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  • Good work! My oldest two daughters, one of whom finally got interested in knitting just last month, were discussing my efforts to get them knitting. One of them said I was like a missionary for yarn. The new knitter said I was more like a vampire, because knitting sucks up all your spare time.

  • ahhhh the benefits of 15F temperatures 🙂

  • That’s delightful. Perfect.

  • New recruits ! Fabo !

  • a cozy sunday is welcome by all
    thank you for the right hand side of the
    page i like to visit and meet new people
    two shear spirits is fine -so many
    new books to look forward to
    cool cats is fun go look in my stash
    hi to you all

  • Great picture of three happy knitters. *Love* the color of that wall. I am waiting another couple of years for my youngest granddaughter to be old enough to use sharp poky sticks.

  • *awe*

  • Beauteous. And might I add that the color of the wall behind them adds to the charm. Great backdrop!

  • Three more assimilated, BWAH-HAH-HAH!

  • That’s precious.
    (Would be a good photo for use in a book – with all that space above their heads – perfect for type.)

  • If that doesn’t give one hope for the future, I don’t know what will!

  • I’m jealous.

  • Awww…love it.

  • Are those little ones over 10 years old? Did you see this? http://www.purlbee.com/the-purl-bee/2008/1/22/the-martha-stewart-show-is-looking-for-knitters-like-you.html I so wish I could be there.

  • I add my love for the wall colour, what is it….where is it…..?

  • Beautiful!

  • Our hope for the future! I wish I could get my daughter interested….

  • *love*

  • Oh yes we do!
    Whose wall is as empty as mine??????

  • Oh yes we do!
    Whose wall is as empty as mine??????

  • That is wonderful and so is that wall behind them.

  • I got my package ages ago but have not had the good breeding to come and tell you thanks! I love the cookbook, so much fun to flip through and read the tads slipped in among the dishes. 😀
    Thanks Again!