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  • I haven’t heard that Beatles Christmas message in years, so thank you!
    And, I was only about 3 when they broke up, so I wasn’t exactly into them when they were a current band, but my best friend and I were true Beatlesmaniacs in high school and adored everything about then, though I admit that I was never as fond of their look when they had the really long hair. (Like, for my taste, John in this picture has too much, but Paul and George look just fine, and Ringo’s somewhere in between.)
    Anyway, Merry Christmas!

  • They were so beautiful….
    One of my earliest musical memories is “Eight Days a Week,” and involves Christmas! My grade school always had a holiday party for the whole school. Usually, we sang lots of Christmas songs, but I have vivid memories of singing “Eight Days a Week” at the party my 3rd grade year (1964). I don’t know how the songs were chosen – did we request them? Did the teachers choose? Did we have music? I don’t remember any of those things – just sitting on the floor with about 200 kids, singing the Beatles….
    And Merry Christmas!

  • Oh yeah, baby. Esp. George and Paul, and their clean-shaven hip selves… kissable! beautiful!

  • I remember Dennis Elsas on WNEW back in the paleolithic era (i.e., the mid-70s). Haven’t thought about him in AGES!

  • Michael Feinstein on WNYC last night played a special “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” recording that Rosemary Clooney made for him. Every time I see Judy Garland singing that song to Tootie it makes me all teary.
    Some of my son’s friends are into the Beatles. What goes around, comes around. I remember begging my parents to stay up late to watch them on Ed Sullivan (and now that I am dating myself, I will sign off)

  • my first impression of that picture was “wow, they really look good”….
    my dad met the Beatles in 1966 when they flew through Anchorage from Tokyo. He was the immigration officer that checked them….

  • Scooped by Mason-Dixon once again! I sneak the Beatles into every Xmas blog post of mine and a long hour’s study of YouTube had led me to exactly this very same clip. The wit,the freshness, and yes, the beauty of it all! We were and are so lucky. And that billboard makes me practically swoon every time, too.

  • Blimey – I do believe it’s “a cord of limeys” if I understand correctly!
    thanks so much for sharing it with us …
    and a Happy Merry to all ;o)

  • East Enders will be no help at all in understanding the Beatles – only a few hundred miles but the difference phonetically is as big as, well Craig Ferguson and Paula Dean. Beautiful photo, yes. I saw them perform twice, long before then, in the days when John was still sort of tubby: I can still see him singing Twist and Shout. George was my favourite – John as a friend and George as a boyfriend – in my dreams!

  • Oh, I’m so young I think of Ringo as the guy who narrates Thomas the Tank Engine….
    Not really. I remember friends bringing over Sgt Pepper when it was first released! And we watched Yellow Submarine in the theatre up the street.
    Paul is cute, but George is *really* cute!

  • My wonderful children gave me an iPod for Christmas. Looks like I’ll be loading on some Beatles as well as knitting podcasts. Thank you!

  • Several years ago, my 80yo+ Dad admitted that one of his life’s regrets was not allowing me and my sister the pleasure of a ’60s Beatle concert…

  • WFUV is the greatest station , isn’t it? Listening to Pete Fornatale’s Mixed Bag while cooking Christmas dinner this afternoon really saved the day for me.

  • “Simply having a wonderful Christmas time!”…

  • Seeing that billboard is like being in the way-back machine… 4th grade lust all over again, and I still think George might have been the guy for me!

  • We have that billboard too and it makes me feel very nostalgic. Weren’t they beautiful!

  • go find your snuggies blizzaard is a comeing
    merry everything and peaceful words for 2111

  • Just last night, my sister-in-law was telling me that the Beatles got rid of Pete Best because he was too cute and was drawing attention away from the rest of the band and their music.
    Guess that wasn’t a problem with Ringo, much as I love him.
    I hadn’t heard that Christmas greeting! Too funny. Thanks for sharing, and happy holidays!

  • Oh, and by the way, for anyone reading this, don’t take that as gospel. I take everything that my SIL says with a large grain of salt. She believed everything her 8 older sisters told her…

  • When I was 13, I won a front-row ticket to a Beatles concert. My father made me go CAMPING instead. The girlfriend who I gave the ticket to was so close to them that she actually TOUCHED Paul. Sob! Anyway, I was a diehard Beatles fan from their first U.S. record, and still love and miss them to this day. They were just the BEST. And that Christmas record is adorable!

  • The Beatles are beautiful to me, too. And I’m a bit fond of Bobby Darin as well. 🙂

  • …What a post Kay…clicked the Bobby Darin link, and got all teary-eyed…what a singer,he WAS the KOOL KAT…gone way too early. I so remember when the Beatles hit America…our life changed over night.We all wanted to marry at least one Beatle. I have heard John sing so much this holiday season, I get a lump in my throat each time, he,too gone to early…thanks for bring back some lovely memories. I defend the “oldies” now too!

  • One of my earliest Christmas memories is being at my grandparent’s house in Ft Wayne, IN and my aunts(who were, at the time, 15,17,19) played “I Saw Her Standing There” and taught me, at 4 yrs old, to dance. So, getting to hear the Beatles message was just marvelous. And yes, they still look damn good!!

  • Yes, young, silly, beautiful, and sweet. And so much a part of my childhood and youth, from their arrival in America to John’s death. Many thanks for the YouTube link, and Merry Christmas!

  • Thanks for the memories, Kay. Yes, they’re beautiful to me, too.
    Wonder who Carrie will be “defending” in 40 years….
    Merry, merry.

  • I need that billboard! It was always all about George for me.

  • They were, and still are, beautiful to me too. My parents wouldn’t let me go to a Beatles concert (my Mom was worried about the white slave trade!). Happy New Year and thanks to you both for the wonderful posts!

  • You just have the best links Thank you again and again for all the great u tube stuff. I’m always calling my daughter and sayin’ go check out mason dixon theyv’e got this great so and so… SOOO

  • Yes! these billboards were all over Chicago too when I was there for Thanksgiving. I love it! I would so do George. I have a weird feeling that in a previous life we dated or something.

  • Saw this photo and it changed my world. I used to be a dyed in the wool Paul girl. My heart will now belong, forever, to George. zounds. so young.

  • As a true Beatlemaniac (I was 14 when they first made it big), I love this. My local Apple store in the mall has this photo as life sized cutouts. I was trying to figure out how to snatch it and take it home. Oh, to be that young again.

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    side streets not being cleared
    even had a snow flurry here in fl take care

  • I’m with you, Gretchen: was Paul, now George.
    BTW, does anyone know why the “Not Plain Jane” blog has been at September 29, 2010 for so long?
    Snowed in, in Yonkers…

  • I saw this billboard on my way out of brooklyn and I was like – neck snap – jesus, George Harrison was HOT. I find it seriously disturbing that I never NOTICED before.

  • I played part of the tape to my floppy haired British boyfriend, whose response was, “Well, they’re Liverpuddlian, so who knows?”
    I tried. Though he did say it’s “cor blimey,” an expression of surprise like, “egads!”
    But he’s not Liverpuddlian, so who knows?

  • For some reason my Mom sang Mack the Knife to us every morning to get us out of bed for school. Took me years to get over my dislike of Bobby Darin!
    My 20-something daughter and I LOL’d when we found that we had both downloaded that pic from the Apple site and made it our pc wallpaper. i feel young just looking at it.

  • Eastenders will only help you to translate southern English accents. Coronation Street will help you with the Liverpudlian (what a nice word!) accent better. It’s set near Manchester, but it’s close enough. Watch the North and South movie to get the gist of the difference between the two.

  • Anybody know anybody who could get Paul or Ringo to translate Liverpudlian? I mean, get Oprah on it or, geesh, where’s Merv Griffin when you need him? Craig Ferguson could do it but then WE probably wouldn’t understand either one of them in the end! It would be a fun interview.

  • THEY ARE STILL BEAUTIFUL! Boomers rock (especially if they are knitters).

  • Tell Carrie they ARE beautiful. I love that poster, I was in an Apple Store and learned from some Geniuses that they are compelled to destroy all the display posters. They all agreed this one would be especially hard when its time came. But what really stopped me in your post? All these years I’ve been thinking of him as Denny Sellsys. Or sometimes Denny Celsius. But never Elsas. Very disorienting!

  • It will be always and forever John for me. Sigh.

  • You sound like my mom and my 16 year old sister! For Christmas I had to watch Hard Day’s Night and Help! I’m not complaining….I love the Beatles and cried while watching the Kennedy Center Awards. My youngest sister is so obsessed that I knit her a pair of Beatles themed socks. She LOVED them!

  • There’s a huge poster of this over the entry to the Lincoln Tunnel, on the Jersey side, and I swoon each time we approach it. They are beautiful.