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  • You need to knit a cotton Folly [ASC ?] to go with that stunning rose covered handbag.
    Ann,your ‘fanbag’ is a little scary,if I may say so !

  • Kay, I think your handbag has a lot of potential. If you put a little Titans logo in the lower left corner, you’re good to go.
    Other tips for making your own professional sports portable shrine:
    1. Don’t spend too much on the purse. Vinyl works best. You want a nice, smooth expanse of plastic for your photo gallery.
    2. Contact Paper TM is fine for getting that laminated look, though those Xyron sticker machines look pretty tempting.
    3. Keep your portable shrine updated. Watch your local paper for that perfect action shot.
    4. Don’t forget the team schedule. Be sure to update it every year.
    5. Get an autograph! Your shrine subject loves stuff like this! He won’t think you’re stalking him for very long, really.
    Good luck.

  • Maybe its the name. My friend Ann would do the same thing, only for the Packers. She actually wears cheese on her head. Outdoors. Seriously, though, I like it. Rock on with your bad purse.

  • Um, football is not my bag, and I wouldn’t be caught dead with that much vinyl, but I did want to profess my shared weakness for handbags. Planning to carry a little feathered number (bought in SoHo NYC) to an opening tonight (with the wee one on the other arm, no doubt). But, Ann, I’m OK with fandom, really. Plotting a BLUE devil hat from the S&B book myself . . .

  • Kay…(hey that’s my middle name) I love the funky rose handbag–where did you get it? Hmmm, OTOH, the fan handbag is..um..uh…umm..interesting

  • Sandra Kay, I got the funky rose bag at a charity sale. It has a label inside that says Lenore Solmo. Will it burst your bubble to learn that it is a metal lunchbox with roses decoupaged all over it and the handle replaced with beads on a wire? It even has a magnetic mirror stuck to the inside. (Which gave me the idea of an evening bag covered in beeyootiful fridge magnets. This is an idea that I think I’ll just hold onto for a while.)
    I do love decoupage. Get out the Mod Podge and a seed catalog and give it a try! Love, Kay

  • We need details! details! about that glorious purse!!
    Carol in CO

  • Slightly off-topic… on the Found Objects, regarding the “Wonders Wrought While you Wait”: If you’re experiencing computer weirdness on a Windows operating system, you can frequently work* a slew o’ wonders on your own, for free, with two exceedingly user-friendly, free softwares that help you remove spyware from your computer. Did I mention they were free? Easy to use? Really. They are.
    First one: Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware
    Second one: Spybot Search & Destroy
    Google or similar should hook you up with places to download these guys.
    *’Work’ is the present tense of ‘wrought’. I was under the impression that the present tense of ‘wrought’ was ‘wreak’ or some similar weird verb. It’s not.

  • Ann, I live in Philadelphia. Send me da bag and I’ll take care of his no-good knee-caps for you.
    Cristina (formerly of Chicago, still a honey)