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  • Sounds like a wonderful visit! Thanks for sharing. (Still chuckling about your aside to Yorkshire advertising people.)

  • Lovely photos. What a wonderful visit.

  • I’m gobsmacked by your lively commentary. Makes me want to hop a jet to Whitby by nightfall. I especially love the Mushy Pea suggestions. Hey, Whitby Advertising People? Maybe you should proceed to the Argument Yard for a friendly debate. Mushy or no? You be the judge. All in the name of whirled peas. Awwwww, why did she have to go there? Welp, she did.

  • I am so jealous. I love the UK. I must have lived there in a previous life. Interesting, considering that my current life is of Greek descent.

  • Brilliant! Totally beautiful! I can hardly tell you the pang I’m having at not being there. Emma and Oliver are adorable, the scenic sights very scenic, the whole trip so admirably full of Fortitude and Self-Direction.
    Can’t wait for you to get to Nashville, where the fish and chips are actually fish and, um, potato chips.
    Bon voyage! See you in a second.

  • ooohhhh, kay, what’s in those wee crayola crayon colored houses by the sea?

  • Mushy peas. Sigh. I don’t care what they call ’em, I love ’em and yearn for ’em!

  • Oliver is absolutely precious! I’m always drawn to the cute kids in bloggy posts. Sounds like you had an amazing time. Can’t wait to hear about/see the rest 🙂

  • Beautiful, beautiful photos. That little row houses at the beach- one of the most charming sights ever!

  • What a cute little boy!! Looks like you had a great time with them!!! Keep us posted!

  • Oh I vote for Kay to bein charge of the future ROWAN backgrounds…this was just PURE eye candy!
    A vote for whirled peas, indeed!

  • Those little houses by the sea are just so wonderful – maybe you saw them in a Kaffe book? Is that where you change into your swimming suit? or try to keep warm? I have Bobbins bookmarked on my browser – I was dying to hear what it’s like in person! Why didn’t Gwyneth Paltrow stop in there when she was hunting down those dead poets in “Possession”? Can’t wait for the London denim – have just begun kimono sleeved cardigan for new niece out of denim baby blanket left-overs – Annhb

  • How thrilling to see modern Whitby. Sometimes I pull out the old Denim book just to look at those old photos. I’ve just bought the Denim for my first gansey. What a wonderful holiday with gracious friends.

  • Annhb, yes, you’re right – those little huts are where you change into your ‘bathers’ (as they’re known here – or at least in some parts of the country) or where you just lounge around in (relative)comfort watching everybody else doing sporty / swimmy type things (the water’s COLD over here!). We went to our beach hut at Shoeburyness on Sunday & the sea was full of jellyfish – I went nowhere near! Not even to paddle. Call me a coward, I don’t care!

  • Man, what I’d give to be a short pale girl in a sweater and underwear in that scene…beautiful photos!
    I think I need an Arguments Yard, too.
    Can’t do the mushy peas. The chips and vinegar, as disgusting as French husband thinks they are, are excellent, though 🙂

  • Ah, Kay. Ah, Kay. Ahhhh, Kay. I try not to be jealous, I really do. But you make it very hard on a person.

  • Great pictures Kay! I am actually from Whitby…..too bad it is in Ontario rather then in England

  • Ahhh, you make me want to hop a jet and head for England (again). Was lucky enough to take a 7-week trip there in 2001, for college credit, no less! I am looking forward to your London travelogue, as that’s where I spent most of my visit and worked at the Wallace Collection. Sadly then I didn’t even know how to knit so I never visited any yarn shops. It’s so funny how things change in significance… guess I’ll have to go back! Thanks for posting the lovely photos!

  • Little houses by the beach… are they the same as those in Sarah Dallas’s new book “Knitting”? Lovely, I wish I am there… Thanks for sharing.

  • Mushy peas, gotta love ’em! Try Myers of Keswick (Hudson & 14th).

  • Hmmm…I can think of times when an Arguments Yard would come in handy here! Beautiful pictures.

  • Your visit sounds fun and cozy and wonderful!
    Denim beware!

  • Ah yes ! “Arguments Yard” – the passageway between “I’m-Really-Ticked-Off-With-You Street” and “You’re-Exactly-Like-Your-Father/Mother Avenue”. I’ve visited there many times ….
    BTW please stop saying the word denim, I can’t cope. I am having a choosing crisis at the moment as I can’t decide which shade to buy for my next project. Perhaps it will come to me in a dream :0)
    Heather x

  • The vacation photos are fabulous!
    A back-tack package has got your name on it and is en route to you as I type.