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  • I love Kate Davies’ designs and her blog. Knit on!

  • And it’ll be ready for Christmas, won’t it? Looking forward to pictures of you wearing it while opening your stocking. (ho ho ho, just do it!)

  • Well done, Ann. I’ve appreciated Kate Davies’s talents ever since I discovered her blog in 2009, and last year I had the good fortune to be one of the test knitters for her Tantallon hat. Bonus tip: she wrote the article on Shetland lace in Rowan #50. (Now you can say you only read Rowan mag for the articles. . .)

  • Following my usual blog-reading trail this morning, I read Jean’s Knitting ([email protected]) first. (She’s 6 hours ahead of us, time-wise, so she blogs earliest.) At the bottom of her post for today, she talks about Boreal, with a link to Kate Davies’ blog. Great design, I think, and I would like that in gray and white.
    Next on my blog-reading trail is Mason-Dixon, and what is Ann talking about? Boreal–in gray and white!! I can’t even think about knitting it until way after the holidays, though, and I’ll have to check the stash to see if I’ve got any appropriate-weight yarn.
    I’ve still got Yarn Harlot left to read. I wonder if she’ll be talking about Boreal too…..
    Mary G. in Texas

  • Kate Davies and her patterns are genius. I have everything ready for Sheep Heid, and I’m kind of afraid to start it. I ooh and ahh over it daily.

  • I am SO with you on this. Still afraid of colorwork, I often click through her hat patterns and wish that the completed objet would magically appear on my head.

  • The speed at which Kate comes up with and completes these patterns is astonishing. Now mix in that she’s recovering from a stroke and for sure your jaw will drop. She’s amazing. Bruce is nice too.

  • Ack. Rabbit hole indeed!

  • Love Kate’s designs! I don’t dive into colorwork much, but I can’t stop looking!!

  • I want to make a Boreal blanket.
    But I’ve always wanted a cool Christmas sweater.
    But wouldn’t it make the coolest baby blanket? Little tree branches?
    It’s fun when there is a knitters’ stampede!
    xoxo Kay

  • I’m with you on encouraging designers by buying their patterns: my library of online purchased patterns now exceeds what I can hope to achieve in this lifetime, but they give me much dreaming (as does my stash) and many happy planning hours. Not only is Needled a rabbit hole, the whole knitting blogosphere can be!

  • Up to my eyeballs in all of it, so I will vicariously enjoy your Boreal adventure. You can’t blame me for the geothermal, though.

  • I’m also taken with this one- I was thinking it might be awesome with less contrast too, like gray & gray. It will be specifically amazing in the Tess gray. I remember that Tess gray.
    I hope to see you wearing it this weekend in NY. (Nah, just kidding.)(But I bet you’ll be almost done)

  • yes, oh yes. this is THE quintessential snowflake sweater forever. best of luck with the Boreal!

  • not seeing this as snowflakes
    more like pine trees or branches as Kate shows in her blog
    it’s goreous and I’m just going over to order the pattern now
    I an amazed at how quickly you knitted off that swatch!!

  • Six degrees of knitters:
    Having worked with Julia a million years ago in my first post-college job, I am thrilled to see her mentioned by you guys. I am waiting for a few minutes to sew in the sleeves of Takoma (her Cowichan-style sweater coat from the last Knitty) so I can model her design prowess.
    Now she’s flacking this here Boreal sweater designed by Kate, and it is so pretty…. But I’m going to stick my fingers in my ears and say “La la la, I have to knit to finish my niece’s Xmas sweater, so buying Kate’s Boreal pattern just isn’t gonna happen tonight…”
    And, well, damn. Just like that, in my downloads folder.
    (No more blog reading until AFTER CHRISTMAS, Roz…)

  • saw Ysolda’s tweet about this sweater yesterday – it is stunning!

  • Kate has such lovely designs! I’ve purchased a couple myself (working on Deco right now.)

  • I too love Kate’s patterns. I happen to know that there is a kit for her Sheep Heids hat wrapped and under my tree right now. Straight from Jamieson & Smith in the Shetland Islands with nine shades of natural sheepy colors. Oh what fun to buy your own Christmas presents!

  • I saw the pattern yesterday too and you are right! – I should buy it. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

  • If you go back to Kate’s blog today you can win yarn and a pattern in her Boreal giveaway. You just have to post with your favourite thing about winter.

  • That’s the best excuse for buying stuff I’ve ever heard.
    I just voted for a bunch of hand-dyed Tasmanian Corriedale fiber, which equals much goodness in my book.

  • PS – and I noticed that Stephen West had faved this pattern yesterday on Ravlery – it’s truly burning a swath through the kniterati hordes

  • Ann,
    What? You? Making a GREY sweater? Say it isn’t so!
    Sincerely Yours in greydom (greyhood? grey gardens? grey goods? grey goose?),

  • Oh my gosh. I have to knit one. I would cast on right now if it weren’t for the fact that I am super pregnant and have no clue what my post baby size will be. I added it to my Ravelry queue for safe keeping.

  • i am going to need a snow blower to handle
    all the snow flakes you keep posting
    lovely most lovely

  • Ann, thank you! I immediately fell in love with and bought Peerie Flooers Mittens pattern.

  • lovely..just lovely!

  • That is an awesome sweater! I am actually trying to finish up a sweater from 2007 now, or I would so be buying that thing in a heartbeat!