We’ve Got a Brand-New Bag

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
November 22, 2019
Everything in the MDK Shop is something we absolutely love.

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  • I’m in love with this new shape. The handle choices are great and POCKETS too? Brilliant collaboration!
    It’s on my wish list…

  • Ooooh, I love a crossbody. Plus handle options and pockets!

  • I have had open top bags for years. They are my forever bag as my personal stuff is on the bottom and my knitting on the top and have never had anyone take stuff out. I have however, had my wallet and purse stolen from my car.

    • Lol, I had to do a double take here because in the UK wallet and purse are the same thing. But I have never been pickpocketed but have had my purse and bag stolen from my car too.

  • No zip necessary – this bag is fantastic!

  • How much does the empty bag weigh?

  • I met her at Mohonk mtn last year and bought a bag- love it!

  • It’s quite beautiful but I would vote for the zipper for the times it takes a header in the car. Not really a commentary on my driving style or abilities.

  • Joining the ZIPPER brigade! Sure love my Knitters Tote, though, and thus new one is fab!