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  • Gourmet is gone??? I never subscribed either but I fear we are headed toward Armageddon now, food-wise. I can see into the future and I predict that America will become a Spaghetti-Os and that garish orange Mac&Cheese (which I confess I love on occasion) nation in the post-Apocalyptic world.
    My lovely husband makes a killer fillet of whitefish draped seductively over his own homemade sauteed salsa drizzled with fresh lime and baked to perfection. It is to die for.

  • I loved Gourmet but I didn’t subscribe either. There are probably tens of thousands of us, and sadly, if we HAD subscribed, the pub might not have folded…sigh.
    Oh, well. We’ll always have our favorite torn-out pages. And Paris.
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving, Shaynelanders!!

  • Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful time at New Moon!!! I saw it last night with some girlfriends and I DID feel 13 (instead of 36)…it was great fun to scream with the teen girls~ 🙂

  • I actually knew a man who only ate monochromatic meals. “it’s beige night”, “it’s green night”, etc. A lot of his food just came out of cans, but he made sure it was all the same color.
    He was a little odd.

  • My mom subscribed to Gourmet since I was a child and I loved reading it even then. My favorite mag to cook from though is Cucina Italiana (the version in English), my husband and I cook from it all the time and everyone loves every recipe we have tried. I agree with Quinn though, I should have bought my own Gourmet instead of mooching off of mom!
    I’m definitely trying your salmon, baby bok choy is easy to come by in these parts!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

  • Orange you gald there’s ‘life’ beyond turkey?
    Happy Thanksgiving to All!

  • What, no Tang Pie on orange night?
    We won’t run out of leftovers for a looong time, because three 19yo guys can’t make it so it’s a 20 pound turkey for just the three of us. But if we live through six pounds of turkey apiece, I want posole, and jicama salad dressed with lime juice and maybe a dried cranberry or two.

  • Best baby unguent at Target? Boudreaux Butt Paste, just because it is so resolutely unfancified.

  • I made that amazing salmon/bok choy recipe last week and loved it! I thought I should eat healthily (and in doing so also force the husband to eat healthily) in preparation for the gluttony to come tomorrow. And as an added bonus, it was also delicious. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • i will be makeing bloodly marys
    tours jours gai

  • Let’s see: Thanksgiving is roasted pork with cranberry-mustard sauce, roasted pearl onions, baby carrots, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts, salad and Parker house rolls. Leftovers will be pork sandwiches with a variety of cheeses and condiments on Kaiser rolls. Lots of beer and wine and a marionberry pie.MMMMMMMMM I can hardly wait!

  • Let’s see: Thanksgiving is roasted pork with cranberry-mustard sauce, roasted pearl onions, baby carrots, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts, salad and Parker house rolls. Leftovers will be pork sandwiches with a variety of cheeses and condiments on Kaiser rolls. Lots of beer and wine and a marionberry pie.MMMMMMMMM I can hardly wait!

  • Oh, honey! My husband is the cook in our house, and he’s very good at it (as my prominent abdomen professes). He’s been cooking for the last few days — sour cream pecan pie, pumpkin pudding, a pear upside-down cake (which tanked because I thought it was cooked all through but it wasn’t — see why I don’t cook much?) — and these are just the desserts.
    He’s cooking stuffed pork roasts for Thanksgiving dinner which we’re bringing over to my mom’s house. The rest of the clan will come in on Saturday with turkey, so we like to do something a bit different just to encourage sanity. One pork roast will be stuffed with apricots and the other will be stuffed with a savory sausage. He’ll roast them on top of a bed of root vegetables (potatos, carrots, parsnips) with some onion and (I love this part) chunks of apple. Leftover turkey? Not at our house! 🙂

  • Seems like Gourmet going obsolete means the same for cooking in general-like everything is reduced to 15 minutes or less(don’t get me wrong, with basketball season I am all about fast) and no one savoring the whole cooking experience. I subscribed for years, quit and just picked up the latest(last?) issue in the bookstore last week. It’s my sister’s birthday Thanksgiving Day and mine Saturday, so it will be one big pie/cake/turkey/wine/cheese/puff pastry fest. Leftover are going to be turkey enchiladas and soup….I have an 18 pounder that my son and I won at the annual Turkey Trot last weekend that is in addition to everything else!

  • I’m thinking Christmas cookies are a good palate cleanser. No? From the looks of things about town, it’s not too early.

  • I cooked an orange night a few moths ago when ever yone else was out for the night. Salmon, mashed turnips and sweet potatoes. Great meal !!!
    You can blame me for the demise of Gourmet. I let my long time subscription lapse. Sorry.

  • We go rogue for Thanksgiving and have salmon. There are still the leftovers of cornbread dressing (as well as a vegetarian variety, sans sausage), potatoes of different hues, and rolls, that we manage to dispatch before Sunday. Happily no carcass.

  • We started prepping Rick Bayless’s Top Chef-winning mole sauce last night in anticipation of turkey mole enchiladas tomorrow. I think next year we may just skip the official turkey meal altogether and go straight for tukey mole.

  • We do those color themed food days too. Try an alphabet letter too. We have a different letter of the week and one meal will incorporate new foods…always good to get the kids (and adults) to try new things.

  • We do those color themed food days too. Try an alphabet letter too. We have a different letter of the week and one meal will incorporate new foods…always good to get the kids (and adults) to try new things.

  • I didn’t cancel Gourmet, but a few months ago did refrain from renewing it. Now I feel personally responsible. And to think I could have had access to that Salmon/Hoisin/Orange/Baby Bok Choy recipe. Now I will have to make do with the Martha Stewart version which is only Salmon and Hoisin and Lemon Juice. Seems a little anemic somehow, in face of Gourmet’s extra touches. But at least it’s easier shopping. Your busy household sounds like the quintessential fun family holiday weekend. Enjoy it fully, as I know you will.

  • I will be making Bloody Marys and Christmas cookies. I did subscribe to Gourmet and it’s horrible to see it go. I also subscribe to Southern Accents which just met the same fate. They are trying to placate me with Southern Living, to which I also subscribe. So, now I get tow copies of Southern Living in the mailbox.

  • To deal with the post holiday extra time we have this weekend we’re having a “Turkey Sandwich Party” here in Princeton. (We took the kids to NY Noodletown for Chinese food today) Y’all come!

  • All those leftover mashed potatoes (with cream cheese!) are crying for sauerkraut and Polish sausage. I’m going to freeze some turkey so later we can enjoy turkey tetrazzini.

  • It’s the size of the Huggies, not the proliferation of diapers that would stun me. Just coincidentally, I was in that same aisle of the grocery store Wednesday looking for QTips and noticed that they sell diapers for kids up to 75 lbs. Holy carp, people, that’s a 4th grader!

  • I’m pretty sure the leftovers are never going to run out. We had the Dolly Parton of turkeys.

  • I’m going to be in appletopia. I have gingered applesauce to make, and then I’m going to go hog wild with all of the other things to make with the remaining apples (a big 10 pound bag with the last of the Rome apples from my farmers market is too good to waste).

  • Thai Yellow Curry.

  • Long time gourmet subscriber, started when I was 13 and have loved it. I especially enjoyed when Ruth Reichel became the editor. Recipes you could count on and what I really enjoyed were the interesting articles. More than just food. Too bad they couldn’t wait until the December issue, I mourn the lack of the annual Cookie issue. How about Butternut Souffle it’s orange or pumpkin bars with toffee for dessert. 🙂

  • What am I making after the leftovers run out? RESERVATIONS!! hahahaha.
    I can’t believe I’m the first to make this corny joke.


  • Gourmet is/was too, well, gourmet for me (so is Bon Appetit). I usually run in fear from those magazines.
    I’m trying to avoid the leftovers, since I’m not really a huge fan. I think I’ve managed to arrange having dinner out again tonight – it’s the holiday season, we should embrace opportunities to see our friends, right? (at least, that’s my excuse)

  • Well…we will be eating Thanksgiving leftovers for a while (starting with turkey pot pie).

  • I’ve seen New Moon three times this week. Once for my own benefit, once because my best friend’s boyfriend refused to go with her and she wouldn’t go alone, and once with my family, who had not seen it, yet.
    It’s fabulous!
    Happy Thanksgiving, hope it was wonderful!

  • Whoops! Upon re-reading (which I do occasionally, goes to show ya, how entertaining you guys are) your post today, I realized you have a link to that very recipe! Which I intend to make next week. Thanks, Ann!

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  • Life at its best; holidays can be such fun. And, Christmas is just around the corner.

  • Dear Ann
    I too went to see New Moon, a treat from my daughter and her boyfriend. On the condition I didn’t dress up as a vampire, (they are sooo boring). I did feel like I was being taken out by my mother though they treated me to loads of E numbers,fizzy drinks and Ben & Jerrys once I had tested all the flavours to see which I prefered, funnily enough they got a bit upset when I plonked myself inbetween them for a joke, my daughter gave me look that should of frozen me on the spot and told me to grow up! So what do you think of the shirt removal scene, all the women in the cinema I was in sighed in unison it was hilarious.
    PS Love the themed cooking.

  • An orange menu–what a great idea! I do this often without really intending to. Butternut squash soup, grilled cheese, and yes, salmon. . .
    This Thanksgiving I made a stuffed turban squash with ginger, turmeric, breadcrumbs and brown sugar. (I don’t actually cook, I just make things up.) Even the non-orangeys liked it (though some pepper might have helped). Did you see the Bon Appetit recipe for butternut centerpiece with sort of fondue chunks of bread mixed in? Must be the same issue. Made my head spin just to read it.