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  • Just when I was starting to wonder where the sweaters of MDK had gone, (not complaining, just wondering) there are TWO fabulous ones, just about all finished up.
    In the spirit of community, we could probably organize a sewing-up party for Olive.

  • Alluring dishrags. It’s good to have you back from Florida.

  • After working in the coatimundi’s natural habitat (in a country no one actually wants to really work in but is great fun to visit) I can personally vouch for the complete and utter fabulousness that is that animal. We had a wild one near the site that took a fancy to me, and used to come sit in my lap (!) while I did my daily paperwork. I named it, admittedly erroneously, Arthur. I missed him more than any part of the job when I came home.

  • Do not talk to ne about aeroplane knitting! Given that I am a Brit, the only flights I ever make are international and sadly our aviation authority remains convinced that it is possible to hijack a plane with a knitting needle. I therefore spend hours wishing I were knitting, while my current project travels to wherever I am going in the hold.
    No amount of logical argument about the size of a knitting needle and the comparative damage that could be inflicted with a stilleto heel or a biro, say, has prevailed thus far. I continue to try though.

  • Well now! I feel like I got my money’s worth here today! Yes, I did! Stories of denim boxy pullovers and alluring dishcloths and mythical children who will sit quietly in an aeroplane. Definitely worth the price of admission.

  • you certainly have been busy!
    well, i hope you will wear your new denim sweater for the Boston party, so i can admire it in person, but wear your thermal undergarments, it is cold here!
    and thank you for the dishcloth charity link, that one i might actually manage to make a knitted contribution to, in this lifetime.

  • OOH , pretty Creeper ! I like :0) That’s a great name for a band btw “The Alluring Dishrags” – we could go places with that.
    Heather x

  • This is awful! Let me recommend Bombay Sapphire gin, kept in the fridge, Schweppes indian tonic, (NOT diet) ice, and sicilian lemon juice and a slice. I guarantee you’ll recover from your worming medicine experience. Excellent Creeper, too.
    Best, Anna. (UK)

  • Creeper already looks fantastic ! You are the Rowan Denim master knitter.
    Finish Olive.You will feel so good.You could bring it for me to do.Really.

  • Now I know I’m going crazy. I actually felt choked up to see Olive return. All I need is a Keava comeback and I’ll be through all my Kleenex pocket-paks in record time. This is better than General Hospital.

  • I just bought the yarn for Creeper and for a one-color Nashville, non-beaded version of Voyage. I lurve me some Rowan Denim.

  • kay….almost weepy to read that your florida adventure had sad overtones, but….i was dreamily transported by your knitting projects in various stages of completion…. especially creeper! and speaking of creeper,…. slither-er, and freaking me out….convince carrie she needs a fuzzy, fun fur boa instead….that brave girl….

  • Where on earth did you find that dishcloth pattern? I must have it!! Where did you find it/buy it?
    I like your creeper, too!

  • Dear Kay . . . welcome back and everything.
    What, the hotel wouldn’t let you do a little felting down there with the sheets and towels? THINK of what you could felt in an industrial hotel-sized washing machine.
    What airline are you taking that has an Always Awful Movie? Air La Tee Dah? On Southwest, we got nothing but stale pretzels and a hockey team all around us. Now THAT’s entertainment.
    Creeper looks so wonderfully creepy. We all look forward to endless photographs of you wearing it during the summer. “Here’s me, in Creeper, in front of Big Ben.” “Joseph LOVES traveling with me, and Creeper.” “What I love about summer? Sun, Sand, Creeper.”
    And finally, last but NOT least, of course, the OLIVE. The Ann she loves the Olive, she gave up on seeing the Olive ever again. She figured the Kay had felted the Olive and turned it into attractive wool flowers for the buttonhole bag number eighty-two.
    You know, I hate to say it, but I think you get credit for a steek, hon. If you’re cutting into the handknits, I’m calling it a steek. Never mind that you’re cutting SIDEWAYS or anything. Steek’s a steek. Right on! Put that in the MDK Hall of Fame.
    And that dishcloth pattern! I LOVE it. Where’d you get it?
    Hurry up with the Olive. I’m currently experiencing gray sweater failure.

  • what is that dishcloth pattern from?
    it’s gorgeous

  • I must have that dishcloth pattern! It is absolutely wonderful. For the first time ever, I feel inspired to make a dishcloth. Can I have the pattern? Please?

  • I really like that dishcloth. Please tell us the pattern!

  • PS Um, hate to bring it up, but the deadline for finishing Olive is 2008, not 2015.

  • Y’all. Please. No trampling, no pushing, no shoving for the dishcloth pattern. You can get it (1) on the back of the Peaches & Creme ballband in really tiny print, (2) at that wonderful dishcloth site that is full of free dishcloth patterns, which I will remember the name of real soon, but just google ‘dishcloth knitting pattern’, or (3) by emailing me.
    I will say that this is the dishcloth pattern that completely turned me from a dishcloth naysayer to a dishcloth celebrater. I keep one going in a bowl in the kitchen and I knit a few rows, sometimes with weeks in between, when I’m stuck talking on the phone or waiting for something to happen. Like coffee. Or something to get felted.
    And Ann, you hurt me. AS IF there is any doubt that you will get your Olive by 2008. Calendar year. Definitely. (Don’t go changing. Sizewise I mean.)
    People who publically swatched Keava should not throw stones. xoxo Kay

  • Swatched Keava? SWATCHED? I’m halfway up the abdomen on that damned thing, I pracktickly used up a whole entire skein of Seafoam or Sea Rennet or whatever it was called. I am COOKING on Keava and I’ll show you, missy.
    I’m just meditating about it, thassall.

  • I love the idea of knitting dishcloths! I got your email and I’ll work on it tomorrow, aww, shucks, thanks for the compliment!! And hey…I think you are going through felting withdrawl or something, I plan on felting my buttonhole bags this weekend…sometime…stay tuned!

  • You mean the Dishcloth Boutique? Love it! I want to make round ones! I think it’s all in the yarn — gotta get some of that jazzy variegated stuff.
    That Creeper will be great, and looks like good plane knitting indeed. Lots of boring stuff, with the little thrill of the cabley bit to keep you awake. It’ll be finished in no time, along with the Olive. We’ll be waiting with bated breath.
    Mary de

  • This was an MDK Classic. Classic, I tell you.
    My kids are pretty good about me knitting on airplanes, as long as I’m always ready to put down the knitting and tend to WHATEVER. Pretzel crises. Boredom. Dropped pencils. The overwhelming need for mom to draw a comic book character RIGHT NOW. You get the idea. Circular needles and simplicity work quite fine in that department (fancy stuff is saved for trips sans kids), so we make do.
    Creeper is SO fine. Get yourself some slick jeans and a pair of Jimmy Choos and let’s meet somewhere impossibly chic for lunch, o.k.?
    And…Anna is right. Bombay Sapphire makes all the difference. (Ten is also very lovely.)

  • The Creeper, the Jimmy Choos, the top-drawer gin…..the head of the Manolo she is spinning.
    I’ll just switch the Jimmies for my Bjorns. They’re stylish. Sure they are. They were a HUGE style upgrade from my beloved Birkies. Which I could never wear to lunch with Evelyn. I know that. xoxo Kay

  • I know what you are expecting. You are thinking that this is the part where I ask if you could please train my children (or send sweet tarts or sprite or something) but I’d actually really like to know, does that work on husbands? Sweet tarts? Sprites? Planes? Is it to late for him?

  • hey, pretty discloth lady, welcome back! love the pictures and the travel stories — next time i see you, be it a run-in in downtown yarns, a super-covert law office yarn handoff, or a lower east side weekend knit-up, remind me to tell you my coatimundi story from my trip to brazil…
    enjoy the snow!

  • Creeper…. you are very smart. I have the book, but hadn’t thought of using it as the uniform pullover for summer. I think I might copy….