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  • Oh, Kay – finishing afghans – that’s like, so LAST YEAR’S project. Just kidding! Seriously, I see the MacArthur Genius Grant winners list came out and am surprised to see that neither your nor Ann nor Fern were recipients. Surely, the finishing of the Carolyn Afghan will make you winners next year. Get those nominations in early. Shouldn’t MDK be lobbying to get a knitter nominated?????

  • I noticed!

  • I’m in!

  • I wish I could be there for all the sewing up. That is the one night the whole rest of the year I’ll be out of town. Darn.

  • Don’t think I missed the fact that you scheduled this little get-together the week AFTER I was in New York.
    Y’all have fun . . . without me . . . languishing down here . . .

  • Taxi to train Station, 45 minutes knitting time. Train from DC to NYC, 3 and a half hours knitting time. Being there in person, priceless!
    Wish I could, but I’d have to bring the small hollering boys with me-which just wouldn’t work, and as you said, it IS a school night. Sigh.

  • I so wish I could be there. I would never let the door hit your lovely be-denimed posterior.

  • Was that (hic) the pizza delivery?

  • LOVE the “door hits ass” detail. Happens to me every time, dammit

  • I got the details from Valentina! Hope you don’t mind if I come with chibis in hand… I am looking forward to meeting you and touching these lovely squares!!

  • Wish I could make it…unfortunately Mondays are tough for me 🙁