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  • Congrats to the winners!
    I am both sorry and relieved not to be one. I was beginning to worry about finishing an Emma before Erin would outgrow it!
    Love the bus stop. It’s speaking to me, too. “Those who have ears, let them hear!”

  • Well, Ladybug is just her blog-name!
    I’m totally stoked. Ladybug is into all dresses all the time right now. Emma could be worn over a long sleeved shirt and tights and be totally fall appropriate, or summer/spring appropriate all by itself!

  • Cripes! I didn’t win.
    But one more movie suggestion……
    “Men With Brooms.” Canadian humor about the sport(?) of Curling. “nuff said!

  • am I crazy to ask if that bus shelter is near the W 4th St subway stop?
    I’m glad I didn’t win the yarn, since I’d selfishly have kept the yarn and probably not used it for Emma. (I have no little girl.) I am making Metropole, though it looks like my gauge is off and I need to frog what I’ve done. nothing you really want is ever simple!

  • If the bus shelter is speaking to you it means…have more wine!Now I want to make a runcible scarf. I hope you’re pleased with yourself.

  • Your scarf is gorgeous! I have 6 INCHES of scarf! Well, I have 4 6-inch scarves. I can’t get going on this. I have studied the multi-stripe back seam on Kaffe’s Romeo and Juliet coat and I still can’t get going. I pause. I question. I put it down. It dies.

  • Eliza – I had the same thought! I pass by that bus stop every day, I’m 99.999% positive that’s where the picture was taken. Too bad I didn’t run into Kay there! That would have been kind of awesome. I’m seriously considering making a scarf like this myself – seems like a great way to use up stash yarn.

  • Yes! It is near the W 4th St subway stop! Yes! I was on my way to Purl! You’ve dragged it out of me!

  • Wow, I won! This is wonderful, thank you! I haven’t gotten an email yet. I hope my junk mail didn’t toss the email.
    I can’t wait to get the yarn. I already have the book, so I am good to go once the yarn arrives. I have already promised little Victoria socks for Christmas, but her birthday is in January. This would be a wonderful gift if I can get it done in time.
    Thank you so much!

  • Rats! I have never won free yarn before (and I still haven’t). Doesn’t that mean you have reached a new height in knitting? Of course, my husband is secretly pleased (I think he prayed against it). I will just have to use up the 200 skeins I already have at home.
    Congrats to everyone who did win.:)

  • Congrats to the winner, so sad not to have been one, but I do love the scarf. My brother and his family were in from Kentucky last week and went by a yarn store (they can’t remember which) which they thought you guys owned because of all of the MDK paraphernalia in the windows. I’m guessing it might have been purl, but not sure.

  • I love how the scarf looks (yours and the multinational chain’s “handknits” )but I still don’t get it, I read your posts, I’ve looked. Feeling dense. Where/why cuffs? On your scarf?

  • “What do they call it–diagnostically, I mean–if a bus shelter talks to you?”

  • Gale, I’m with you. The introduction of black denim into this projeck sends it into a galaxy very distant and mysterious. I have it in my head that Kay is going to end up wearing this, somehow, like a muff. Or an inside-out shrug. Or some kind of festive straitjacket. She’s going to end up quilting the thing, just you watch.
    I do, however, feel strongly that the phony seam part is just showing off, and that a purl stitch for the edges would get the thing going in the right direction without all that crazy picky uppo business. mpo (My personal opinion), fwiw, ntimboa (not that it’s my business or anything).

  • Heavens! I thought you had 5 dachshunds! I only have 2.

  • I think they call it a psychotic break. 😉

  • oh, kay… you seem to have spelled my name wrong in announcing the winners. that’s ok, just send me the yarn in a brown paper sack… no large denominations,leave it in a locker at the bus station…..
    thanks so much… jan in nagasaki… i mean emily.. um wait, no that’s Jen in Nagasaki…

  • Did anyone notice that the scarf is described on the original’s website, not once but twice, as “CROCHETED”??? Even without zooming in, it is clearly knitted. But the website does show what Kay is calling the cuffs, and black denim is a great choice, Kay. Wish I could fit one of these in my Christmas knitting but I have declared this holiday a “no scarf zone”.

  • the whole world is looking at your
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  • Congrats to the lucky winners! I think as a condition of winning, they each must post pictures of the finished dress worn by their intended recipient. I’m hoping I get the book for Christmas, then I’ll make the Emma Peel dress for one of my gals.

  • love the irrational exhuberance. that’s why i stopped by. xo