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  • Love the “little book” idea. Y’all have a relaxing break!

    • Ditto. This sounds like a great idea and is very exciting. Also, I appreciate the “gone fishing” report and wish each of you a great vacation!


      • Have a relaxing vacation while “you’re gone fishing”. Already reserved my copy, great idea!

  • Wow, what a lineup! And Melanie Falick as editor! I can hardly wait.

  • Sounds like a great set of books! Enjoy your break.

  • Already put my name on the list! I know Antonia personally, lovely lady.

  • Very exciting, and I know this new project of yours will reflect the same quality and commitment that you have demonstrated from the beginning. Congratulations! I can’t wait to get FG #1!

  • Really looking forward to these guides. I will continue to watch Norwegian Knitting Night in your absence.

    • I’m not sure we’ll be gone long enough for you to finish it!

  • My dreams come true.

  • I love the idea of a field guide to knitters as well. Subway knitters, “keeping my sanity through boring lecture/meeting knitters,” and of course the “knitting while representing the US at the UN knitter,” aka the fabulous Eleanor Roosevelt! Happy vacay to both of you!

  • Intriguing for sure. MDK curation + stripes? Definitely in to see round one. Enjoy your break. One must recharge. Now toddling over to add myself to your list.

  • Cannot wait for all this thrilling newness! Wondering: what will Ann be dancing to?

  • I love your Field Guide concept, and know that I will want to own as many as you produce, but I just wonder if there will be a UK distributor, possibly Amazon UK, The Wordery, Book Depository or similar? I only ask because the grim exchange rate coupled with international shipping costs are likely to make it a pricey (though worthwhile, I’m sure) indulgence for your fans over the pond.

    Hope you enjoy your much-deserved break.

    • Same question but relating to Canada. Shipping is always a bugger for us especially with the exchange rate. Also, will these be in print only or available to download?

      • Yes–there will be a downloadable version.

        And yes–we will be wholesaling these books to local yarn stores.

        Thanks for your support, Debby and Jackie; it means a lot.

        • Yay for downloadable copies!

        • Yay for local yarn stores in Canada!!

    • I plan to sign up; I had the same question re Canada; it has taken until this month to get the MDK Coloring Book on Amazon.ca and it would be nice if the new titles came up faster. Also, have a great holiday, both of you, and thanks for letting us know that you will be gone for a while but are both ok.

    • Sadly I will have to await the download as my nearest LYS big enough to carry your books is about 6 hrs travel from my remote home in the English Lake District! Have a nice break, both.

  • Have fun on your break! Yes! I need your inspiration ! Bring on the books!❤️‼️

  • I believe that I have already reserved a copy. If not, please add my name to list.
    Looking forward to it!

  • What super, fantastic, exciting idea! A guide from the best team out there… yeah! I’m in! Wishing great times for your summer vacations! Safe, safe travels!

  • will it be sold at knitty city or other knitting stores?

  • Wonderful – you’ve put together a stellar team! I’ve already added my name to the list.

  • I won’t reserve a book, because although I love all things knitterly and stripey, and I hope everyone else in the world buys a book, I surely don’t need any more knitting books, even pretty, clever ones. You may, of course, surprise me and entice me later… she says with a wink.

    • Ditto what SquareMary says.

  • Enjoy your breaks! Return refreshed and rarin’ to go. I’ll miss the daily emails–always a favorite. LOVE the idea of the field guides and have already reserved my copy.

  • Copy reserved. You had me at “stripes.” 🙂

    Have a fun break!

  • With the plethora of knitting patterns available on Ravelry and in books, I no longer buy books sight unseen (or participate in Mystery KALs). And if I do buy a book, it must have at least 3 patterns in it that I might knit. Enticing as it sounds, a cute little book with unseen content and only 3 patterns for $20 is not tempting to me.

  • Will your little books also be available in digital format?

  • Already reserved my copy, very excited. We’re all here to help support your upcoming adventures.

  • Enjoy your “vacation”. You’ve spoiled us with the daily messages, will miss them. I’m excited about the little books and looking forward to the launch of your new website.

  • You had me at the top picture. Reserved!

  • I want to be in the room where it happens.

  • The idea of these books sounds very intriguing, but. . .I’m one of those who needs to have a good look (or listen) before deciding to buy. So, I’m going to wait (im)patiently until it’s in my local store so I can flip through it…hope it’s great!

    Enjoy the time off. Ann, remove the breakables from the living room before you start doing the Funky Chicken (or Watusi, or Frug, or Twerk, or Harlem Shuffle, or Cuban Slide, or. . .), em, errrr, stick with the Two-Step if the TV is too heavy to move ;-)!

  • Enjoy your time away… Know you will be missed.
    And a belated “yeah!” about Cliff’s friend. You were all in my thoughts. Scary times need much support, even if it’s through social media, and knitting, too!

  • Love this idea. You should make it a club. Subcription kind of thing. I have reserved my copy!

  • As soon as I read Melanie Falick I said “I’m in!” Her books are always so beautiful.

    • Yes, I agree. Though I’ve only knit a few things from it, I cherish my copy of Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick!

  • I’ve replied to your email and reserved my copy. I love to get good things in the mail!!! Have a good summer break, read you when you return.

  • Sounds lovely and can’t wait to see it! My input, which is clearly not unique- There are too many choices available to buy patterns (or even commit to buying them) “sight unseen”. Anywhere near $20 is pricey. When I can get one pattern that thrills me for $5.00 on Ravelry, or buy a magazine for $7.99 and get 20 choices, I am unlikely to spend $20 for what will (in my experience) be one pattern that thrills me and two that I will never knit. The latest special issue of Knitscene for example, has 28 patterns, 8 of which are 100% going on my needles, plus articles for $14.99. I’m really just in it for the patterns and maybe the kits. Any other “surprises” probably won’t entice me. You asked!

  • I’ve reserved my copy – love the idea of the small books – I admire the work of all your designers and Melanie Falick. Happy Vacation!

  • Hey, I’ve reserved a copy via the email I received. I’m delighted with the designers you list.

    For me, I would prefer ebook versions. I’m downsizing my library, including craft books, and besides I love having my books with me whenever I have my computer/phone/ereader. Any chance that will be an option for the little books?

  • I’m on board, fo sho!! (Already pre-ordered via email.)

  • You had me at “stripes!”

  • You will both be missed !!! But, R & R is critical in keeping the creative juices flowing. I am forlorn….however, I am so consumed by the Norwegian National Knitting Eve….. that the time will evaporate. Cheers!

  • I’ve already said an enthusiastic “yes” to the books! I’m glad that you’re taking a little vacation from the blog. “Party on,” however you define “party,” and I hope you come back rested and refreshed!

  • An electronic version is the only way I’d be able to participate in this lovely thing. I don’t have room for knitting books, magazines, etc.

  • the 2nd one sounds more my wheelhouse — I think I have a crush on Veronique Avery. But I’ll put a reserve on the first, just cause I’m curious. I like the idea, that’s for sure 🙂

  • I replied “YES!” to the email and I definitely am interested in seeing an MDK Field Guide.

    But I share the concerns other commenters have, that $20 is pricey, especially if you’re on a fixed income, and the patterns aren’t ones you’d want to make. Still, I love the original books, still use them often, and have been reading the blog since the beginning, so count me in for the first Field Guide- and make it count. I say that with love.

  • Can it be spiral bound so it will lay flat or fold back on itself?

  • Hello – My vote is for the e-book, plus the kits. Oh, the idea of kits! I often crush on what you both are knitting (Tokyo shawl- yes please!). Knowing that MDK has vetted the yarns and patterns will give me confidence in online purchases. Thanks for asking and good luck!

  • I am interested in buying one or more but do not want to commit today as I have so much on my knitting list right now. Such a great idea!

  • Wow, wonderful little book idea. Looking forward to the first issue.
    Will these books be spiral bound to lay flat?
    It would be a great help for us hand crafters.

  • We have had a rule for several years now, after all the bookshelves were packed double and the floors seemed in danger of giving way under book weight: everytime we bring a new book home, we have to donate *two* books to the library book sale. The low hanging fruit books are all long gone & not a lot of new ones make the cut now. I love the blog and have knit several things I first saw here, so maybe I will have to find two more books that I can let go, but it’s hard. Will just have to see how indispensible the first Field Guide is. (The two-for-one rule doesn’t apply to downloads, though – they don’t threaten the structural soundness of our house and also have essentially no carbon footprint!)

  • I’m more of a wait and see kind of knitter … I love seeing the projects you’re working on and those that you link to but I’m not all that adventuresome with my knitting. I need to see the projects before I decide whether to buy the book (or booklet).

  • It looks and sounds gorgeous. I had the reserve screen open for quite a while but…but.. something was holding me back from saying I’d order a copy. (I don’t want to say yes and then not buy as that seems unfair.)
    But…I’m with a few other commenters here who say that sight unseen it’s hard to know if I’d knit more than one pattern. Maybe. I don’t want to pre-judge but even if I knit two it’s $14/pattern which is steep (for me). I think I’d be more inclined to purchase it from my LYS once I’ve had a chance to peruse the patterns rather than commit to $20 (+ exchange rate and international shipping for me) for 3 patterns.
    However, if I liked one of the patterns I’d be more inclined to buy a kit, especially since I wouldn’t need to fret about choosing colours which is my downfall.

  • I’m looking forward to the book series…love the “Stripes” cover!

  • Hope you two have a wonderful holiday. Excited about the books. Even though I’ve already had a wonderful holiday this year, I like the idea of hanging a gone fishin’ sign on my door for the next three weeks until I get on the merry-go-round again.

  • Note to All: in the email MDK sent the other day announcing the Field Guides they specified that reserving a copy did not oblige one to buy a copy. They said they are using the reservations to help figure out how many to print so putting your name on doesn’t mean you’ll buy one, it can mean you’re interested, intrigued, but reserving judgement.

    Also, hooray for downloadable versions.

  • I share price point concerns for the book as noted by several commenters above, but oh heavens kits are terribly tempting. So that’s where I’m at.

  • Crochet. Hooks.

  • Enjoy your time off! And yes would be interested in your Field Guides!

  • I’m an ebook knitter, so am only interested in digital versions. I hope that your new endeavor goes well!

  • When I initially left a comment I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments
    are added- checkbox and from now on each time
    a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.
    Perhaps there is a means you can remove me from that service?

    • At the bottom of those emails, there’s an unsubscribe button. If that doesn’t do the trick, please let me know.

  • The field guides sound great. I “pre-registered” for one copy, but I think when I clicked “OK” – the count clicked over to the 3-5 copy button. I don’t know why. Just didn’t want to make it any more confusing than I have already. Sorry!

  • Yay! Brilliant idea ladies. Also, love Ann Weaver, so I am looking forward to her design.

  • You had me at Ann Weaver. I reserved my copy. Looks like a winning idea to me. Enjoy you break!

  • I reserved a copy and can’t wait to get my hands on it/them! Great team. I just learned (via Twitter) you are in the south of France at a fabulous Alabama Chanin workshop. Enjoy and please…full report due!

    To both of you…hope your vacations are relaxing and allow a full recharge before launching these much-anticipated new ventures!

  • 1. I also love the idea of small limited range books (though stripes don’t fit my body shape or needs).

    2. What happened here on Aug. 12-13? Infiltration from an alternate reality?