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  • Dear Lord Ann, do you make me laugh!
    I have put an MIA notice on Digital Yarn too. Think I might add the photo as well….and I will keep my eyes peeled in NYC for her, or a woman carrying fromage, baguettes, and being terrorized by small people speaking multiple languages!

  • Hah! Yeah, that blackout thing… I mean, if it had been REAL, surely those of us in the South would have *heard* about it, right? 😉 Love the portrait! (Elisabeth’s work, I presume?)

  • Oh great ! Earl grey tea over my monitor !
    As some say this side of the pond ”you are a one.”.One what I couldn’t tell you ! :0]

  • oh boy! sounds like someone’s in trouble!! 🙂

  • Dear Ann, This is serious. I have no choice but to smoke Kay, since it’s too hot for chocolate, I’ll have to use cotton. So if you see anything in the papers about a slightly demented woman, dragging a tall English man and an enormous purple bag of wool around the streets of Manhattan .. that would be me. Polly