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  • Ann is awesome! I have met her at a couple of local events and she is wonderfully outgoing. At the most recent event (IgniteCraft), she talked about the process of self publishing her book and it was really eye opening!

  • I knit Tempest a couple of years ago. Great stuff!

  • I have never met Ann Weaver either, but my daughter had the great fortune of having Ann Weaver’s mom for a teacher in 8th grade. Ann Weaver’s mom is so great and so fabulous. . . (she does a lot of the modeling in Ann’s photos). . . that it’s no surprise that Ann is so wonderful! 🙂

  • I have to echo the Ann is awesome. (I mean you are awesome and so is Ann Weaver). I did some work with her this year and we both presented at an Ignite thing in Boston recently,she is a hoot. Smart and super talented. I wish ti knit many of her designs especially that Albers Cowl. I keep thinking about it.

  • I love that version of “Hallelujah”. Here’s a weird thing, though: I once was in church with my parents, and a young man sang that in the service, original text and everything. I mean, just because it contains the word “hallelujah” doesn’t make it appropriate for the church, a BAPTIST church no less! Hey, I like the song, so it was no skin off my back; I just hope the proper church ladies weren’t listening too close!

  • and thank you to you two wonderful gals who constantly make knitting fresh through the inclusion of all the wonderful things you are interested in and do(loved reading about the paris vacation).

  • isn’t that little hummer mesmerizing?
    I find it hard to stop watching!

  • Yes…how bout that Ann Weaver? Such a great perspective…. totally fresh. Found her on Ravelry… very delightful eye!

  • Funny, I just went through a Buckley-does-Morrissey kick this afternoon. Good stuff, all around.

  • Gotta love Jeff Buckley and Hallelujah!

  • I knit Tempest from Knitty too ~ great design. She definitely has others I’d like to make. Thanks for the heads-up about her book!

  • Oh wow–new obsessions.

  • I just discovered a hummingbird nest in my yard yesterday. I don’t think there are any eggs yet. Certainly no babies. Standing tiptoe on a chair with binoculars I can sort of see in… no webcam though! There were over 900 people watching that hummingbird nest when I checked in. Is this 21st century birdwatching?

  • I met Ann Weaver at Rhinebeck, and was instantly smitten with her, and her book! I made my newly knitterized friend buy her book on the spot, and I got one too….fascinating stuff all that Albers log cabinny goodness!
    And hummingbirds, and Jeff Buckley….you’re channeling me for crying out loud 🙂

  • This is way cool, too – it’s a webcam of the eagles nesting at Jordan Lake, near Durham/Chapel Hill, NC:

  • Beautiful!

  • Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah is one of the most beautiful sounds to ever grace my ears. Thanks for reminding me of it.

  • http://bangabledudesinhistory.blogspot.com/2011/02/tis-that-time-of-year-when-enterprising.html
    bc of the cookie post.
    i thought you’d enjoy this. :o)
    xoxo. elaine.