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  • Oh, I like the sound of that shopping experience! I’d be pinching myself— smoothies for the kids and wine for me while I sat and knit? Le sigh.

  • “Knitting Book Author”.
    It’s good.
    What about “Published Knitter”.
    Or “Knitalist”.
    No pinching then?
    Yourself girl.
    Not the knitters.

  • Amazing…just returned from Whole Foods, Pearl District, PDX. They could use this! Hmmmm….you are sure it is not another dream?

  • This is just fantastic on so many levels. Need to go to Omaha — one of my three favorite LYS’s is going out of business. I am sad (but not so sad that I’m not scarfing up whatever she’s put on sale…)…

  • Well, your kids look like mine when I drag them somewhere “knitting” related. We were up in Alaska recently and I dragged them into a yarn shop in Fairbanks so I could pet the Qiviut. But the joy of going somewhere and finding knitters unexpectedly…that is just great!

  • the fact that you sat down at a wholefoods that offered
    Wine By the Glass blew me away. The whole event of turning around and finding out that you’ve grown a knitting group in the same room is like a dream. AND they’re working on Great projects. With wine.
    dream come true.

  • Better get a hold of Olive before she picks up Bar-with-Dad lingo such as: “pull my finger. Come on, go ahead.”

  • Are you sure about this? I mean, look at that last photo; there are no knitters, no log cabin behind the kids.
    Am worried about Olive in the bar, she could land in a martini.
    I know you’re trying to have a vacation but please don’t forget to tell us about the Hog Butcher to the World! don’t omit the Stacker of Wheat!!

  • It was great to have you! (I was the one with the log cabin blankie)

  • Maybe you’re knitter magnetic? That you randomly draw knitters to you with the sweet siren call of the log cabin blanket? 🙂
    Man. I would love to have that skill. That would be awesome.

  • Greatest story ever.

  • Hey, if you’re still in Omaha, go by the Dundee Dell for the best scotch selection in north America! Good bar food, and kid friendly. Some of us knitters hang out there and I usually bring my knitting in with me!

  • Hey, if you’re still in Omaha, go by the Dundee Dell for the best scotch selection in north America! Good bar food, and kid friendly. Some of us knitters hang out there and I usually bring my knitting in with me!

  • Knitters like locations with wine by the glass. Well, I do. Very smart ladies. Love the picture of the kids.

  • Great story. My Whole Foods has WiByGla, but no knitters! That’s a great combo. Have lots of fun.

  • You really need to frame that photo of the kids. Or maybe — you’ll see those expressions plenty in the next several years.

  • Ugh. I meant “maybe not…”

  • WiByGla, my favorite new expression……..

  • I love that you are in Omaha. I wish I would have been at the Whole Foods store with that knitting group. I am not really that far away, geographically speaking. I am right there with ya knitterly speaking. Have a good time and enjoy the Blatt.

  • I love going to my knitting group. I get there late, and therefore only have about two hours; but, time seems to stand still when I am there. I feel really renewed in some way by the time I leave.(We don’t even have WiByGla–next year, maybe).
    Have a blast at the Blatt!

  • best story and comments I’ve read all day! still laughing here (pull my finger, heh heh)

  • Does that box say “Stash”?! Wow! That never happens to me.

  • The look on the kids’ faces is priceless! Don’t they have iphones or something to keep them busy!
    What a score with the Knitting Guild, that is just awesome.
    I hope the rest of your travels are as exciting!

  • That is fabulous. That is all.

  • The picture of the kids is priceless.
    Sounds like a great end-of-summer trip.

  • I love EVERYTHING about this- wifi seeking- WBTG!!! and knitters but I think what I like even more is Olive in a BAR!!! ( Carla Emily’s friend)

  • And did you realize that the Carin you met with the log cabin blanket was THE Carin, as in Carin of “Round the Twist” video podcast? She is also a “famous knitter” with quite a following…but I figure she may have been too modest to tell you! http://roundthetwistwithcarin.blogspot.com/

  • It’s a great Whole Foods Market. Expect nothing less in Omaha, though. I lived in the schoolhouse apartments on the west side of 13th street way back in my single career girl days 20 years ago, in the shadow of Rosenblatt.

  • Did you see the sign near the Whole Foods wine bar that suggests you grab a glass while you do your shopping? At last an excuse for singing along to the Muzak!

  • Amazing story (oh how I long for WiByGla here in the archaic liquor law state of PA) and when I got to the last photo I seriously laughed out loud. Sounds like everyone is having a wonderful time (especially Olive – I hope there is an Olive-cam recording her adventures on the Omaha bar circuit – if there is such a thing…)!

  • Funny . . . I have the same Craig Ferguson dream. If you get invited to appear on his show, can I come with you? I’ll do the same for you if I get invited. I promise!

  • The look on the kids faces, and the phrase “Just lucky, I guess” made me snort coffee through my nose. Hilarious!

  • I just keeping thinking how the knitters felt when half of Mason-Dixon Knitting crashed their knit night in Omaha! Then again, based on previous comments, they already have a knitting celeb in their group, so maybe they’re used to it.
    If you’re passing back through the Cleveland area on your way home on a Thursday night, you’re welcome to come knit with us. We’re a fun group. We have a couple of designers (KnittingNonStop for one), and a fabulous yarn dyer (Destination Yarn), but no one has published any books yet. Thursday is the best day of the week!

  • I’ll have to see if our LWhlFo has WiByGla. I’ve never seen any knitters but if no WiByGla that could be the problem!
    Anyone from Hadley, MA area know?

  • It’s like a dream come true! I love it. The expression on your kids’ faces is priceless. “Here we go again…” 😀
    Gotta love Omaha.
    BTW, are you taking the family to Gorat’s to order the Warren Buffett special? It’s a local steakhouse (not fancy – but popular with the local crowd) and it’s fun to say you had the Oracle of Omaha’s favorite dishes while you’re there. Enjoy!

  • And I thought I was in heaven because my neighborhood grocery has a Starbucks tucked inside, and I can shop with the caffeinated beverage of my choice! WiByGla. Now there’s a concept that could change my grocery shopping drudge for.ever.
    What a great little vacation surprise!

  • That is excellent. I wish I could randomly go to a place (other than a yarn store) and just have a swift pop up. Super cool.

    So damn funny. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?

  • If you had conjured that up as “fiction” – no one would believe it. Just goes to show, “If you knit it, they will come.”
    Takes only one-half of Mason Dixon to have an entire group, complete with log cabin blanket, swift, baby surprise jacket and more… come into being!
    The Force is strong in this one.

  • too funny re: ipod headset cords looking like yarn –this happens to me all the time. so disappointing when you realize the guy on the bus is not knitting.

  • Kismet!!!!!

  • I’m so glad that I’m not the only person who dreams of parties at Craig Ferguson’s. But in my dreams I’m always try to give him handknits and he runs away from me.

  • Oh, wow. My knitting bunch is always looking for a good place to knit, but we’ve never found wine by the glass! And at Whole Foods, to boot! That is truly a dream come true…for knitting OR grocery shopping. Amazing.

  • life is just plain wierd or wired

  • I heart this post. Everything about it. What awesome knitting karma. Just amazing. And I love that Olive is at home having fun with “bad influences”.

  • What a great post! And I am so glad you’re getting that “last game” experience at the Blatt! May I also suggest, on your way home, driving through Iowa and stopping in Dyersville, at the Field of Dreams. That was another of our stops last year on the cross country trip and they might have WiByGla there too (but I doubt they can imagine a swift!).

  • WiByGla – my new favorite shopping concept. I was going to say it would also work in hotel rooms but I guess that’s called the minibar.
    And I’m with Connie B above. They must have been as thrilled to find you as you were to find them.

  • The truth is, Kay, I’d probably recognize you on sight and turn into Chris Farley from that fake-interview show he did on Saturday Night Live: “Do you remember that time you knit that log-cabin blanket? That was really awesome.” It would be highly awkward for both of us.

  • awesome! isn’t that whole foods amazing? you can get lost in there!

  • Too good!

  • I agree with Ann, Lynn, Roz, et al.
    It was probably an equally dream-like experience for the Nebraska Knit and Crochet Guild members, too.

  • I just read Dear Problem Ladies. I sew as well as knit, and most sewing patterns have the back armscye curver very different from the front. Some knitting patterns do, too. So, if you choose to reverse shaping by copying the back, then you had better double check to make sure it’s actually the same!
    But, all you have to do to reverse, usually, is swap the words right side and wrong side or even vs odd rows, and that will take care of it.

  • Such a fun story. I traveled with my husband to Blair, NE, earlier this summer for an antique tractor ride and a visit to the classic car dealership. I did not know Whole Foods was just a few miles away in the next town over. Just this week we turned a three hour drive through Minnesota into a 6 hour trip by stopping at 4 yarn shops. How was I to know 2 of the yarn shops would be closed on Monday? Road trips are filled with great memories. Your kids are blessed to be on the road with you. Wishing you safe travels home.

  • Love Omaha. and your stories! Is there still a Roses lodge. Maybe it was called Roses Chicken. The very best. Now a whole food!! Hard to believe. I learned to knit in Nebraska. Can you ever go home??

  • Wow, that looks like fun. How amazing that the universe sent you in to that Whole Foods just at that time. I haven’t been to Omaha since I was a little girl, but it sure looks like a great place to knit! Hopefully, Olive won’t end up swimming in a martini glass. =)

  • wow, next time I am in Omaha for work, I am blowing off the evening hours and heading to Whole Foods! How awesome is that?!

  • That’s a great story. I love how you were concentrating so hard, they could all sneak in and surround you!

  • That has happened to me! It is so strange how knitting finds you when you are least expecting it.

  • My dream would be having a Whole Foods and meeting other knitters (not even the famous type!). Must Google Craig Ferguson,

  • too funny. what a cool day for THOSE knitters. it would be a treat to meet you!

  • So great, Kay! Log cabin quilt is wondeful, too!

  • I’ve run into that a few times; but never that many in a group. Pretty neat. I see the ball winder; but don’t know what a swift is.
    Looks like a fun bunch

  • Funny, my kids have the same look on their face when I talk about knitting in public. The worst was when I was at a college fair with the oldest and an admissions person asked what kind of yarn I used for the clapatois that I had on and she asked to see my socks. She was mortified.

  • Hey, I have that swift!! It’s awesome and super-portable – even took it to the UK with me once.. 😀

  • Great story….especially since my daughter is sitting at the table with the Swift! She loves going to this knitting group! Thanks for posting the pictures.