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  • Love this! It fits in well with my own personal theory of “Knit a blanket (or portion thereof in the form of scarf or hat or gloves) for self or others in time of cold or distress.”
    And yes, I know that I am but one of many from both Team Fear and Team Sanity waiting for Halloween photos of Olive. Since I did make a costume this year, I have to live vicariously through others.

  • Correction: “since I did NOT make a costume FOR MYSELF this year…” That’s sad, I know, but in my defense I did knit a witchy hat for a friend in the week leading up to Halloween.

  • Kay, how do you find these unusual and interesting sites???
    Mary G. in Texas

  • That was really cute and I love how short it is. I am unfortunately busy enough that even three minutes is becoming a struggle!

  • Darling!! Thanks for sharing.

  • I enjoyed it very much! Thanks for sharing, Kay.
    Friendly greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • As both a knitter and a weaver, I was acutely aware of that obscuring of the differences in fiber arts; yet I found it charming. Thank you!

  • Charming and oh so clever!

  • If it is any consolation Aardman also produces Wallace & Gromit. Gromit is a knitter and knits in an accurate manner. Which is an achievement for a dog made of plasticene. If you ask me. Which you didn’t but I offer this anyway.
    KNIT ON!

  • Oddly, too close to a recurring childhood nightmare (being chased by a blob) to enjoy. And then compounded by being filmed under a microscope. Too much for my stressed brain right now.

  • Very cool video. The “making of” video is extremely interesting.

  • Yes! We will no longer unravel! Triumph by knitting needles!
    I have to echo Mary G.’s comment – where do you find these things?

  • I have been having these strange dreams, and now I know how to make them stop. I shall just take my knitting needles into my dreams and I shall knit my way out of them.

  • That was really fun to watch. Love stop-action.

  • “was you ever stung by a dead bee”
    I know just how this girl feels.

  • HYPERVENTILATING! Not only is it fabulous (as one would expect from Aardman), it is filmed on a Nokia phone. Oh, Neil is going to LOVE this. But you knew that, didn’t you?
    Enough of the gratefulness, get on with the Dog Love photos you photo-costume-slacker you! x x x

  • Clearly I’m not being creative enough with my phone. This is so wonderful.That Aardman!

  • just out of curiousity, it has now been a month since either of you has posted anything about anything you were knitting. is this going back to an actual knitting blog anytime soon?

  • I love this! I can’t even wrap my brain around how long it must have taken to make! It’s so cool that the fiber-ignorance doesn’t bother me. (fignorance?)

  • That just rocks. Thanks for sharing!

  • On a Nokia. Seriously.
    I am having a hard time with the leaves unraveling. I think this is why I didn’t become an English major after all.

  • tis cute

  • Really lovely little piece. Thanks for sharing. I especially enjoyed the pencil-shaving waves.

  • Fab! My kids will love this, reminds me of “I spy” books.

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  • I’m with Candice, I love watching Wallace and Grommit and the “making of” movies but know that there is NO WAY I could ever be that patient.

  • Love this!
    And Martha, I also loved the reference to To Have and Have Not.

  • That was so cute! I totally loved it. Thanks for posting and sharing it.

  • That was so cute! I totally loved it. Thanks for posting and sharing it.

  • Remember when we all rose up in unison against the Quilted Northern toilet paper commercial where the women were sitting around a quilt frame … knitting toilet paper? I mean, not that *quilting* toilet paper is so much better, but … seriously … if you’re going to name your product with a fiber art, shouldn’t it be accurate?
    Well, they thought so, didn’t they? After we set them straight?
    Hmph. Knitters and Quilters: Don’t get on our bad side!

  • What a wonderful animation. Love, love, love it!