We Interrupt This Knitalong

By Kay Gardiner
July 11, 2019

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  • You are STYLIN’!

  • You made me tear up a little. Thank you for sharing!!

    • A perfect weekend pattern. I can’t wait to cast on. Of course, in my mind’s eye, it’s already knit. Thanks!

  • Oh, Queenie-style is so bang on! Olive is playing her part to perfection too, she almost passes for a corgi

    • Olive is so believable as a corgi. What an actah!!! And that Hatdana totally transforms you to a Lizzie-lookalike!!

  • Queenie styling aside (SNORT) , you got me! It’s an unruly hair person’s dream accessory.

    • You need a Hatdana-of-the-day, my friend. Perfect knitting on-the-go, too.

      • Hatdana hair – Don’t care!!!!

  • I have been wearing a scarf over my hair lately whenever I feel like it. I remember when everyone’s mom and grandmother needed to go to the hairdresser soon so they just threw a cute polyester scarf over that scary hair and headed out the door to the Piggly Wiggly. I can see this as a great addition and possibly a more practical, stay put approach. It started with me as a practical approach when I lived where the sun would fry your hair and brain but coming back to the US its a bit more political than practical and just feels good. Plus, no hair in my eyes is the best feeling ever.

  • I love the way this looks and I love the way you wrote about the experience. I bought the pattern immediately. I have some Rowan Denim sitting around so I want to make one just like it! Do you think the Rowan Denim will maintain its stretch or will it just be used as a cowl?

    • Surprisingly, even in cotton, it works as a head scarf/bandana just fine. Several people have tried it on and it stays put. Just get the size right, with maybe an inch of negative ease.

  • Thanks for that tantalizing overview; I’m hooked and can’t wait to knit one. The chic photos at the end only add to my enthusiasm.

    • LOL! Have fun!

  • Loved and bought this pattern the minute I saw it – maybe now is the time for, you know, actually knitting it. Your queen-with-corgi styling may be the nudge I needed.

  • Now you need matching socks. So does Olive.

  • Would this work in Shibui Twig (46% linen, 42% recycled silk, 12% wool), color Blueprint – do you think? I’ve been knitting a Siesta cowl in it, and it just isn’t working – looks like the Hat-dana might be a better fit. Thanks.

    • Oops, never mind – just read what the designer said about linen not working so well.
      (Still gonna try the Siesta in something else – lovely pattern, not a good fit with that yarn.)

  • Alright Kay, I have purchased the pattern. Your post and the photos of you modeling the Hatdana requite tantalizing. When I tapped on the link and saw Denise’s photos too, that sealed the deal. I look forward to a soothing knit resulting in a great accessory!

    BTW, that pic of you holding Olive reminds me of that iconic shot of Leonardo and Kate from the movie Titanic (although I never saw the movie). You with the Hatdana to keep the sea breeze from messing your hair. Who knows, perhaps Olive is thinking, ” I’m Queen of the world!”. Oh Olive.

  • Before I read the Queenie caption, I thought perhaps you and Olive were doing a Grey Gardens remake part II.

  • Surprised and glad u didn’t KonMari Mari that sweater away! I too love that pattern.

  • I’m thinking the bank-robbing style would be so great when I have to get off the train and walk two blocks to the office in a blizzard! Love your and Olive’s modeling.

  • Oh, definitely Robbing A Small Western Bank style…perfect for protection working in a windy train yard while still looking chic!

  • It’s so YOU in the Rowan Denim! And I want your phone case.

  • Love your photo captions! Write more!

  • Ginaknits, try the pattern Taylor in linen. I believe it is on Ravelry. I loved the pattern, easy, mostly garter.
    Thanks again MDK, now I know what I am knitting. I need a gift for the end of August. My yarn arrived yesterday. Beautiful color, Ruby, will be gorgeous Hatdana as will the wearer.