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  • Congratulations on your tenth anniversary and fantastic new website. It has been an honour to be included into your worlds and wish you all the best for Mason Dixon’s second decade!

  • I am so excited to see your new blog design. Which means you are not going away!! Congratulations on 10 years and looking forward to 10 more years.

    awesome new website
    going to have great time looking around
    congratulations you two have always been my favourites!


    • Thanks, Donna! So glad you’re along for the ride.

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    • Reply! See? Isn’t this great?

  • I got so excited when I got the CAPTCHA code on the first try that I forgot to leave my comment. OMG your new blog is beauuuuuTful

    • We are sorry about the Captcha code and hope to bid it farewell soon. Makes me feel like a dope when I miss one!

    • I purely HATE a captcha code.

  • Yay! The new site is a beauty. Plus I was fearing that the frequency of 2 weeks between posts might become your new nor,al. But now I know you must have been swatching for the new website incarnation. It looks great!

    • We’re feeling very chipper and relieved that the site finally launched. The Queen Mary set sail faster than this barge.

  • Okay, neat-oh! Will have to go back again because I got distracted by the pictures at the bottom and should read that “neat stuff” business again. This will take some getting used to, but I think we can manage! It was delightful to see all those ancient knitting pictures, and your wee kids!

    • Oh, I don’t like that all-caps name! It is imperative that my de is small and my B is big. I might just have to call myself by my Rav name: SquareMary!

      • YOU MEAN YOU’RE NOT DIFFERENT PEOPLE? ; ) You sound so much more French when you’re Mary de B.

  • o look I can make a comment!! yoo hoo its mee–over here,, commenting:)

    • Marthaaaaaaa! It’s you! Welcome–sorry about the new carpet smell. It’ll fade eventually.

  • What? Mason-Dixon Knitting CHANGED? That’s OK. I’ll get used to it. Honest….

    • You think YOU’RE freaked out? This thing feels like Uzbekistan to us.

  • Wow! Love the new blog site. Congratulations on 10 years! I love reading your blog posts – you are both so funny, fun, insightful and, oh yeah, funny!

  • OMG! So excited about the new website – Mazel Tov! Can’t wait to hear more of your knitting adventures

  • Love the new look, always enjoy the blog. Happy 10 Years !!

    Go Red Sox! Boston Strong!

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  • Okay, so I did it wrong, sorry for the empty link. Site looks GREAT on my iPad. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride, sharing your knitting and your lives.

  • Awesome

  • Hey, this almost makes up for my having to miss Rhinebeck this year – if only you had unveiled it Saturday, maybe I wouldn’t have pouted quite so much! Am off to start pawing through some of the Rubbermaid bins.

  • Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaa! Thassorl. Lots of love! B x x x

  • This blog is so bright I need to wear shades. I hope you’re not going 3D as well. Congrats on 10 years!

  • Love the new site and the instagram posts!

  • Glad you are back. Been going through blog withdrawal. Not sure what I am typing now, as it’s pale grey. Good thing I know touch typing (-:

    • I’ve been whining about the tiny, italic, pale grey comment text, too. This shall not stand. Now off to battle my nemesis, the captcha code (also destined for the chopping block).

      • I griped about small type and my husband said, “just hit command +”; best advice I’ve ever heeded from him.

  • This IS exciting. Happy Tenth. Much love,


  • Yay! You two are the best – love the new look!

  • The new design entices me deeper into the MDK world. That’s a good thing! Very well done, you all!

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  • Wow! Quite an eyeful, all that white space. Main thing though: BLOG!! Don’t go and disappear on us again!! Please! We get concerned, worried … and have to have extra coffee if we don’t get our MD fix!

  • Fantastic new look blog, love all the features. Well done Ladies! X

  • So amazingly wonderful!! congratumalations on your ten years and new site. I must confess, I have been bumbling around in the archives of late and have thoroughly enjoyed the olden days posts. Now I can bumble with more direction!

    PS this teeny-tiny grey type is a wee bit hard on the old-lady eyes….

    • I second the teeny grey type comment! The new site would be more perfect if we could pinch to zoom on our iPads.

  • I am so glad that you are continuing the blog; have missed the regular posts in the past few months! After wandering around for a few minutes, I really like the new design. Hope I get the code right!

  • This is wonderful! Congratulations. Over the past few months I was afraid you were ending the blog but you’re just beginning – yay!!

  • Thank you so much for this blog! It’s my very favorite. Only found it some months back. I started reading the early posts and continue each morning over a cup of coffee. I’m up to 2008!

  • LOVE your new digs! What fun!

  • Gorgeous! Congrats on taking a big leap… Here’s to many more years of making & inspiration!

  • Oh, so shiny, and oh so pretty! Congrats on the massive overhaul – I dare not think how many hours were productively lost in that work, but my word, it’s worked beautifully!

  • Congratulations, I LOVE IT!!!! I’ve read all ten years of material TWICE and look forward to ten more. You have both been an incredible inspiration to me.

  • ooh look foreard to exploiring the new site. Also its easier to read the comments the box was so tiny before!

  • The new site is beautiful! Time has passed by so quickly. I am looking forward to many more posts and maybe a new book…knitting or fiction, I have enjoyed both.

  • Wowza! Fantastic. This could be the first Twog or more appropriate, Bleet !!

  • Beautiful! I can’t wait to explore.

  • Oh my god. I think I love you. The blog looks great!!

  • Stupendous! So happy you are here, and better than ever. I say this everywhere I go, and it’s true: You have given me much delight over the years. Thank you!

  • So this is what you did on your summer vacation! Its really great – and love the Rubbermaid bins! They always hold so much more that we thought, and we can always buy more!

  • Mazel tov my friends!! Lovely digs! I LOVE YOU BOTH!

  • Congratulations on your ten years of fabulousness and on the new blog. It’s been a great ride and I’m very honored that you’ve both shared your knitting — and lives — with us. Wishing you both the very best!


  • Fan-dang-tastik! I kept seeing the Tweets, but couldn’t get into the updated version. I am persistent/stubborn (take your pick), and am so glad I was. Can’t wait to poke around a bit more. I will note that the text in the comment box is barely a Rowan shade darker than the box. Not good for my aging eyes, but good for my aging typing skill excuses.

    • I agree with the gray font. It is lovely but really hard to read for these eyes of mine! Ahhhh – web design. You think it will work and then something else happens which looks different than it was supposed to.

  • Mazal Tov!

    So glad to see you back.
    I missed reading the tweets – so funny and interesting.

    Best of luck! Subscription submitted!

  • And the comments now post with a speed that would satisfy most teenagers. Love it!

  • Great new design! Congrats on your 10-year anniversary! Love you both, I feel like we’re friends and it’s so nice to have you back!

  • Um. Whoa. Big Change.
    I’m an old lady, though I think I wasn’t when I started reading here, and I don’t like the Big Changes.
    Maybe I will like it more when I get a little more smart phone-y. I was for a little while there, until Mr. Honey put it through the laundry. Oh, le sigh.
    Love the new banner title (though it seems to run off the screen?).

    • I mean, I don’t like Big Changes in general, not that I specifically don’t like this change. It kind of reads wrong the way I wrote it.
      But still – whoa.

  • Congratulations on ten years and looking forward to more fun blogging entries. The new look is great! I know it took a lot of hard work organizing and beautifying. You guys are always an inspiration in more than just knitting. Gotta go organize something…

  • Love the new website! So this is what you two have been up to these past few months. All of that sorting and sifting and organizing. Kind of like going through your kid’s dresser at the end of the summer to make room for all of the fall and winter clothes: finding the mates to those single socks you’ve been hunting for since last spring, which t-shirts to keep in the drawer and which ones go in the bin to save for the younger sibling, etc. It’s exhausting work, but totally worth it for that one week of tidy drawers. (I think the site will stay tidier longer than that…)
    Great job ladies! Well Done! Hope we’ll be enjoying you for another 10!

  • Congratulations on 10 years AND on the new design! I like what you’ve done with the place!

    (The CAPTCHA, though? Not so much–it’s taken multiple tries to get this comment through because apparently I am reading it incorrectly–a lot!)

  • goodness, I love you guys. so happy to be able to subscribe! now just post two or three times a day, OK?

  • Love it!

  • Also, is there a way to get a comment link at the bottom of the entry instead of the top? You get to the bottom and want to comment, and have to go all the way (ALL the way!!) back to the top to click, and we seem to all be old ladies and might forget what we wanted to say! That is my only nit-pickery for now.

    • SquareMary: At the bottom of any page, anywhere on the net, type Ctrl+ the Home key. You’ll jump right back to the top of the page. Hope that helps. 😀

      • Oh, wow, who knew?!! Probably everyone else but me! Glad to see so many others who have missed MDK over the summer, thought I was all alone with my knitting this year.

      • OMG! … what’s the Home key? Mac laptop here, and I don’t see anything like that…. Mr Tech Support is still abed.

        • Wait! It’s command and the up arrow.
          Not so bad at this after all….

  • Love the new place….so tidy!

  • I’ve enjoyed many years of reading, laughing, and knitting with you on this blog…Congratulations on 10 years and on the lovely new design!

  • Congrats on the new design – I know how hard that is to do! Hope it works out. Must feel like you have cleaned out your closets and organized your stuff. XO

  • So glad to finally see the changed site – kept looking yesterday after all the announcements and it hadn’t changed. But today the bright white new shiny site appeared! Yay! It’s gorgeous!

  • It looks fabulous. ICongratulations! love that you indexed yourselves.

  • Congrats! Looks great! Noticed that the new site isn’t showing up in Feedly for me now, though… Is that a thing?

  • Love the new look! Can’t wait to read more from you guys.

  • Superfantastic, dear laydeez!

    Love Mr Baby Elio on your re-launch post! And I just got another copy for MDK 1 for Bruno’s HIGH school’s auction…how did high school happen? So glad and deeply grateful these last ten years of the stash’s and boys’ growing has happened in the shade of your generous, insightful, and hilarious correspondence. Please come back for more avgolemono!


  • LOVE the new look!! Congratulations on 10 amazing years!! And here’s to many, many more!

  • Congratulations Ladies. The new site is wonderful. Best wishes for many many more years of blogness. Cheers!

  • So many great new features. I must confess, despite this being a lovely knitting blog, the item I have returned to search for the most is the menu for Arnold’s. Whenever I hear, “What should I do in Nashville?” I reply that eating at Arnold’s would be a priority for me. I’m curious to see which bin that was sorted into.
    Congratulations, Ann and Kay.

    • http://www.masondixonknitting.com/?p=3713

      Of course, you will have to wallow through many things to find it, but the Arnold’s menu is definitely in there! Friday = chicken and dumplings AND fried shrimp. Killer decision to make.

  • Love the new blog! I really enjoy your banterings. Remind me of my sisters and me.

  • LOVIN’ it all. Well done, what a mammoth task. Bigger than my spare bedroom clearout, still not bottomed after 5 years. My fanciful idea is that you shame me into action!! xx

  • I know you guys warned us that you were doing an update to the site but WHOA…it was…was…shocking!!! But I think I like it…kinda like moving, I haven’t found what is in what box yet! Glad this means you’re going to stick around our world for a little while longer. Now go write another book. Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?

  • Congratulations, guys!

  • I’m having so much fun dipping here and there into yesteryear in your older posts. This little gray font is somewhat trying, though.

  • Congrats on 10 years and the new design1. I’m reading and commenting on my phone. Hooray! I can take you everywhere.

  • Congrats on your 10th Anniversary! And thank you for being such a part of my life, here on the web and on my knitting needles. I love the new look. So sleek…..so modern…… The rubbermaids are just too cool too.


  • Wowza! I really cannot imagine how much general labor and specific hair-tearing must have gone into this redesign and conservation program. Thank you SO much for everything! I can’t wait to start poking around familiar territory with a new map 🙂

  • Love the new look! Very clean and easy to read. I’m looking forward to digging through the archives.

  • Congrats ladies, the new site is so fresh and easy to read. Now to dig through the bins. Great job.

  • Love. New design. You. Thanks!

  • I love the new website, but I’m struggling to find how to access the old posts in order. On the old site, I read from start to July of 2008 and one could choose the month and year to select. I’m not sure how to do this now. I sat down this morning to resume my reading in July of 2008 and can only see how to get to the old postings starting out at the first one in 2003. Can you help??? Thanks! Rosemary

  • A-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! I got nervous when I quickly read your grand announcement – I read “resign” for “redesign”. I’m so grateful for your blog and everything I’ve learned from the two of you! Congratulations on ten wonderful years – wishing you many more years of continued success! Happy knitting!!!

  • Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! it looks great, and I’m going to have fun checking it out. Happy Knitting, as the snow starts to fly here in Ontario, Canada!!

  • Wowzer! Pretty darn spectacular! Congrats!

  • I’ve been so busy lately my blog reading has fallen by the wayside. So many changes here. I guess I’ll have to subscribe, since I often go a couple weeks or a month without reading your posts and there doesn’t seem to be a chronological archive on the new site. I don’t want to miss anything.

  • Congratulations on 10 years of blogging. Thank you so much for sharing your love of knitting and all things yarn. Your new website is truly a joy to behold.

  • Lovely new look. Off to check out the Rubbermaid bins.

  • The new look is great! What blog entry are the great hats from and how do I find it now?

  • Blimey, has it really been ten years? Amazing! There are so many happy memories from looking back over your posts – lots of things that I’ve planned to make (or dreamt about making) and even a few that I have copied. I’ve found so much through your blog and loved every minute. I think you’ve managed to generate a real community feeling and it’s been a privilege to share this little bit of your lives over the years.

    I love the new look – and here’s to the next 10 years!!!

  • Love it! Thanks for sharing it all with us!

  • Congratulations on your 10 year blog anniversary!
    Please keep up the good work on your blog as long as it is fun.

  • Most unexpected, the pic of Lou Reed. I am such an ordinary, middle of the path sort of person and I am blubbering at that pic. He changed what was possible in popular music…for the better. Thank you for the posting. jeu

  • I love the font style and agree that a darker gray would be easier to see! Congratulations on your redesign . I felt all full of nostalgia looking at your pictures! Can’t wait to see more.

  • Congratulations on 10 years and the redesign–it’s a thing of beauty. It’s been a blast reading the blog all these years, and now I’m having fun losing myself amid the Rubbermaid buttons. Thanks for all you both do to enrich our days!

  • Testing the new “comment waters”. I can barely read the “I’m not a computerized spammer” code I’m supposed to copy, so let’s see if I guessed right. (If I did, “Hi! Happy blogiversary!”)

  • Congratulation on 10 glorious years of blogging goodness. The new site looks fantastic. Cheers.

  • Congratulations, you wonderful women, on your tenth anniversary. Here’s to many more years of laughs and handknits!

  • Thanks so much for a great 10 years, the beautiful new site, and all of the love and humor you ladies share with the rest of the world.

  • Congratulations on your 10 year blogging anniversary. Love the new design.

  • So far I miss the correspondence between Kay and Ann, where they show the knitting, but also about their familys, travel and other adventures. I like the connectedness of the continuing story. Will this continue?

  • Happy anniversary! I love the new design, it’s so much roomier and easier to read. The older I get, the bigger I want a site’s font to be.

  • Love the Ann and Kay! Love the Kay and Ann! Always a good day when they’re on my screen.

    Happy Versary!!!!

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  • I love the new look & all the fun places to explore. I, for one, have gotten lost in the archives more than once after searching for something specific, and I’m excited to try out the new format. Thanks for all the laughs over the years – I wish I could express myself as wittily & articulately as you both do – and for showcasing your beautiful knitted works of art.

  • Dear Ann and Kay,

    Trying 4x times since Sunday to post a comment after this entry, as well as 2x Monday with the new entry. Hopefully this takes. What I had wanted to convey was that I was so in awe of the new format, that I could take it in in only small portions & was basically speechless from Thursday till Sunday. Thank you so much for still being there, for thinking of us, and for making it all the more magical and fun.

    Congratulations on your first ten years!


    P.S.–I think that the tenth anniversary is tin, so may I steer you to the Tin Can Knits website. They have some interesting things over there, including the (Noro) POP Blanket, which is kind of like polka dots, you know.

  • I love the new site as much as the old one. I’d have a tangly knot if you were to leave the blogosphere. Rhinebeck wouldn’t have Rhinebeck without seeing the orange binding on the log cabin blanket (it really did work!) nor would I understand economics without Merle.

    A big ol’ congrats to ten years!

    Love, Dawn