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  • Love it! All it needs now is a nice shirret flower. Oops! Did I just say that? 😉

  • Love. that. hanger.
    Looks very Kristin Nicholas.

  • …we need these “shruggable” moments in this crazy, mixed up world of ours. besides, practice does make perfect, yes? i’m presently consumed by making little baby “cloche” hats…..one every two hours….oh dear…

  • I used to have no patience for repeating things and I find that the longer I knit, the more I like getting down in there with it and exploring around more than once. It’s kind of the knitter’s Heart of Darkness I guess.
    Tell Ann she missed out on lots of cloggers today at the fiber fest. And the prison singers. And the cake of funnel.

  • Wacky-craft on…..get it quick, before they start the mocking. I just LOVE it. All.

  • Hush with the ‘boring’. I don’t know anybody less boring. x x

  • When can I come stay at Aunt Kay’s Kraft Kamp? I need some Krafty purpose in my life right now. You are a great inspiration showing me that hours spent Making Stuff are never wasted.

  • You’re adorable.

  • Love the shrug! Absolutely darling, dah-link! Now, about the hanger: I just ordered felting needles and am wondering how you did it. Do tell!

  • “(“She wrote a book. Are you going to buy it?”) (Sorry Ann, she’s not selling your half of the book. Put your own kids to work.)”
    Kay, you’re hysterical.

  • Very cute I lvoe the hanger. when I knit an item I usually knit them until i cannot look at them anymore. Last year this meant EVERYONE got wristwarmers. This method does sometimes backfire, and I get sick of looking at an item LONG before Ican finish it.

  • Those shrugs are just sooooooo cute!
    I too become obsessed with knitting certain items – at the moment it’s bags, scarves, cute flower corsages etc. but, I am trying to sell them!
    (2 galleries have them so far – yippee!)

  • She will be the most stylin’ 4-year-old out there! My guess is that the hanger will be the real thrill to her, though…

  • Love the hanger!!!

  • I am in love with the whole kit and kaboodle! I’m doing a denim jumper for niece and was thinking about some
    Boro – is it boro? accessories – like felt slippers with cranes on them – kimono – denim bonnet – and I was like, no, that’s overboard – but now, now I know I can just go with it – even if that means making a little rice paper envelope for the whole ensemble! woooooo!

  • Oh, Kay, I ENVY you. I was just lamenting yesterday that, when I’ve make knitted creations for relatives, the point out how they’re not as nice (meaning machine-made regular) as the storebought ones (I’m an abberation in the family – my mom’s only creative convergence was a brief stint with macrame in the late ’70s). Though I toy with the idea of making my nephews hats for xmas this year, but it will be out of lion brand wool-crylic or something rote like thatl. The idea that one could put together an entire outfit, including hanger, for a little one, oh, oh, I need to get a kleenex . . .

  • I love that thing you did with the shrug and I am totally ripping it off and making one for my 4 yo. Thanks for fixing the things that were wrong with the original shrug pattern for me.

  • I love your world o’ shrugs! The felted hanger freaked me out a little – hope hubby can handle that kind of intense craftiness – I know Moxie would have a few choice words for me if I felted a hanger!

  • I made a Clapotis in that same Lily colorway, and I love it to death. That shrug is going to be completely loved.

  • What type of decreasing did you do for the sleeves? I love this version of the OSW!

  • I think it must be the zodiac. My colleague, Terry, who is an Aries like you, knit 12 Ruffles Scarf last winter, plus 3 Flower Basket Shawl plus 5 or 6 Clapotis! This summer, she made 2 Alice (Rowan 25) one long-sleeve version and one vest version and is asking me if she should knit a third one.

  • Kay
    Thank you for being boring like me. I love to make the same thing over. I relax more during the knitting. I know I can do it. Unlike the pinwheel baby blanket I just took off the needles and spent the morning stewing over. Its getting frogged Kay, oh yeah.

  • love the long sleeved OSW!!! and let me tell you a little secret..i’ve done about 10 OSWs to date! you’re not the only one who enjoys a pattern more than once!!!

  • Kay,
    These are looking better and better! When you’ve exhausted the variations of the OSW, check out the minisweater on http://www.StreetsandYOs.com. It’s a variation of another Glampyre pattern!