’s simply lovely.

  • Got my vote on, now who the heck is Ryan?

  • I voted. Go Ryan! =D

  • Well I definitely believe that handknits should have more influence on daytime television so Ryan has my vote.

  • Can I vote if I haven’t watched that show before? They won’t quiz me before letting me vote, I guess! So, okay, I am going there to vote for Ryan.

  • Yes! I vote for Ryan to model all your handknits as well!
    Umm, what?
    That’s not what we’re voting on?
    Does that mean I have to give you your $5.00 back?

  • hey Kay – any guy willing to model knitting’s got my vote. 😉

  • You had me at I-cord….

  • Your photo shoot is fabulous and funny and I love it. Go, Ryan, go! And if he wins, I want to meet Maura West on ATWT.

  • I LOVE it! 🙂

  • Just because you asked, I voted for Ryan. I don’t evenwatch soaps, but because he looked so cute wrapped up in cotton squares, I HAD to vote. Good Luck Ryan.

  • I voted from my home computer yesterday … I’m going to have to vote from the library today.
    Ryan does seem inordinately fond of that blanket …

  • I voted for Ryan even though I watch the other networks soaps and have no clue who he is, but he was wrapped up in that knitted quilt and it just sucked me right in! Good luck!

  • OMG, this is hilarious. I voted as much as I could yesterday, but now I must find more computers…
    ; )

  • Vote for Ryan-check!
    Cute guy in a cotton blankie. My day is complete.

  • Ok I did my part and voted for Ryan. I can not resist a handsome guy modeling handknits.Hope he wins!

  • Blanket, fabulous. I-cord, incredible. Ryan, voted for. The perfect post, Priceless.

  • I voted.

  • And we love Ryan!!

  • Hooray for men who love handknits! I’m going to vote right now, and then spread the word!

  • OK, I voted from work, and I’ll vote from home tonight! Gotta love a guy who loves the handknit!!

  • We must harness the power of knitters to get Ryan that job. We can each be personally responsible for his incredible career. I even know who Abigail is. I’m not sure how she and Ryan fit together, but what the hey! He is sooo cute and nice to model the handknits for you.

  • ACKKK I can’t figure out how to vote – I get the video but I am blind I can’t see where to vote — help!!

  • Voted.

  • thanks – voted – I had no vote button so I just clicked on his dot and hit enter and it worked — in case anyone else has a problem ;D

  • I voted for Ryan too, but I believe I have a couple of votes left. Go Ryan! Gotta love a guy who loves the handknits!

  • Just read the comments and can’t believe I said exactly the same thing as Judy. If we both said it, it must be true! 🙂

  • ye gods, that was cute. I was gonna vote for him anyway, because Norma said so…but now I’ll have to work a little harder.
    Thanks! That made my morning better.

  • I did my part! Go Ryan! Do let us know if he wins, won’t you?

  • I’m a knitter and I vote! For Ryan. Love the blanket too.

  • Beautiful blankie and even though I can’t knit I vote for Ryan!

  • Ryan. Dude. Voting for ya.

  • I just voted for him. I have no idea who he is, but I just voted for him. If he likes handknits, especially Norma’s lovely blanket, then he is worth voting for!

  • But of course!

  • I voted! Both Ryan and the blanket are gorgeous!

  • I’ve been a very good voter – thanks to Ryan & Abigail’s knitting connections – great ladies, great blogs and great causes! Good luck!

  • Go Ryan! (Even with the fight make-up on he is hot!)

  • I don’t watch soaps at all as a rule but….I voted..5 times…good luck Ryan.

  • As as RULE – it is AMC and GH – never AW – BUT for the knitting world – I have cast my vote(s) – and watched the interview – and watched the episodes – Now here is the deal – remember how Bill Cosby used to wear different University Sweatshirts on the Cosby Show – Ryan gets the gig and he can wear handknits – or maybe use them? Like in a BATHTUB SCENE????!!!!

  • Love the “Wonder Twins” reference. Still my favorite superheroes of all time! Go Ryan, you look fab in log cabin.

  • I voted for Ryan, but I love the blanket more!

  • I used to watch AtWT years ago…wonder if I’d still recognize anyone? BTW *memo to Norma* I voted on a Chicago computer on Wednesday and then came home and voted 5 more times here. Yay Ryan (and Abigail)!

  • I totally voted for you, Ryan!

  • I voted for Ryan too.

  • I watch ATWT, and had been planning on voting for Ryan anyway. He had me at the interview at the end of the show when he said, “Look at this face, how can you say no!” I decided right then that he would get my vote. Go Ryan!!

  • I voted! He’s a cutie!

  • Got my votes in Friday. What a cutie patootie!

  • Got my votes in.
    Even though I am a Days of Our Lives girl.

  • oh I’m last minute but I’m voting. Does he have any idea how much of a commitment he might be making by offering to model handknits from the likes of us?

  • love the afghan. where can i find the pattern? let’s all vote for Ryan.