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  • Happy happy blog birthday!
    I am thrilled i am the first one to post my congratulations! I just love your blog so much, i check it every 30 minutes or so, when computer enabled (i.e. work). and this time i got the priviledge to postthe first comment.
    and a smooth move to you, Kay!
    watch out for a square (or more) from iTaly in about 3 weeks time

  • Bonne Anniversaire on this here Bastille Day! Sure have enjoyed reading you gals and Afghaning along with y’all~

    Love reading your conversations and enjoy the creativity muchly. Celebration seems to be the norm for this weBlog so heres to doubling up on this day and looking forward to the next 12 months.

  • Happy Anniversary MDK! And, farewell to 19th St! Kay, we had many great times in that ol’ apartment of yours…drinkin’, knittin’, laughin’ cryin’! We saw the birth of your two kids there, as well as that of our friendship. Great meals! Great parties! Here’s to many more good times in the new digs!

  • happy blog-day…. and I see one of my squares is going to spend some time with Cindy… that lucky square!

  • (weeping with sentimental joy into lukewarm sprite due to lack of power)
    oh golly kay has it already been a year? seems just yesterday u were having a blackout of your own, nyc style. here’s to a new year of peace love understanding and a world tour to visit everybody.
    lots of love from your frontier house co-blogette.

  • Happy Blogiversary. Oh, I hope my SC sqaures get to you. Not to insult Hilton Head or SC but my mother had her concerns when I didn’t use tracking. I love that green square with the floral design. Good luck with the moving.

  • Happy moving dearest Kay.
    Most happy blog birthday ! Many more to come,I hope.

  • Happy Blog Anniversary Ann and Kay! You’ve both made my life richer and lots of fun! Many, many happy blogs to come!
    Kay-hope your move goes smoothly and uneventfully (I HATE moving!)
    Ann-I miss your posts, when are you returning to this century? 🙂
    You ladies ROCK!!

  • let me be one of the many who wishes you a great new stage of life in your wonderful new home – even though time didn’t permit my seeing the old one, i’m sure the new one will be faboo, too.
    let me know about the sewing up parties since i can enlist at least one more crazy lady to help and, as mentioned before, we can do it here if you want.
    best, always,
    happy anniversary and happy move,

  • Congratulations on the anniversary! I have one more batch of squares to block and send (the fruits of a very long 4th of July weekend spent mainly in the car).
    I hope that I’ll be able to make the quilting bee on Sept. 12th; I’m flying back from Oberlin that afternoon, so let me know if you think you’ll still be going strong at 6pm. I’ll zip there from LGA!
    Good luck with the move!

  • ..and you’re moving away from an area where you can hang out and have coffee with Jimmy Fallon? You could teach him to knit one day–possibly

  • Happy blog-birthday ladies! I’ve really enjoyed your first year – in fact you’ve cracked me up and enlivened many dull days. I’ve laughed out loud in an inappropriate way at work so often (I mean how funny can I pretend a system design document really is) and even managed to spit coffee all over my keyboard on one occasion. Drinking coffee + laughter…. not clever (quite painful actually).
    So congrats on you first year & here’s looking forward to the next!
    Hope the lights are back on for you Ann & good luck with the move Kay!!

  • Belated Happy Blog-birthday!
    Kay – hope the move goes smoothly & that you can find the kettle & gin bottle easily once you step foot in your new place. (if things are ok to bad, tea… if bad to disastrous, gin!)
    Ann – hope the mountains are great in the dark too!

  • Happy blog b-day Ann and Kay! Thanks for sharing all the fun with us. Kay, hope the move is as painless as possible, and the new house is a home soon. Ann, be careful out there, don’t want to lose you in a time warp.

  • Happy Belated Blog B-day! I’m so glad Jimmy Fallon A) categorizes himself as a human being and B) doesn’t eat too much butter. If he did, I might worry about him having some kind of Chris Farley-esque SNL cast member doomed accident.
    I saw Parker Posey in the French Quarter back here recently when I was in New Orleans. She was with a scruffy man, who trailed along behind her and who I assume was her boyfriend. She wore no makeup, looked like she weighed maybe 80 pounds, and wore a pissed-as-hell expression that made me want to get out of her way. At least Jimmy Fallon was someone you’d WANT to be with in line at the coffeeshop. I’d be scared Parker Posey’d throw the bagel in my face if it had a molecule of fattening substances on it.