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  • Ooo, I’ve been wondering about shower action. Very nice! I had a longer wait, so carried my (headless) rice baby Basmati for practice in the Bjorn. So glad you’re gearing Lis up ~

  • YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! A shower for Jamie! I was thinking about you guys yesterday. Lis is clearly a natural with the Baby Bjorn of Love.
    That cake is freakin work of art. The orange! The pink! I’m going to go knit something orange and pink!
    As for the adorable Rosie, it is a good idea to have a cute little girl around at a baby shower. Example A: This Is Your Future!
    Wish I could have been there.

  • Your post had me cracking up! Recently some friends brought their baby over and my Maddie was in “surveillance” mode — he he. So I could really relate to your story. Although Maddie is a little younger, so she was very much displaying the embarassingly selfish, those-are-my-toys hoarding behaviors also. Kids.

  • Hehehe. Thanks for the chearer uper. Yay babies!

  • …… hope you got joseph’s, “i love you, mommy” voice on tape???? remember, sob,….these are the “pearls” in this knitted life!

  • what a great shower! sorry to have missed it!
    and thank you for reminding me indirectly to reclaim our baby bjorn from the last baby i lent it too! i want to have mine bronzed too, it is the only one baby item that i consider absolutely necessary!
    is there any orange knitting we should know about too?

  • Now that is something. You guys definitely do that kind of baby party so much better than we do (actually we don’t really do it all much!) – why’s it called a shower though ? I too loved my baby bjorn and carried them in it till they just about broke my back – so close, so cuddly, so convenient !
    You are entirely forgiven lack of knitting content as we got Rosie photos in lieu.
    btw – a couple of e-mails I sent you have bounced back as undeliverable recently. was it something I said ??

  • As one of the guests of honour for the baby shower, I can only say that it was BEYOND FABULOUS. The photo of me here, however, modeling the Baby Thingamie is BEYOND HORRIBLE. Please note, to anyone who was as horrified by the photo as I that it was taken: 1) at the end of a v. long and harrowing day: 2) without the benefit of a shower, makeup, or anything slimming and/or flattering clothing. Although I am on the brink of motherhood, have I already slipped down the fashion slope? Lost my will to look good? In need of a stle intervention by Clinton & Stacy? Only the next few months will tell.
    What you did not mention about the BEYOND FABULOUS baby shower were the many orange and pink bits and bobs….such as, the utensils displayed in an ORANGE sippy cup and baby blocks situated alll over the apartment with clever and appropriate bon mots! It was fabulous, even in the face of a flooded the bathroom!!
    Thank you so much, Kay.

  • Ever since the birth of our no. 2, our 4-year-old no. 1 has been telling/shouting to me that she loves me more often 😉

  • A secret? I heart the non-knitting related posts more often, too. I especially love the account of surveillance from Joseph. Apparently, he’s in training for the day when he gets to supervise the food table.
    Thanks for making me laugh so early in the morn. Even though I do not have a baby bjorn. (see? a poem!)

  • A baby! In China! Hooray! Have a wonderful trip, Lis. It’s been almost 9 years for me, and I wish I was going with you! The Baby Bjorn is priceless. J was reported to be 15 lbs, so I actually stuffed a bowling ball in the snuggli for practice. (About that pic: you may feel differently about this pic after you see the pix of you at the end of two weeks traveling with a real live Jamie. You’re looking pretty collected there with that Bitty Baby.)
    Oh, the memories! Strap the baby on the front, the backpack-diaper bag on the back, add a fanny pack filled with baby bottles… then try to go potty doing a deep knee bend in an asian-style restroom… believe it or not, it was all fun. All the luck in the world to you. I still can’t believe the just plain wonder of it all.

  • kay…. what is the history of the yummy, cozy granny square afghan in the background? this is what technicolor dreams are made of…..

  • Mmmmm, the cupcake cafe! I meant to get myself a birthday cake from there but I ended up not having time. Maybe I’ll just have to recelebrate soon with a cake… It’s amazing what they do with their cakes – they always make it exactly what you describe but you can also immediately tell it’s from there. I love it!

  • I just adore having men at baby showers (and wedding showers). Seeing it all through their eyes is just the most charming thing. We’re going to taste baby food and guess the flavors now? Seriously? Well, that’s odd, but okay…

  • Omigosh! What a lovely cake!