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  • Is there a photographer there going, “C’mon, just look at the camera”?

  • Got your zips? X

  • Ta da!!

  • Kay, it’s beautiful! Brava.

  • Won’t it shrink once you wash it. I am eagerly anticipated what happens once this thing hits a thorough washing.

  • Job well done, Kay. It’s beautiful!

  • it is beautiful
    the colour is awesome
    but you are so teeny in there!

  • Gosh, dontcha just LOVE cables?

  • Gosh, dontcha just LOVE cables?

  • Came out great. Nice to see your smiling face!

  • Wowie!! Gorgeous sweater!

  • Love it…stunning. And I even like it big and drapey. Everyone should have at least one big sweater…if not five.

  • Gorgeous…love it. I even love that it’s big and drapey. Everyone should have a big comfy cabled sweater…if not five.

  • Thank you for the laughs! I have a sweater that is at exactly the same poncho stage, I never thought to call it that. Onwards with the “deponchofication”, aka “sweaterization” of the poncho.

  • Thank you for the laughs! I have a sweater that is at exactly the same poncho stage, I never thought to call it that. Onwards with the “deponchofication”, aka “sweaterization” of the poncho.

  • It IS a garment (and it’s beautiful). Carry On.

  • Oversized sweater, very 1980s. Looks good! Don’t forget your hip belt, fedora and jelly sandals.

  • HOLD ON HOLD ON HERE–I turn my back for five seconds and all of a sudden you’re live-tweeting a sweater assembly? GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY!
    I would appreciate some Vines of your washing machine as you shrink this thing.
    My favorite cables in this fabulous Whitby have to be the really tight rope cables. They look like actual cables.
    For the record, as of this moment:
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt > Jack White.
    I’m sorry, but it must be done. Is there a kinder-hearted, more generous guy out there?

  • Gorgeous work, Kay! That pattern and denim yarn look like a perfect match.

  • Totally awesome. Lots of knitting there but wonderful results.

  • Today has just the right amount of chill to wear this tied around your neck in a nonchalant drapey fashion so all the cable goodness can be seen in the back, making it a garment indeed. Sideseams will be done in time for cooler weather.

  • Love the oversized sweater – especially with leggings! It’s absolutely beautiful – you’ll love it on the cold winter days ahead!

  • You look so adorable in your headlight. Your kids should be proud. Yeah right! HA. The sweater is wonderful, beautiful. Looks fantastic on you!

  • Oh, what an absolutely beautiful sweater, Kay! I love the cables and I love the color, and all. It’s a real masterpiece. It feels so good to see how your work on this sweater has developed.

  • Your sweater-poncho is beautiful—beautifully made, and so beautifully blue. YOU are absolutely adorable! Love the headlamp, leggings, and painted toenails. Thanks for the stitch-by-stitch account!

  • Sooo close……….

  • Sooo close……….

  • Sooo close……….

  • Great Googly Moogly is right! Dang, I could have sewn up along with you. If only my federal job were fixin to have a snow day. Oh wait…

  • It’s beautiful!

  • Oh Em Gee!
    I’m having a hard time breathing.
    So good. So, so, good.

  • I remember trying on St. Brigid at exactly that phase — and still remember the joy of it! It looks fantastic, Kay! Love this idea of live-blogging the seaming up of a sweater… that would give me blog fodder for a loooonnng time!

  • Yowza, you and your sweater are gorgeous! I swore off the interwebs on my weekend family vacation, and I almost regret it now that I know I missed blog posts.
    (twitter is not the interwebs, and it WAS a working vacation.)

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